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7 Second-Hand Furniture Shops, Sorted By Interior Designer Theme

14 April 2023 | BY

Lost in a sea of Carousell furniture listings and can’t find the specific type of furniture you’re on the lookout for? We sorted these 7 second-hand furniture shops by interior designer themes.

Second-Hand Furniture Shops, Sorted By Interior Designer Theme

Thrifting is back in season, and there are tons of reasons to choose second-hand furniture over newly manufactured pieces. In addition to greatly reducing your carbon footprint, many second-hand furniture items are restored antique pieces that are not only built with superior vintage craftsmanship, but also come with rich histories. 

Falling in love with second-hand furniture is a process of discovery. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices, especially if you’re trying to stick to a specific interior design theme. We’re lending you a hand by sorting the 7 second-hand furniture shops we’ve picked out into 5 specific themes – modern, Scandinavian vintage, Victorian & Edwardian, Chinese antique, and retro.


Second-hand furniture - Modern furniture from Second LookImage credit: Second Look 

While it’s more common to find antiques or vintage items at second-hand furniture shops, Second Look prides itself on its extensive collection of modern furniture. They characterise their collection as “furniture that evokes elegance”. By collecting, inspecting, and reselling ex-rental furniture, Second Look offers homeowners a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing furniture brand new. 

Primarily sourced from large companies and expatriates, the huge range of furniture at Second Look comprises everything from dining sets to standalone stools. You can even find items that are typically more difficult to acquire second-hand, such as baby cots and bean bags.

Second-hand furniture - Second LookImage credit: Second Look 

If you’re worried about possible defects that may come with second-hand furniture, rest assured that Second Look prioritises quality and checks that all items are in top condition before putting them up for sale. 

Second Look is able to deliver all items from their existing collection within 2-3 days with a delivery fee starting from $50. If you aren’t satisfied with what you bought, you also have the option of exchanging your item or design within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Price: $$
Address: 23 Kaki Bukit Road 2, K.B. Warehouse Complex, Singapore 417849
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 10am-4pm
Contact: 6844 1304 | Second Look website

Scandinavian vintage 

The simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian interior design makes it a popular choice amongst homeowners. Luckily for those in pursuit of vintage Scandi-inspired homes, there’s no shortage of second-hand furniture shops that specialise such furniture. 

Second-hand furniture - Scandinavian vintageImage credit: Noden 

Noden is home to a carefully curated selection of original vintage Scandi furniture from the 1940s to the 1970s collected from across Scandinavia. The bulk of their stock consists of authentic vintage Mid-Century and Scandinavian Modern furniture designs, with an abundance of Danish Modern classics. 

Sourced from established craftsmen and designers, each piece in Noden’s collection has its own story and journey, and no two pieces are alike. Most of the vintage furniture they carry have undergone restoration works under the hands of skilled craftsmen, but Noden is careful to maintain the authenticity of all their pieces.

As such, prices of these items skew towards the higher end. 

Noden’s website has a list of their in-store stock, along with clear pictures and detailed descriptions of the origins of every piece of furniture. With beautiful items and long histories, it’s not surprising that Scandi lovers are quick to clear Noden’s vintage furniture finds. 

Price: $$$$$
Address: 211 Henderson Road #02-02, Singapore 159552
Opening hours: Wed – Fri, 11am-5pm | Sat – Sun, 11am-6pm
Contact: 6741 0190 | Noden website

Second-hand furniture - Scandinavian interior decorImage credit: Swiss Interior

Another second-hand vintage Scandi furniture shop is Möbler. Instead of sticking to fully wooden furniture, Möbler’s collection features vintage Scandinavian furniture that incorporates elements of other interior design styles such as retro.

Each furniture piece at Möbler was handpicked from Sweden by Mobler’s founders, Emelie and her sister Ellen, whose long-lasting love for old furniture began when they were children. They take pride in Möbler’s unique furniture curation, which extends beyond tables and chairs to include lighting elements and wooden chests.

Second-hand furniture - MöblerImage credit: Möbler

The pieces in Möbler’s selection are rather pricey, but they are one of a kind, fully authentic and of high quality. For vintage furniture connoisseurs or anyone else with special furniture requests, Emelie and Ellen are more than willing to go the extra mile to comb through Scandinavia for furniture that suits your needs.

As part of their commitment to saving the Earth, Emelie and Ellen wrap Möbler’s furniture in recycled packaging during the delivery process. Purchases above $1,000 are shipped directly to customers’ houses for free, while shipping for purchases anything below that is billed to the customer. 

Price: $$$$$
Address: Isetan Scotts Singapore, 350 Orchard road #02-01, Singapore 238868
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 10am-9pm
Contact: +46 0739 838686 | Möbler website

Victorian & Edwardian 

Second-hand furniture - Nephew & Nieces Antique and Vintage StoreImage credit: Nephew & Nieces Antique and Vintage Store

Nephew & Nieces Antique and Vintage Store gives you the opportunity to own a piece of British history. With its large selection of antiques from England and France, Nephew & Nieces Antique and Vintage Store is a treasure trove of high-quality Victorian and Edwardian furniture from the 19th to mid-20th century.

Those looking to furnish their homes in a grand, ornate manner will delight in the abundance of furniture crafted from mahogany and walnut wood – trademarks of Victorian era craftsmanship. For less heavy and more elegant furniture, Nephew & Nieces’ collection also features an extensive range of furniture from the Edwardian period, which have a lighter feel.

Second-hand furniture - European vintage tablewareImage credit: Nephew & Nieces Antique and Vintage Store

Aside from second-hand furniture, Nephew & Nieces is also a great place to find vintage tableware and home decor from the Victorian and Edwardian periods. It’s hard to resist taking home a vintage tea set to display in the gorgeous antique cabinets you can find at Nephew & Nieces. 

Price: $$$$
Address: 213 Henderson Road #01-04, Singapore 159553
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11am-7pm
Contact: | Nephew & Nieces website

Chinese antique

Second-hand furniture - Just AnthonyImage credit: Just Anthony

Founded in the 1970s, Just Anthony takes pride in their extensive collection of Chinese antique furniture and home accessories. The team makes regular trips to China to source for Chinese antique furniture – their selection is of high quality, and all their antiques are authentic.  

The massive collection at Just Anthony includes carved cabinets, oriental day beds, and even antique doors. Stepping into their 15,000sqft warehouse is akin to being transported straight into a Chinese period drama. In addition to furniture, there are also dozens of hand-painted silk wall coverings, screens and room dividers, and Chinese accessories. 

Second-hand furniture - Chinese antiqueImage credit: Just Anthony

On top of selling second-hand furniture and other antiquities, Just Anthony also makes replicas and modern reproductions. Their team of qualified craftsmen are more than happy to work with customers to create custom furniture that suits their needs or preferences.

Lastly, Just Anthony offers furniture rental. Whether you’re looking to rent Chinese antique furniture for a few days, or require a longer period that extends beyond 6 months, the team at Just Anthony is flexible and willing to liaise and come up with a leasing agreement. 

Price: $$$
Address: 379 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534972
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 9.30am-6.30pm
Contact: 6283 4782 | 6283 4722 | Just Anthony website 

Second-hand furniture - Junkie's CornerImage credit: Junkie’s Corner

If you’re looking to browse through rows of antiquities to gain inspiration for your Oriental furnishing endeavours, Junkie’s Corner is a must-visit. While their selection also includes a huge assortment of knick-knacks and collectibles, Junkie’s Corner specialises in Chinese antique furniture

Founded in 2003 by collectors who’d previously spent over 3 decades searching for antique furniture, collectibles, and other home accessories, Junkie’s Corner is the epitome of a furniture thrift shop. The collection spans an 18,000sqft warehouse space, and is a maze of Chinese antiquities ranging from writing tables to blackwood dinner table sets and even Chinese altars.

The owners of Junkie’s Corner list a random, non-exhaustive selection of products on their website, and strongly encourage people to head down to their physical shop instead. Rifling through a maze of antiques is an adventure in itself – you may even find rare collectibles or premium items. 

Price: $$$$
Address: 2 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287988
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-5pm
Contact: 9791 2607 | Junkie’s Corner website


Second-hand furniture - Lorgan's The Retro StoreImage credit: Lorgan’s The Retro Store 

While there isn’t an official website for Lorgan’s The Retro Store, their 6,800 Facebook followers can attest to the legitimacy and quality of Lorgan’s second-hand furniture. Sourced primarily from Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, the furniture collection at Lorgan’s The Retro Store is popular amongst those who appreciate retro, vintage, and mid-century modern furniture

Lorgan has years of experience when it comes to preserving the quality of second-hand furniture, so trust that his selection is worth your money. For those looking to spruce up their homes even more, the furniture collection at Lorgan’s The Retro Store is complemented by retro home accessories such as light fixtures and home decor. 

If you’re lucky, there’s a possibility of snagging designer furniture at Lorgan’s. These rare finds are highly sought after, so it’s a good idea to keep yourself updated via Lorgan’s The Retro Store on Facebook – they post regular updates on the furniture stock, along with highlights of the week and unique designer pieces that occasionally come by. 

Price: $$
Address: 160 Paya Lebar Road, #02-07, Singapore 9455 0133
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10.30am-6pm | Closed on Tuesdays
Contact: 9455 0133 | Lorgan’s The Retro Store on Facebook

Second-hand furniture shops in Singapore 

The process of searching for second-hand furniture isn’t a cake walk, especially if you’re not used to thrifting. But these 7 second-hand furniture shops  on our list are more than just warehouses of mismatched furniture – they are handpicked curations of pieces that deserve a new lease of life.

Second-hand furniture infuses personality and life into your home, and this list of shops makes it a lot easier to discover furniture that aligns with the rest of your home decor. The unique finds at any of these 7 stores will do more than complement your interior design – they’ll elevate it. 

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Cover image adapted from: Just Anthony, Second Look, Lorgan’s The Retro Store

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