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6 Best Top Loader Washing Machines In Singapore To Perfectly Match Every Home’s Need

8 July 2024 | BY

Here are the 6 best top loader washing machines—from machines with gentle wash courses to ones as quiet as a library.

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It can be tough to choose the best top loader washing machine for your home—all you have to go off of are the promises the company makes, as well as a minimal selection of reviews, since there’s no end product to scrutinise. 

To ensure you choose the best top loader washing machine for your home, we’ve outlined some basic information that will help you make your decision, as well as a curation of the best products you’ll want to KIV.

Top loaders vs front loaders

Let’s first highlight the differences between a top loader washing machine and  front-loader washing machine. The crucial difference here is that top loader washing machines are more ergonomic, owing to the placement of the lid.

With a top loader washing machine, loading and unloading your laundry is as simple as reaching into the machine, while a front-loader washing machine would require you to bend over or squat.

In addition to this, loading more clothes mid-cycle is easier with top loader washing machines, though some advanced front-loader washing machines have specific mechanisms that allow this.

What to look out for when choosing a top loader washing machine

In that same vein, there are factors that separate the best top loader washing machines from the rest. There are 3 main things to look out for when making your pick: load capacity, water efficiency, and wash performance. 

For load capacity, a simple guideline to follow would be the number of people in your household. 6-8kg of load capacity is generally enough for a family of 2-3 people, but a family of 4 or more would want to look for a washing machine offering upwards of 10kg. 

top loader - 1 PUBImage credit: PUB

Water efficiency is even easier to consider, since PUB grades every machine based on a simple tick system. A majority of them are within the 2-3 tick ballpark, so washing machines with that many ticks are good selections.

Best top loader washing machines in Singapore

Here’s the catch: while load capacity and water efficiency are pretty easy to measure, wash performance is trickier to quantify—this is because each machine has different special features. 

Thus, we’ve curated our list based on the different niches of each machine to ensure you pick the washing machine that’s best suited to your needs.

1. Best budget-friendly—Midea Lunar Dial top loader washing machine MA200W75 ($329)

top loader - 2 Midea Lunar dialImage credit: Midea

That being said, we’ll start with the washing machine that fulfils the most universal requirement: value. Midea washing machines are generally known for being the most bang-for-your-buck, but the Lunar Dial top loader is notable even among Midea’s other offerings.

It possesses a 3-tick water efficiency, which is respectable for its price point. In addition to that,  it also has a 7.5kg load capacity—enough for a small family of 3.

Shop the Midea Lunar Dial top loader washing machine here.

2. Best for large families—Samsung top load washing machine with Ecobubble™ WA14CG5886BVSP ($1,110)

top loader - 3 Samsung ecobubbleImage credit: Samsung

In stark contrast, this Samsung washing machine has a 14kg load capacity: almost double of the Midea Lunar Dial. Large families who handle bigger loads of laundry often will find great mileage from this machine’s great capacity. 

The machine also touts a 31 minute wash cycle at its fastest setting—considerably reducing the listless waiting involved for whoever is on laundry duty. The cherry on top is the fact that the machine is still water efficient in spite of its size, having a 3-tick rating.

Shop the Samsung top load washing machine with Ecobubble™ here.

3. Most water efficient—Panasonic Eco Aquabeat top loader washing machine NA-F75S7HRQ ($387)

top loader - 4 Panasonic eco aquabeatImage credit: Panasonic


On that note, the most water efficient entry on this list is the Panasonic Eco Aquabeat, which has a 7.5kg load capacity. It employs a unique spin rise technology to minimise extraneous water usage, and it also possesses an energy saving program that reduces electricity consumption. 

While it still has a 3-tick rating like the other washing machines on this list, you can rest assured that the water and electricity that it saves will show itself on your next utility bill.

Shop the Panasonic Eco Aquabeat top loader washing machine here.

4. Quietest—LG Smart Inverter top loader washing machine T2312VSAV ($763)

top loader - 5 LG smart inverterImage credit: LG

The noise of washing machines is never pleasant, with how disruptive the rumbling sounds can be. Those particularly bothered with the noise might want to invest in a specialised quiet-operation washing machine, like the LG Smart Inverter washing machine.

top loader - 6 LG smart inverter noise levelImage adapted from: LG

Using its proprietary LoDecibel motors, LG guarantees a noise level that’s 20dBs quieter than an average conversation, operating at a mere 45dB—that’s about how quiet a library is. It also has a massive 11kg load capacity, accompanied by a 3-tick rating.

Shop the LG Smart Inverter top loader washing machine here.

5. Best gentle wash—Electrolux EliteCare 300 top loader washer EWT0H88H1WB ($739)

top loader - 7 electrolux elitecareImage credit: Electrolux

Alternatively, if your concern is with how gentle the washing machine is with your clothes, the Electrolux EliteCare 300 might be the one you’re looking for instead. According to Electrolux, the machine is able to dish out deep yet gentle cleaning thanks to its CyclonicCare technology—all with a generous 10.5kg load capacity and a 3-tick rating.

Shop the Electrolux EliteCare 300 top loader washer here.

6. Best deep clean—Panasonic StainMaster+ top loader washing machine NA-FD125V3BQ ($897)

top loader - 8 Panasonic stainmaster+Image credit: Panasonic

On the other hand, if it’s a thorough clean that you need, the Panasonic StainMaster+ has the best deep cleaning properties on this list. It has multiple programs ranging from those that eliminate odour to ones to get rid of pesky stains, and finishes every clean with its StainMaster+ technology that steams away 99.99% of bacteria, according to Panasonic. 

Additionally, it is also no slouch in terms of load capacity, allowing up to 12.5kg, combined with a 3-tick rating.

Shop the Panasonic StainMaster+ top loader washing machine here.

Best top loader washing machines

Since top loader washing machines tend to look quite similar, it’s interesting to see how each machine actually has vastly different uses from each other. From washing machines huge enough to handle the laundry for a home of 5, to low-noise machines that are as quiet as a library, it’s clear that we shouldn’t judge machines by their cover.

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