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7 Real Singapore Homes That Could Fit Right Into An IKEA Catalogue

13 October 2023 | BY

Get inspired to grab a few pieces from Singapore’s favourite affordable furniture store with these lovely real Singapore homes.

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From its cheap hotdogs to the long maze-like hallways filled with oddly-named furniture, IKEA is a household name for many in this country. Its minimalist pieces go well with Scandinavian and mid-century modern interior design style, both of which are highly popular in Singapore.

But if you can’t draw any inspiration from the IKEA showrooms, perhaps these 7 homes might get your creative juices flowing instead.

1.  Minimalist IKEA vinyl collection display from @flatkopicats

IKEA Inspired home 2Image Credit: @flatkopicats

Readers might have seen their Memphis-styled HDB flat before but vinyl enthusiasts struggling to keep their collection neat and tidy will want to get a few pointers from Hazirah and Izuan of @flatkopicats. Using some IKEA basics, they have managed to create a stylish display area.

Whilst chock-full of records, the simplicity of the shelving units creates a sense of tidiness and organisation to the huge collection that the homeowners have. The empty space above, which would otherwise have contrasted poorly with the busy shelves below, have had transparent shelves installed, allowing Flap Kopi Cats to showcase some of their more coveted vinyls. Finally, the unconventionally-shaped table lamp helps to add whimsicality and a splash of colour in the place.

Items in this room from IKEA:

2. Wabi-sabi vibes with IKEA furniture from @luxmondi

Wabi-sabi homeImage Credit: @luxmondi

Here we see IKEA furniture being used for a slightly different style of bedroom. The low height of the MALM bed meshes well with the Japandi theme that Monica from @luxmondi was aiming for. The generous use of wood, combined with the soft fabric, certainly helps make the place feel welcomingly calm. The soft glow that the room is bathed in as a result of the wabi-sabi blinds only serves to complete the relaxed and serene atmosphere.

Items in this room from IKEA:

3. Quirky & colourful hobby area from @rumah.angkasa

IKEA Inspired home 4Image Credit: @rumah.angkasa

Moving on from the neutral palettes to something more vibrant, @rumah.angkasa’s hobby area adopts a more fun approach to using IKEA furniture.

Featured here is the PLATSA shelving unit in an iconic IKEA blue. The funky-looking BLÅSVERK lamp makes a second appearance in this list, which along with the red standing lamp at the side and the little air freshener sitting at the bottom of the shelves, all come together to evoke a playful vibe. One commenter even remarked that it reminds them of the card game UNO, a copy of which coincidentally rests above the Monopoly board game set.

Items in this room from IKEA:

4. Small practical IKEA additions with @dakotaflat

TV shelfImage Credit: @dakotaflat

Those who have followed the home design part of Instagram might be familiar with @dakotaflat, who have been covering their journey of living in a new home with a baby since August last year.

Whilst not necessarily diving into an IKEA catalogue and filling their homes with their items, they have made good use of a rather large variety of the brand’s items, such as the minimalist TV bench seen above.

Green LockerImage Credit: @dakotaflat

Their followers also expressed a particular love for this green locker, and it is easy to see why; the retro aesthetic gives the laundry area some character. The green also happens to be the homeowner’s colour and manages to pleasantly contrast with the monochromatic look of the HDB flat.

IKEA Inspired home 7Image Credit: @dakotaflat

These Krabb Mirrors alongside the giant wristwatch, helps to give the home a bit of whimsicality whilst also makes use of what would otherwise be dead space. Unfortunately, this specific model is no longer part of the IKEA Singapore catalogue. But those wanting something similar can check out a slightly wider version of it instead.

IKEA Inspired home 8Image Credit: @dakotaflat

Although minor, we also noticed this really pretty and novel-looking little glassware, which is cleverly designed to function both as a vase and a watering can. It also comes in a bright yellow version that is made of steel for those hoping for something that stands out a bit more in your home.

Items from IKEA:

5. Make great use of IKEA’s stylish BESTÅ line with @sherrarchi

IKEA Inspired home 9Image Credit: @sherrarchi

IKEA’s BESTÅ line is a set of modular storage solutions that allows you to design drawers, wardrobes and cabinet displays for your needs. The customisability and the aesthetics certainly won over Sherry of @sherrarchi, who has made extensive use of it in her home. 

Darker wood was selected for both the cabinet and the wall shelves, preserving the theme of the living room. The fluted doors add texture to the scene, whilst the warm lighting used here really brings out the elegance of this arrangement.

Items in this room from IKEA:

6. Using IKEA’s METOD line to furnish kitchens with @nudebyjo

IKEA Inspired home 10Image Credit: @nudebyjo

Here we have a look straight from IKEA home designer Jovin Leung. She has adopted METOD pieces, which are another line of customisable furniture, this time for kitchen storage instead. The black drawers with its stainless steel handles goes well with the overall glossy look of the kitchen and also gives way to the dramatic marble countertop treatment she has installed. Interestingly enough,the kitchen hood is also from IKEA and an item that Sherry mentioned as being one of “the cheapest in the market”.

Items in this room from IKEA:

7. An asymmetrical Scandi-industrial living room

IKEA Inspired home 11Image Credit: theinteriorlab

Lastly, this showcase departs slightly more from the traditional IKEA style in favour of a masculine Scandi-industrial look. The black and wood theme is readily apparent, with the TV console cleverly put together with the display cabinet beside it for an asymmetrical but cohesive look. The shelves arrayed above it help to make use of the wall space, whilst the spotlights on the ceiling complete this dignified yet relaxed industrial aesthetic.

Items in this room from IKEA:

IKEA furniture as seen in real Singapore homes

Whether you want to complete your modern minimalist designs, want something fun or are looking to create stylish and elegant interiors, IKEA’s wide selection of furniture pieces mean that it is likely you will find something for your home.

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Cover image adapted from: @luxmondi,@sherrarchi, @nudebyjo

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