5 Mid-Century Modern Homes In Singapore To Fawn Over 

20 January 2022 | BY

If you’re looking for an interior design style that will never go out of style, set your sights on mid-century modern.

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Most of us may be familiar with interior design styles like Scandinavian, industrial, and contemporary themes. But no style has had more lasting power than mid-century modern. 

When we think of an Eames lounge chair, hairpin legs, biomorphic shapes and designs, and smart pops of colour; we immediately associate it with this iconic yet timeless theme. Mid-modern century design is all about experimentation and not being afraid to explore the different options available to you. But at the heart of it all, it’s still about functionality. 

To get a visual idea of what the ideal mid-century modern home may look like, here are five curated examples right here in Singapore that will leave you feeling inspired. 

1. Unique conservation flat in Tiong Bahru 

conservation flat
Image credit:
Museum Homes – Alex Kwan

Paired with the historical significance and distinct architectural style of Conservation Houses in Singapore, it just seemed right to incorporate the mid-century theme in this 3-bedroom Tiong Bahru unit. 

From the Louis Poulsen pendant light, Wishbone Chairs, and even down to the kitchen cabinet handles, all the furnishings have an eclectic yet harmonious feel to it where nothing looks out of place. 

If there’s one thing we can take away from this home, it’s the use of vibrant pops of colours in subtle ways. Throw on a bright pillowcase, paint part of your wall a wacky colour, or throw in a few decorative vases to spruce up your space and hone that mid-century modern theme. 

2. Eclectic Alkaff Crescent apartment 

Eclectic Alkaff Crescent apartment
Image credit:
Fifth Avenue Interior  

Nothing screams mid-century modern like rattan-backed chairs and curvilinear dining tables. This Alkaff Crescent apartment may lean towards the darker side of things, but the pops of earthy colours like mustard yellow and dark green really stand out and tie the whole interior together. 

If you take a closer look, you’ll see the contrasting finishes on the dining room floor and wall. While the wall is lined with white glazed ceramic tiles, the flooring is plastered with a terrazzo-patterned finish. Another theme takeaway: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and materials. 

3. Earthy and natural HDB flat in Telok Blangah 

EaErthy and natural HDB flat
Image credit:
Monocot Studio

Let’s move on to warmer hues in this spacious Telok Blangah flat. The mid-century modern influences in this home may not be as in-your-face as others, but you can see it subtly in the arched doorway, curved edges of the console, as well as the bright colours from the furniture.

Indoor plants also make for great statement pieces to complete the look. It may seem like the plants in this unit were chosen at random, but did you know that there are specific ones that can accent your mid-century modern design elements even more? Consider fiddle-leaf fig trees, a Monstera deliciosa, or perhaps a snake plant for some low-maintenance options. 

4. Resale HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio 

Resale HDB flat
Image credit:
Fuse Concept

Compared to BTOs, resale flats are much larger in space and can accommodate homeowners who are looking for bigger homes to grow their families. The layout of a mid-century home is typically more open and airy, just like this Ang Mo Kio resale unit. Breaking down the wall partition in the kitchen made way for an open concept, which connects the living and dining area to elongate the space even more. 

As for the design elements, every single piece of furniture has been carefully curated to match the theme. Just take a look at the quirky stool, abstract throw pillows, and wishbone dining chairs! Complete the look with an accent wall and some house plants and you’ll have your home looking like a page of the IKEA catalogue. 

5. A cosy 90-square-metre flat with lots of character 

90-square-metre flat
Image credit:
Design Anthology 

Sometimes, the smallest homes have the biggest characters. This humble 90sqm space encapsulates both modern and vintage elements down to a tee, with a hint of industrial design as well. Eclectic furniture, clean lines, earthy tones—you know the drill. 

What we love about this space the most is how it’s not like your typical mid-century modern home that’s filled with eccentric decor and vibrant colours at every corner. Instead, it has a more subdued approach to the theme and focuses more on basic fixtures, letting the curated pieces of furniture shine on their own. 

Mid-century modern homes you’ll fall in love with

If you’re looking for an interior design style that will never go out of style, set your sights on mid-century modern. Having endured the 50s and now making its way back to the 21st century, it’s clear that this classic yet sophisticated motif is here to stay. 

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