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Masons Has Early Bird Discounts Of Up To 70% On Their Christmas Items & Free Same-Day Delivery

21 November 2023 | BY

Prepare for the holidays by grabbing trees, decorations and other ornaments at Masons’ early-bird Christmas sale.

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With Orchard Road being lined with Christmas decorations and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You blaring in every shopping mall, it’s clear that the holiday season is upon us.

But for those who have yet to furnish their homes for Christmas, you might be in luck: Masons Home Decor is hosting an early bird sale with discounts of up to 70% off their ornaments and additional discounts off their Christmas tree bundle sets. There’s also free same-day delivery for orders over $200 – perfect for procrastinators who want to get into the jolly mood stat.

Christmas trees from as low as $99

Christmas Decorations 2Masons’ range of trees of varying profiles.
Image credit: TheSmartLocal

One of the biggest things about Masons is the sheer size of their catalogue. Of course, there are the ones that fit the Christmas tree stereotype, like the Giant Needle Pine (Prices start from $109, U.P. $299), with their wide bases. You can also choose the height of the trees, though taller trees will be more expensive.

Christmas Decorations 3Masons’ trees, arranged from 1.5m to 2.4m.
Image credit: TheSmartLocal

For those who want Christmas decorations but live in a tiny studio condo or a 3-room flat where space is a concern, Masons also has smaller trees like the Colorado Pine Slim (Prices start from $99, U.P. $169).

We especially liked the Frosted Balsam Fir (Prices start from $469 U.P. $669), with the beautiful frosted tips that really help bring in that white Christmas vibe to tropical Singapore. Families with strong Christmas traditions can consider this tree an investment for many decades of celebrations to come.

Christmas Decorations 4A 7ft Mirabella tree.
Image credit: @streetthirtythree

Up to 70% savings on Christmas ornaments

Christmas Decorations 5Image credit: @goldenegg.nest

Masons itself boasts a catalogue of more than 1,000 ornaments, decorations, and Christmas trees, and while we don’t have the numbers, it certainly seems like they are keeping to their word. The mind-boggling amount of ornaments available at Masons means you will have everything you need to design your tree however you like.

Christmas Decorations 6Image credit: Masons

Go for a traditional but unconventional look with the Pine Tree ($5.40, usual price $12.90) picks or full glam with the glitzy Ezra Peony ($5.40, U.P. $15.90) and the Pine Tree ($5.40, usual price $12.90).

Pink Ezra Peony PicksImage credit: Masons

The pink Ezra Peony picks are an unusual colour for Christmas ornamentation, but strangely enough, they look pretty good. It almost gives the trees a sakura-like vibe, which might make it work as part of a Japandi home.

The Magnolia Golds ($10.90, U.P. $22.90) have a glamorous vibe, which can help create a lavish, ritzy look for your Christmas festivities.

BaublesImage credit: Masons

The vibrant shade of the Tiffany blue baubles ($10.90, U.P. $19.90) can be a great way to make your Christmas tree pop. For a more luxurious look, you’d want to add the gold rhinestone ($18.90, U.P. $21.90) and sapphire malatya ($18.90, usual price $27.90) to your cart.

Value bundles under $100

Value bundlesImage credit: @beebabshome

In fact, for the budget-minded among us who also want to do away with having to concern ourselves with having to plan out a Christmas tree entirely, Masons also offers value bundles (Starting from $75.16, U.P $161.40). These come with both the tree and the decorations, meaning you simply have to assemble them when they arrive at your home.

Premium BundlesChristmas Decoration bundles, with Grand Champagne, Cool Theme and Rose Gold Theme.
Image credit: Masons

If you’ve got the tree down pat, but your existing ornaments are near archaic, then the all-in-one Christmas decoration sets (starting from $171.71, U.P. $409.50) will come in handy. These come with a huge array of decorations, including lights, baubles, picks and even a topper, all curated around a specific theme.

Masons’ super early bird Christmas sale with up to 70% off

Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year, but also one that tends to empty the wallet. Masons’ sale might help alleviate some of that heartache and maybe even some of the headache of planning your home for the festive season. The sale ends on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023, at 8pm, so you’ll want to act quickly!

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Cover image adapted from:  The Smart Local, @beebabshome

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