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8 Designer Furniture Dupes From Popular Brands Among Singaporeans, With Up To 96% Off

22 March 2023 | BY

Get the high-SES look on a low-SES budget with designer furniture dupes from these 8 popular brands trusted by SIngaporeans.

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Wouldn’t it be a dream to have your home serve as an inspiration for other homeowners? Sadly, outrageously priced designer furniture is often part of the look in these picture-perfect homes. 

But, as bargain-hunting Singaporeans, we’re always on the lookout for good furniture dupes that will help you recreate the high-SES look on a low-SES budget. Here are 8 furniture dupes from some of our favourite brands that will satisfy your hunger for atas home decor.

1. Everett 2-Seater Sofa vs Hudson 3-Seater Sofa

Designer Furniture Dupes - Boulce Couch
Image credits: Koala Living, FortyTwo

Curved modular sofas have been taking over interior design trends recently, in part due to the resurgence of the Art Deco movement. Puffy boucle couches, which were popular in the 1950s as part of the Avant-garde aesthetic, have also made a comeback.  Combining the 2 retro elements – curved forms and playful texture – creates the perfect, whimsical couch that adds a touch of life to modern homes. One notable example is the Everett 2-Seater Sofa, which costs a cool AUD3,798 (~S$3,410)But for those who want to achieve the same look without breaking the bank, the FortyTwo Hudson 3-Seater Sofa ($1,199.90) is a more budget-friendly option.

2. Teatro Magico Dining Table vs Polar-T Coffee Table

Kim Kardashian stone table dupeImage credit: Form, Star Living  

To this day, we are still obsessed with Axel Vervoordt’s stone table that lives in Kim Kardashian’s monastery of a home. Even though the original piece will never be available to us non-Kardashians, we can seek solace in the fact that many designers have created similar pieces. 

One such piece is the Teatro Magico Dining Table by Architecture Studio 967. The Industrial-Brutalist table is well-constructed with a semi-matte finish and priced at RON18,500 (~S$5,422) – a sum that most of us could never bear to pay.

Thankfully, fiscally responsible folks can consider the Polar-T coffee table from Star Living instead. Retailing at $199, the dupe is similarly sturdy and will add just as much visual interest to your home as the original for approximately 96% cheaper.

3. Titus Stool- VINCENT SHEPPARD vs Zari Rattan Bar Stool

Designer Furniture Dupes - Bar StoolImage credit: Vincent Sheppard, IUIGA              

One way to add more seating areas to your home is to convert the standalone counter in your kitchen into a mini-bar. Complete the look by adding bar stools, which allow for an informal dining experience or intimate drinks with friends.

Although bar stools come in all shapes and sizes, we have a soft spot for designs that incorporate rattan as the material adds a touch of nature and texture to homes. The Titus bar stool by Vincent Sheppard caught our eyes at first, but the price tag of USD739 (~S$990) made us cry.

To our delight, IUIGA carries a dupe at a fraction of the price – $499 to be exact. When placed side by side, the Zari rattan bar stool is indistinguishable from the original and will be a great addition to mid-century modern and resort-style homes.

4. Arch Four Door Sideboard vs 3 Door Arch Cabinet

Designer Furniture Dupes - TV ConsoleImage credit: Sea Tribe, Island Living    

Aside from holding our loose items – car keys, bills, random real estate brochures –  a TV console also serves as the centrepiece of a living room. When picking out TV consoles, it’s good to lean towards neutral-coloured pieces that can easily match the rest of your furniture to create a cohesive look. 

Sea Tribe, an Australian furniture shop with a beachy bohemian concept, offers a minimalist 4-door wooden sideboard (AUD3,799, ~S$3,410) that is made of natural American oak and rattan. The warm wood looks beautiful, and its spacious capacity ensures that you can hide clutter without sacrificing aesthetics.

The dupe, a 3-door cabinet from Island Living with similar arch door details, costs a more reasonable $1,490 and is made using Sungkai wood, which is a sustainable alternative to teak. 

5. 2 Fauteuil Grand Confort vs Le Corbusier 1-Seater Sofa

Designer Furniture Dupes - Black ArmchairImage credit: Smow, Comfort Furniture                   

Oversized accent armchairs provide comfort and make for minimalistic decor pieces, especially when they’re in monochromatic colours. One of the most recognisable accent armchairs in the world, the Fauteuil Grand Confort (EUR5,604, ~S$8040) was designed by Le Corbusier, a pioneer of Brutalism. The sleek hardware of the sofa, accompanied by plump leather seats, was Le Corbusier’s take on a modern club chair in the 1920s. 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa famously owns 2 of these armchairs. But for the rest of us regular Joes, we recommend the budget-friendly Le Corbusier Replica 1-Seater Sofa from Comfort Furniture. True to its name, the dupe is almost identical to the original design. While the $599 armchair is priced on the higher end, it’s still a bargain considering that it is 92.5% cheaper than the original.

6. Eames Aluminum Group Lounge Chair vs Elias High Back Office Chair

Eames office chair dupeImage credit: Herman Miller, HipVan

Work-from-home arrangements have been the default since the start of the pandemic, but even though it’s been 3 years, some of us are still trying to put together our dream home offices.  In the ideal world, we’d have the Eames Aluminium Group Lounge Chair (USD$2,995, ~S$4040.42) in our home office. This stylish chair was originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958 and is still one of the most popular designs today.  Not all of us have the funds to drop 4 diggies on an office chair, but thankfully, HipVan carries a dupe in the form of the Elias High Back Office Chair ($189). More importantly, it is approximately 95% cheaper than the original.

7. Eglo Sarrione Mother and Child Floor Lamp vs ISJAKT Floor Lamp

Designer Furniture Dupes - Floor LampImage credit: Dusk Lighting, IKEA                                                

Floor lamps are practical decoration pieces that can literally brighten up dull living spaces. A nickel-plated floor lamp will suit a variety of interior decor styles, from contemporary modern to Scandinavian. The Eglo Sarrione floor lamp (GBP230.40, ~S$377.63) has a relatively unconventional 2-pronged structure with an uplighter at the top and a smaller secondary light below that acts as a reading lamp. Although the original isn’t the most expensive, budget-conscious folks can get a better bargain at IKEA. The ISJAKT floor lamp, which has an even sleeker design than the original, retails for $119.
IKEA also carries a plethora of affordable floor lamps under $20 – not sponsored.

8. Porvoo. White Dog House vs BENKU Wooden Pet House

rose hank dog house dupeImage credit: Pets So Good, FortyTwo         

For dedicated fur pawrents, no home is complete without pet-friendly furniture made of non-toxic materials. Pets So Good, a US-based brand specialising in high-quality pet furniture, offers the Porvoo dog house at USD595 (~S$795). And if it’s good enough for Hank, the pet dog of BLACKPINK’s Rose, it’s good enough for us.

But don’t forget to take into account shipping fees when shopping for furniture from overseas retailers. Though some may spare no expense when it comes to giving their pets the best that money can buy, shipping fees are in a whole other league.  To save you from appalling shipping fees, we sourced a similar wooden pet house from FortyTwo. As the company is based in Singapore, they charge $5.90 to $19.90 for standard doorstep delivery. The fee is waived for purchases of $300 and above.

Designer furniture dupes from popular brands among Singaporeans

Renovation fees can quickly snowball if you’re not careful about budgeting, and when that happens, one may choose to compromise by buying cheap but mismatched furniture to save on costs. Fortunately, an Architectural Digest-worthy home is within reach – and a reasonable budget – as long as you are willing to spend time hunting for good-quality furniture dupes.

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Cover image adapted from: Sea Tribe, Island Living    

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