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6 Best Paint Brands To Buy In Singapore, From Odourless & Anti-Mould To Anti-Mosquito Options

26 June 2024 | BY

Even though the brand of paint you choose seems redundant, don’t settle for the first you see—here are the top 6 paint brands for every need.

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Choosing the right paint brand for your home can feel daunting—after all, there’s an almost endless number of choices available from household names like Nippon or Dulux to lesser-known brands like Gush. While they might all seem similar at first glance, each brand has its own merits that set them apart for specific needs.

To help you pick the perfect match for your home, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best paint brands in Singapore.

1. Nippon—Best variety of specialist paint ($38.52/L)

Paint brands - NipponImage credit: Nippon paint SG

Nippon Paint is one of Singapore’s most ubiquitous paint brands, being the go-to paint brand for most professional painters. Nippon’s paint quality is nothing that hasn’t been praised before, but the real crowning gem of the brand is its wide range of special paints.

Paint brands - Nippon 2Image credit: Nippon paint SG

From Anti-Mould ($31.03/L) and Mozzie Guard ($31/L), to Virus Guard paint ($34.20/L), Nippon has options for every need, though their most popular option is the Odour-less All-in-1 paint ($38.52/L).

2. Dulux—Best paint for your living room ($39/L)

Paint brands - DuluxImage credit: Dulux

Another household name in the paint industry is Dulux, a long-established name in Singapore. As the UK’s leading paint brand, Dulux has high-quality paints that are well known for their high coverage and great opacity. 

One good option from their selection is the Dulux Pentalite interior paint (S$39/L). It features their specialised Colourguard technology, which keeps paint looking fresh for longer. This makes it an excellent choice for living rooms, due to its longevity, vibrant colour, and washability.

3. Raffles—Kid- and pet-friendly paint ($50/L)

Paint brands - Raffles paintImage credit: Raffles Paint

A relatively newer brand in the paint industry, Raffles Paint has gained renown for its line of kid-friendly “R.BABY” paint ($50/L). By neutralising indoor pollutants into harmless water vapour, the R.BABY paint and primer purifies indoor air of airborne pollutants, making it ideal for kids’ rooms or nurseries.

Additionally, the paint is low-odour, and free of harmful chemicals like Lead, Mercury, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEO), making it extra safe for baby and you, plus any fur babies in the house .

4. Gush—Best budget option ($28/L)

Paint brands - GushImage credit: Gush 

Other than being the most budget-friendly option on this list, Gush Paint’s ($28/L) line of indoor paints is also a good option for those who struggle with unclean air in their home. By breaking down pollutants that come into contact with the paint’s surface, Gush ensures air quality levels are healthy.

Both of the company’s co-founders used to suffer  from respiratory issues themselves, so you can trust that the product they’ve created is suitable for those who face similar sensitivities. The fact that they’re one of the most affordable options on the market is definitely the cherry on top.

5. Jotun—Best outdoor paints (from $36.80/L)

Paint brands - JotunImage credit: Jotun Saudi Arabia

For those living in landed properties, Jotun’s selection of outdoor paints might pique your interest. Products like their Jotashield (from $36.80/L) line of paints are well known for their anti-dirt, long-lasting, and even self-cleaning properties. 

Those who have more specific colour requirements can even use Jotun’s in-store colour manager service to concoct the perfect shade for the exterior of their home.

6. Benjamin Moore—Widest selection of colours ($50/L)

Paint brands - Benjamin MooreImage credit: Benjamin Moore

If getting the perfect shade of colour is your biggest concern, Benjamin Moore’s catalogue of colours will leave you spoiled for choice. Using their Gennex colour technology, Benjamin Moore offers 3,500 colours to choose from. 

Paint brands - Benjamin moore 2Image adapted from: Benjamin Moore

They have more than 120 shades of white alone—which may or may not be an indecisive folk’s worst nightmare.

Their flagship Ben Interior Paint ($50/L) is both a paint and primer formula. That, along with its scuff-resistant and easy-to-apply properties, makes it an excellent, fuss-free DIY option.

The best paint brands to buy in Singapore

Picking a paint brand shouldn’t be a headache—that’s why we’ve condensed our picks into a neat TL;DR list for you.

Paint Brand Price Features Colours
Nippon $38.52/L Best variety of special paints 2,388
Dulux $39/L Best for living room 270
Raffles $50/L Best for kids/pets 384
Gush $28/L Best budget option 352
Jotun From


Best outdoor paint 128
Benjamin Moore $50/L Best selection of colours 3,500

Making the right choice for your home isn’t exactly simple, but it can’t be any worse than watching paint dry, at least.

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Cover image adapted from: Nippon Paint, Raffles Paint, Benjamin Moore

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