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7 Japanese Furniture Stores In Singapore With Wooden Furniture That’ll Give Muji A Run For Its Money

18 April 2023 | BY

Embody the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi by investing in wooden furniture from these 7 Japanese furniture stores in Singapore.

Muji Alternatives: Japanese Furniture Stores In Singapore

The unembellished simplicity of Japanese furniture is what makes it stand out in our homes. There’s no doubt that materials like linen, leather and metal dominate the modern furniture market, yet there’s something timeless about Japanese wooden furniture. 

Japanese wooden furniture focuses on practicality and functionality, rather than excessive adornment. If you’re looking for modest minimalism that co-exists with its environment without demanding attention, here are 7 Japanese furniture stores in Singapore that will give Muji a run for its money. 

1. Nichi Nichi 

Nichi Nichi - Certa Solid Wood Frame Mirror and Duo Solid Wood TableCerta Solid Wood Frame Mirror (left) and Duo Solid Wood Table (right).
Image credit: Nichi Nichi

Nichi Nichi is a furniture store that specialises in high-quality solid wood Japanese furniture. The store is run by a couple who believe that furniture shouldn’t only be practical and long-lasting, but also imbue a home with joy and warmth. Instead of pursuing fleeting furniture fads, Nichi Nichi’s furniture collection was curated with durability and longevity in mind.

A large portion of Nichi Nichi’s collection comprises simple and modular furniture made of solid wood and non-toxic materials. Their selection extends beyond just dining room tables and chairs to include a large range of bedside tables, TV consoles, shoe cabinets, and even mirrors and other home fixtures.

For homeowners who are more cautious about buying furniture online, Nichi Nichi’s Service Promise states that the store has a 30-day no questions asked return policy, as well as a lowest price guarantee. 

Nichi Nichi Compact Solid Wood NightstandNichi Nichi’s Compact Solid Wood Nightstand
Image credit: Nichi Nichi

Nichi Nichi makes an effort to cater to different furnishing needs, with many of their products available in a range of heights, lengths, and wood types. Items like the Compact Solid Wood Nightstand can be purchased in 3 different colours and heights, so homeowners can customise their furniture in accordance with the decor styles and space constraints in their homes. 

The compact nightstand was intentionally stocked as an option for HDB owners who may not have space for wider bedside tables, and it’s just one of the many small space furniture options that can be found at Nichi Nichi.

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2. atomi 

Japanese Furniture Stores - atomiFolding Work Desk (left) and Wooden Seat Stackable Dining Chair (right).
Image credit: atomi

Founded in 2009, atomi combines practicality, authenticity, and comfort to bring you handpicked furniture made from natural wood from trees in Japan. Case in point – Atomi’s Sakura Wood Folding Low Table is made with wood from Japanese cherry blossom trees, and it’s a great way to bring something authentically Japanese into your home.

Alternatively, channel wabi-sabi through the Hiba Wood Side Table. Made from a Japanese Hiba log, it bears natural markings and cracks that serve as a reminder that true beauty can be found in the imperfections of nature. 

Singaporean HDB homeowners will also delight in the stackable series of wooden dining chairs from the atomi x furniture collection. Made to be safely stacked and stored vertically, the space-saving Wooden Seat Stackable Dining Chair and Stackable Stool are available in 3 sturdy wood types. 

Other options include the wooden Folding Work Desk, whose compact and convenient design allows it to be neatly folded up and kept away when not in use. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - atomi KIDSWF Face Sideboard (left) and WF Obake Sideboard (right).
Image credit: atomi

The adorable range of wooden children’s furniture at atomi is perfect for those looking for practical yet playful furniture for their little ones. Their KIDS collection features a selection of cute wooden sideboards that are handcrafted in Japan, a unique Kids Pebble Sofa with cypress wood legs, and other wooden furniture specially designed for children’s rooms. 

Address: #04-27/28 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11am-7.30pm
Contact: +65 9851 5398 

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3. Hommage Lifestyle

Hommage Lifestyle is located at one of Singapore’s well-known furniture hotspots, Tan Boon Liat Building. While they import furniture from a variety of international manufacturers, Hommage Lifestyle focuses primarily on Japanese furniture sourced directly from Japan. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - Hommage LifestyleTINY II Rocking Chair (left),  ANE Chair (middle), BIS Dining Table (right).
Image credit: Hommage Lifestyle

Hommage Lifestyle proves that understated furniture doesn’t have to be boring. The wooden BIS Dining Table, designed by Mr Nobou Mori, is a perfect example of this. Its trapezium-shaped legs add an element of uniqueness to the table, while still retaining the simplicity and modesty of fully wooden furniture. 

Another unique piece of furniture is the ANE Chair, which has 3 independent adjustable backrests for maximum comfort. Its slim back legs contribute to the supple design of the chair, and homeowners can choose between 5 types of wood and 3 types of fabric to customise the ANE chair to their preferences. 

In addition to basic wooden furniture such as regular chairs, tables and desks, Hommage Lifestyle has unconventional items such as the TINY II Rocking Chair. This fully wooden Japanese-style rocking chair is modest, simple and compact, making it great for a kids room, or even as a study room accessory. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - Hommage Lifestyle screen door and tatami matImage credit: Hommage Lifestyle

Hommage Lifestyle sells a large variety of tatami mats and screen dividers, as well as wood slabs that can be used to construct custom furniture – in fact, they have over 25 different wood varieties available on their website. There’s a description of each type of wood in both English and Japanese, as well as listings detailing the sizes of the wood slabs for sale.  

Address: 315 Outram Road, #08-08 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074
Opening hours: Tue – Sat, 10am-7pm | Mon & Sun, 10am-6pm

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4. Nitori

Japanese Furniture Stores - Nitori store

Japan’s answer to IKEA, Nitori opened its doors in Singapore in March 2022. Its extensive selection of home and living items includes everything from furniture to decor and home fashion, and there’s definitely no shortage of wooden furniture. 

Check out Nitori’s wooden Coffee Table ALNUS110, which was designed with an extra shelf beneath its wooden tabletop. The shelf is perfect for storing things such as remote controls and laptops for easy access.

Japanese Furniture Stores - Nitori

Nitori also has plenty of convenient storage and shelving options. Their N-click storage series uses a mechanism that makes assembling drawers, shelves and cupboards an effortless process – you just “click” them into place together, without needing to use screws and screwdrivers.

Japanese Furniture Stores - Nitori Wood Shelf 3 Tier LadderWood Shelf 3 Tier Ladder-N NA.
Image credit: Nitori

However, if you’d like to test your Bob the Builder skills, there are also shelving options that require some handiwork. The 3 Tier Ladder Wood Shelf is charming yet modest and practical.

Address: 260 Orchard Rd 04 COURTS, Nojima The Heeren, Singapore 238855
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11am-10pm
Contact: +65 6916 3861

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5. Grafunkt 

The locally owned Grafunkt carries furniture from a variety of different brands, including Japanese ones such as Maruni, Koyori, and Hoshina. These brands combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with a modern style.

Japanese Furniture Stores - Grafunkt (Maruni)Roundish armchair (left) and Fugu Lounge chair (right).
Image credit: Grafunkt – Maruni

Maruni specialises in the skillful art of carving chairs out of solid wood blocks. With advanced crafting techniques, patience and time, furniture including the Fugu Lounge Chair and Roundish armchair were created. 

Instead of taking on rigid upright chair structures, many of Maruni’s chairs possess painstakingly handcrafted curvatures and unconventional sloping forms, which translate into the epitome of comfort. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - Grafunkt (Koyori)Kawara chair (left) and Shaku chair (right).
Image credit: Grafunkt – Koyori

The wooden furniture in the Koyori collection needs no adornment to make a statement. It’s impossible not to admire the bold craftsmanship behind the chairs. The Shaku chair manages to be dark and austere without looking too heavy and sombre, while the boxy Kawara chair is skillfully designed for comfort without the need for upholstery and cushions. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - Grafunkt (Hoshina)Treppi stools (left) and Castello Table (right).
Image credit: Grafunkt – Hoshina

Grafunkt is Singapore’s only official retailer for Hoshina furniture, and the only place where you’ll be able to find Hoshina’s innovative and elegant furniture designs. With its tray-like seat and asymmetrical design, the solid wood Treppi stool is a modest statement piece. 

The Castello Table is another interesting wooden furniture item, which has a blade-shaped vertical lattice that confers the table a clean and uncluttered look. Both items are highly versatile – homeowners have the freedom to play around with the orientation and placing of the asymmetrical furniture, and can also choose between 5 different types of wood. 

Address: 107 North Bridge Road, Funan Mall, #04-01-06, Singapore 179105
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11.30am-8.30pm

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6. Kernel 

The furniture collection at Kernel is characterised by novel design, careful construction, and clean lines. Many of the pieces you can find at Kernel were brought to life at Ishinomaki Laboratory, a furniture brand whose trinity of design principles is “Simple, Functional, Attractive”. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - KernelImage credit: Kernel 

Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa collaborates with Kernel to produce special made-to-order items like the KOBO Table, Ishinomaki Bench and Ishinomaki Stool. With their strong and sturdy build, these 3 pieces of pine wood furniture were made to be complementary to each other, and they can be used as indoor dining room furniture or – if you’re lucky enough to have a garden – outdoor furniture. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - Kernel Mirror ShelfImage credit: Kernel

To add a Japanese element to your vanity table or nightstand, look no farther than Keiji Ashizawa’s Mirror Shelf. Contrary to its name, the Mirror Shelf is an elegant mirror mount rather than an actual shelf – it was made by carving a small slit into a delicate piece of cedar wood.

While Kernel doesn’t have an official physical store in Singapore, the SOJAO Home Goods Store (Pop-Up) at Joo Chiat Road is an official stockist for Kernel furniture. Interested customers can also head down to Kernel Showroom, although do take note that showroom visits are strictly by appointment only. 

Kernel showroom
Address: 87 Jln Kelabu Asap, Singapore 278275
Opening hours: Visits are strictly by appointment only
Contact: +65 8856 4635

SOJAO Home Goods Store
Address: 251 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427505
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 11am-7pm
Contact: +65 8894 3341

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7. Retro Colony

Retro Colony is the pinnacle of authentic Japanese furniture. The wooden furniture in their Karimoku New Standard collection is made from hardwood from Northern Japan, and is crafted using traditional  Japanese techniques. 

Japanese Furniture Stores - Retro Colony sofa chairsImage credit: Retro Colony

Retro Colony’s furniture is a reflection of how modern design can be fused with traditional Japanese crafting methods to create wooden furniture that is practical yet aesthetic. Their KARIMOKU 60 collection features a range of wood-based leather and fabric sofa chairs. Homeowners have the option of customising the frame colours and cushioning material, and can choose between 1-seaters and 2-seaters.  

Japanese Furniture Stores - Retro ColonyColour Wood Large polygonal table (left) and Wood Dining95 table (right)
Image credit: Retro Colony

Yatoi-sanetsugi, a traditional Japanese woodwork technique, was a key inspiration for the design of Karimoku’s unique wooden polygonal tables. By joining individual lathes at specific angles without the use of metal nails or screws, the barrel-like bases of the Colour Wood Large table and Wood Dining95 table were constructed. 

Rest assured that the Karimoku New Standard collection uses sustainably sourced Japanese hardwood. Their team makes an effort to utilise trees with small diameters, which are usually discarded or pulped. There is also an emphasis on quality and authenticity – the furniture in the Karimoku New Standard collection is made in regional workshops across Japan, and comes with a 3-year structural warranty.

Address: 19 Niven Road, Singapore 228366
Opening hours: All studio visits are by appointment only.

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Best Japanese furniture stores in Singapore

The right furniture can make or break the ambiance of a household. For homeowners looking to achieve a light, airy home interior and imbue their living space with serenity, Japanese wooden furniture is the way to go.

The clean lines, graceful minimalism, and natural tones of wooden furniture are unparalleled when it comes to channelling wabi-sabi in your home. These 7 Japanese furniture stores in Singapore mark a return to simplicity – investing in wooden furniture is a great first step toward the Japanese home interior of your dreams. 

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 Cover image adapted from: atomi, Nichi Nichi, Nichi Nichi


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