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10 Retro Mid-Century Modern IKEA Items To Buy Under $600

20 November 2023 | BY

These 10 retro mid-century modern IKEA items will help you inject some understated personality into your crib on the cheap.

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Long before movies like La La Land and She romanticised the mid-century modern design, we homeowners were already in love with the timeless versatility its furniture had to offer. But if regular mid-century modern isn’t cutting it, and you’re missing a little playful fun in your life, these 10 retro mid-century modern IKEA items will help you inject some understated personality into your crib on the cheap.

1. HAVBERG swivel armchair

mid century modern 2Image credit: IKEA

It’s no Eames lounge chair, but this HAVBERG swivel armchair ($649) from IKEA comes close enough. At that price point, who dares complain? This golden-brown, leather-coated armchair fits nicely in any office or study space, capturing the retro essence without looking out of place in a modern setting.

For $300 more, you can get the matching footstool for the full-bodied experience of kicking back and relaxing after a long WFH day in front of your computer.

2. STOCKHOLM coffee table

mid century modern 3Image credit: @engelchen

Simple yet timeless – this is what the STOCKHOLM coffee table ($399) achieves with its oblong table top finished with a classy walnut veneer that is reminiscent of the woods favoured in Scandinavian design.

This table also comes fitted with a faux woven shelf underneath, perfect for storing your remote controls, magazines, and other living room knick-knacks. 

3.LÖVBACKEN side table

side tableImage credit: IKEA

As IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad once said, the LÖVBACKEN side table ($119) is “a lovely little thing, in ultra-modern design.” With its quaint and asymmetrical semicircle shape, this whimsical table bears a loud pop of orange that calls back to the neons of the great ‘80s.

The LÖVBACKEN side table also comes in a sophisticated shade of brown.

mid century modern 5Image credit: Pinterest

If orange is not your thing, you can get this side table in blue, light green, or medium brown. You can also try your hand at a bit of layering with 2 of these tables. Shorten the legs of one table and position it below the other to create a statement living room centrepiece.

mid century modern 6Layer 2 LÖVBACKEN side tables to create a stylish twin table set.
Image credit:

4. BEGRIPA handles

handlesImage credit: IKEA

The BEGRIPA handles ($4 for a set of 2) instantly breathe new life into any cabinet, cupboard or chest of drawers with a bright pop of orange – perfect for creating nice contrasts against lighter colours like white or beige.

These handles are easy to attach too: simply clip them onto your existing handles, and you’re good to go! The BEGRIPA handles also available in white, great for contrasting your darker-coloured furniture.

5. BONDSKÄRET hat and coat stand

mid century modern 8Image credit: IKEA

Originally designed by Rutger Andersson in 1978, the BONDSKÄRET hat and coat stand ($59) has been revitalised with a daring splash of yellow that immediately captures your attention in the room it’s in.

Aesthetics aside, the BONDSKÄRET is incredibly functional. Beyond its OG purpose of carrying coats and hats, you can also hang your quick-wear clothes on its iconic tree-like branches or even use it as a decoration stand to drape your jewellery. 

6. BLÅSVERK table lamp

mid century modern 9Image credit: IKEA

Add a soft glow and a bright splash of colour to your nightstand with the BLÅSVERK table lamp ($25). Featuring smooth, rounded edges that call back to the mushroom lamps of the ‘70s, this little guy gives your room a spot of colour without being too garish. The lamp also comes in yellow and beige to complement a wide array of themes.

mid century modern 10Image credit: @taaoistankoti on Instagram

One note is that the BLÅSVERK table lamp does not come with a built-in light bulb. IKEA recommends that you pair this table lamp with the SOLHETTA light bulbs ($5 for a set of 2).

7. BRÖNDEN rug

rugImage credit: u/KillJillvol3

Textures, patterns, asymmetry, and most of all, colours – the BRÖNDEN rug ($599) has them all. Handwoven with pure wool, this rug boasts a spectrum of muted colours and textures that will uplift your retro aesthetic with a warm, homely vibe.

8. VÅGHÖJD LED floor lamp

mid century modern 12Image credit: Kleinanzeigen

No need for tedious light fixtures that require you to hack into ceilings and walls. Simply install the VÅGHÖJD LED floor lamp ($225) to elevate your living space. The VÅGHÖJD is fully customisable, letting you adjust the intensity of the light and tweak the angles of the arm and head as you please. It also comes in white as well for those who prefer a clean and bright aesthetic.

9. VARMBLIXT LED table & wall lamp

mid century modern 13Image credit: @mymachome

The VARMBLIXT LED table & wall lamp ($85) is a perennial IKEA favourite, and it’s not hard to see why: orange glass is fluted into an iconic doughnut shape that casts a cosy, comfy glow upon any room you place it.

mid century modern 14Image credit: Rufat lights

Depending on the configuration of your setup, you can either hang VARMBLIXT on the wall or place it on a table. 

If you’re not a fan of the doughnut shape, check out the VARMBLIXT LED wall & mirror lamp ($119) instead, where retro bronze glass is tastefully mixed with a futuristic tinted mirror that makes it look like you’ve captured a piece of the sunset in your abode.

mid century modern 15Image credit:

10. STACKHOLMEN outdoor stool

mid century modern 16Image credit: IKEA

Colours it may lack, but the STACKHOLMEN outdoor stool ($50) stands out for its retro criss-cross pattern braided across a stool made out of acacia wood. Don’t be fooled by the “outdoor” in its name too, as the STACKHOLMEN fits nicely indoors as a cornerstone piece in your retro-modern abode.

IKEA furniture items for a retro mid-century modern home

Ring in the retro renaissance with these 10 IKEA items. Whether they are the pièce de résistance of your retro modern decor or a humble contributing piece, they are essential in blending the aesthetics of yesteryear with modern tastes.

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Cover image adapted from: Pinterest, u/KillJillvol3, @mymachome

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