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This Furniture Shop Along Henderson Road Sells Vintage & Antique Furniture Sourced Directly From Europe

19 July 2023 | BY

Browse through the vintage and antique furniture at The British Antiques Company and transport yourself back in time to a bygone era.

Vintage antique shop in Singapore

Nestled among a row of furniture shops on Henderson Road, The British Antiques Company presents a treasure trove of authentic vintage and antique furniture, sourced directly from Europe.

Hand-picked from store owners’ expeditions across the continent, the collection at the store is both unique and captivating, with many of the items picked out as hidden gems from estate auction sales.

From Italian serving carts to Viennese wall clocks and valuable porcelain tableware, here’s a rundown of what you can find at The British Antiques Company.

Vintage Italian serving trolleys

Italian drop leaf drink serving trolley

It’s impossible to miss the Italian drop leaf drink serving trolley – which is ironically not from Britain – proudly displayed at The “British” Antiques Company’s storefront.

With intricate gold details and a circular top with flaps that can be folded inward – or “dropped down”, giving the trolley its name – to make the cart more compact, the Italian serving trolley looks exactly like something you’d find in Jay Gatsby’s home.

Italian mahogany drink trolley

An alternative aesthetic comes in the form of a vintage Italian mahogany drink trolley ($470) that is embellished with solid brass details instead of gold.

Similar to its counterpart, the mahogany trolley has 2 side wings which can be latched up to create a round-edged serving tray, or folded inward for a more compact form. However, it takes on a more modest appeal with its robust frame and dark mahogany wood.

Display cases, practical storage cabinets & vintage console stereo

Edwardian display cabinet

Gently curved doors, wooden ball claw feet, and spacious glass shelves come together to make this Edwardian display cabinet ($1,200) an elegant and practical furniture item.

Suitable for displaying porcelain tea sets or other valuable collections, the well-preserved antique display case exudes massive Downton Abbey vibes – a blend of sophistication and timeless charm.

Vintage storage cabinets

On top of display cases, The British Antiques Company also carries a wide selection of spacious vintage storage cabinets. From stocky dressers with long drawers, to cabinets with glass doors that serve dual function as display cases, these practical storage solutions are a great accent piece for any Mid-century Modern home.

Console stereo - G.E.C Radiogram G985

It’s easy to walk past this unassuming short console stereo without giving it a second glance. However, for music-lovers looking to add a touch of vintage nostalgia to their living spaces, the G.E.C Radiogram G985 is an exciting and valuable find.

With a functional record player, radio receiver, amplifier, and loudspeaker, the Radiogram is perfect for blasting modern pop vinyl records while adding an old-school charm to your home – an irresistible treasure for vinyl collectors and vintage furniture enthusiasts alike.

Antique clocks, mirrors & lamps

Antique Viennese wall clocks

Swap out your basic modern clock with these increasingly-rare antique Viennese wall clocks ($1,900 and $2,700, with the former being chimeless and the latter having a chime). 

Spanning more than 1 metre in length each, these magnificent antique timekeepers have 8-day movement, come with their original keys, and are sure to invite interest and admiration from houseguests.

Victorian gilt-framed mirrors Chic mirrors perfect for snapping a quick selfie as you head out of the house.

6 Victorian gilt-framed mirrors hang on the wall adjacent to the Viennese clocks. With their intricate carvings and restored reflective surfaces, each mirror effortlessly adds a touch of opulence worthy of a grand Parasian home.

British vintage lamps

Lamps are scattered throughout The British Antiques Company’s store like hidden gems, blending seamlessly into their vintage-clad surroundings.

Whether it’s a ginger jar-style lamp with a copper base, an elegant slim-bodied standing lamp, or a bold green table lamp decorated with a floral design, each one is a subtle nod toward the distinctive beauty of European design.

Rustic candle holdersRustic candle holders ($128 and $168 respectively).

Vintage wooden side tables & chairs

French console table and Victorian mahogany vanity

Placed atop a 19th Century French console table ($2700) with hand-carved cabriole legs, the 1870 Victorian mahogany vanity has an impeccable oval mirror, elegant wooden carvings, and 2 small drawers for convenient storage – perfect for creating a look straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

Vintage oak nested tableRussian nesting dolls or British nesting desks?

With 3 separate structures that nestle perfectly into each other, the vintage oak nested table ($420) is a space-saving furniture set that doubles up as both a coffee table or a stool – channelling both versatility and convenience.

Restored vintage wooden chairs

For those seeking furniture beyond IKEA or Muji’s selection, The British Antiques Company also offers a wide selection of restored wooden vintage chairs, which can be found in twin pairs, sets of 4, or as unique individual designs.

Porcelain gems from England & France

The British Antiques Company - Authentic fine china set

Laid out on a table in the middle of the store, a gold-edged fine china set with delicately crafted  teacups, saucers, plates, and pitchers is displayed in full glory. Whether purchased for regular use or bought as a collectors item, there’s no doubt that the set is a prized vintage treasure – perfect for recreating a lavish Bridgerton-esque tea party.

Royal blue and white porcelainOriental blue and white European porcelain jugs and vases.

French ironstone china

While most of us are familiar with the royal blue and white tones of European ceramics, the pale blue hues of French ironstone china (from $180) are less commonplace in Singapore. Yet, their ornate patterns and fine details still make them captivating pieces to be displayed in your new Edwardian display cabinet

From the vase, to the deep dish and the jug, each china piece is well-preserved, showcasing the remarkable durability for which ironstone is prized for.

Imari print gravy bowl

Lastly, the 1900 Imari print gravy bowl ($78) deserves a mention. With elaborate hand-painted details, and distinctive dark blue, red, and gold glazes, the gravy bowl is the first of several valuable Imari print ceramics that can be found at The British Antiques Company.

Visit The British Antiques Company at Henderson Road

The British Antiques Company

Packed with vintage and antique furniture, The British Antiques Company is a haven for discerning collectors, beginner enthusiasts, or even fans of period dramas. From modest storage cabinets to exquisite Italian serving trolleys, each item carries a historical significance as a relic of Europe’s rich heritage.

Stanhope Chesterfields & The British Antiques CompanyYou can also check out the British-crafted leather sofas from The British Antiques Company’s sister company, Stanhope Chesterfields, which shares their store premises.

P.S. To locate the store, look out for either the Stanhope Chesterfields signboard or the Nephew and Nieces logo – the latter company was rebranded to create The British Antiques Company.

Address: 213 Henderson Road, #01-04, Singapore 159553

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 12-6pm

Contact: | The British Antique Company website 

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Photography by Emilyn Cheng.

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