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12 Best Stylish IKEA Lamps To Buy To Match Whatever Decor You Have

27 November 2023 | BY

Get that trending small light ambiance without breaking the bank with IKEA’s table lamps which start from as low as $25.

The budget-conscious among us know that IKEA is a haven for affordable but stylish furniture, but with such an expansive catalogue, finding the right items can be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’ve curated this list of IKEA’s 12 best lamps from as low as $25 to help you get that trending small light ambiance without breaking the bank. 

1. PILSKOTT LED floor lamp

modern ikea floor lampImage credit: IKEA

For something more modern and sleek, the PILSKOTT LED floor lamp ($155) is perfect as a statement piece with curved LED light strips for modern or industrial-themed homes.

The futuristic floor lamp also comes with smart home features so you can dim it wirelessly through the IKEA Home smart app or TRÅDFRI remote control so you can switch the room’s aesthetics from just a tap away on your phone.

2. REGNSKUR/SKAFTET floor lamp

pendant style floor lamp ikeaImage credit: IKEA

If, for whatever reason, you can’t have an overhead light fixture but still prefer the design of a pendant lamp, the REGNSKUR floor lamp from IKEA ($140) is the perfect substitute.

Made out of a soft polyester lampshade reminiscent of Chinese lanterns, the overhead lighting fixture will give any room a light and airy vibe with a soft and gentle glow. Despite its perceived bulkiness, the flatness of the lamp base allows you to neatly hide it underneath a sofa to save you some precious floor space.

3. SVARTNORA floor lamp ($89)

spotlight style ikea floor lampImage credit: IKEA

The SVARTNORA floor lamp ($89), inspired by Danish street lighting, gives off just the right spotlight vibes while illuminating your room in a soft glow that works best over a dining table, in a home office or a living room.

As the lamp head is adjustable, you can easily aim the light where you need it, and as a bonus, you can also easily switch between warm and cold light wirelessly according to your mood and needs.

4. LÅGTRYCK floor lamp ($59)

unique style ikea floor lampImage credit: IKEA

IKEA’s LÅGTRYCK floor lamp ($59) looks more like a piece of art than it does a lamp, but it’s making that exact quality that makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a little more character.

This statement piece is made from recycled polyester, exudes a unique glow, and is perfect for more modern and eclectic-themed homes. It is destined to become a conversation starter whenever you have guests over.

5. VARMBLIXT table lamp ($85)

bright orange wall/table ikea lampImage credit: IKEA

IKEA’s VARMBLIXT table lamp’s ($85) doughnut-shaped orange glass serves up some serious “Insta-worthy” Memphis aesthetics with its bright neon colour and rounded geometric shape to match both maximalist and minimalist homes.

Besides acting as a striking addition to your bookshelf or mantelpiece, the lamp can be mounted as wall decor to bring those ambient warm tones into your space.

6. BLÅSVERK table lamp ($25)

y2k ikea table lampImage credit: IKEA

The Y2K aesthetics that most of us grew up with has been making a comeback, thanks in part to the rise of TikTok and the resurgence of Pinterest. A piece of furniture that fits right into that aesthetic is the BLÅSVERK table lamp ($25), which has been gaining popularity on social media platforms.

These come in a choice of 3 colours – beige, yellow or blue- so you can easily find one that matches your home’s aesthetic.

7. FADO table lamp ($25)

round ikea table lampImage credit: IKEA

Another affordable hidden gem is the FADO table lamp ($25). Its large decorative globe in white glass creates a soft, glowy, warm, cosy light which brightens up dark spaces without being too harsh. 

You can take it to the next level by fitting in multicoloured smart LED bulbs such as the Philips Hue smart lightbulbs to completely control the exact shade of brightness you want or whatever colour you fancy.

8. DEJSA table lamp ($59)

ikea table lampImage credit: IKEA

IKEA’s DEJSA table lamp ($59) can switch between warm and cold light wirelessly, adding a soft, dreamy element to your home’s Japandi or wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your living room or a cosy ambience to your bedroom, the versatile design of its mouth-blown opal glass shades complements any decor.

9. SOLKLINT table lamp ($25)

vintage ikea lampImage credit: IKEA

The SOLKLINT table lamp ($25) is just what you need if you’re searching for something that looks more vintage. Its vintage-inspired brass and fluted glass add instant flair, personality, and a touch of charm to any space.

vintage ikea lampImage credit: IKEA

Their slightly grey-tinted clear glass shades provide a soft, moody glow that casts mesmerising shadow patterns around a room. You can also opt for other versions with its pendant lamp, ceiling lamp or wall versions. Or go for the entire collection to match.

10. TÄLLBYN table lamp ($59)

classic looking ikea lampImage credit: IKEA

Similarly, the TÄLLBYN table lamp ($59) has other versions, such as a pendant and floor lamp. This classy and exclusive-looking lamp adds a touch of retro sophistication to any room and is ideal for contemporary or Victorian-themed spaces.

11. TÄRNABY table lamp ($30)

gif of ikea's lamp being turned onImage credit: IKEA

Fans of thrillers and horrors would love the TÄRNABY table lamp ($30) inspired by traditional kerosene lamps. The visible light bulb emulates a live flame, so you can adjust the brightness with the built-in dimmer to create the perfect mood lighting, which is soft and warm.

Meanwhile, you can also customise it to achieve different effects, such as by frosting the glass to make the light less harsh or adding a reflector holder to give it more of an old-school vibe.

12. MARKFROST table lamp ($30)

customisable ikea lampImage credit: IKEA

IKEA’s MARKFROST table lamp ($30) is the king of customisation and personalisation as you can use various light bulbs with the same black marble lamp base. In the catalogue, you can fit 4 light bulbs into the base, from a traditional black light bulb to a bell-shaped one with brown glass.

With its range of customisation, you’d be sure to find one that fits your needs while having the flexibility to switch it up if you like it.

Best stylish IKEA lamps to buy 

Whether you’re going for a more retro look or searching for something more modern, the range of lamps that IKEA has will mean that you can genuinely find a lamp that fits your space.

Besides simply illuminating your space with light, you can also find one that enhances the overall aesthetics of your home.

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Cover image adapted from: IKEA Singapore

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