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9 IKEA Furniture Items To Buy To Match Your Japandi Interior

14 November 2023 | BY

From open bamboo wardrobes to elegant rice paper lamps, here are 9 IKEA furniture items to further elevate your Japandi home interior.

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A fusion of Japanese minimalism and the warm, woody aesthetic of Scandinavian design, the popular Japandi style needs no introduction. Aptly described as the love child of MUJI and IKEA, this design philosophy encapsulates simplicity, functionality, and natural beauty.

From open bamboo wardrobes to elegant rice paper lamps, here are 9 IKEA furniture items to add to your shopping cart to further elevate your Japandi home interior.

NORDKISA open bamboo wardrobe

Japandi IKEA 2Image credit: @bambiapricotpoodle, @akki_room

With its clean, elongated lines reminiscent of bamboo stalks, the NORDKISA open bamboo wardrobe ($329) is the embodiment of the Japandi aesthetic. In addition to convenient sliding doors, the wardrobe is constructed with a versatile open rack, which can be used to create an open wardrobe concept or even to display hanging plants.

Whether positioned against a wall, placed at the foot of your bed, or used as a room divider, the NORDKISA wardrobe seamlessly adapts to any space, ensuring both functionality and style.

RISBYN pendant lamp

Pendant LampImage credit: IKEA Singapore, IKEA UK

Crafted from double-layered rice paper and finished with light birch veneer details, the RISBYN pendant lamp ($35) has soft, rounded contours that add depth to minimalistic Japandi spaces. When illuminated, the lamp casts a beautiful patterned glow – imbuing any room with a gentle, soothing ambiance.

BÖJA bamboo table lamp

Bamboo LampImage credit: IKEA Singapore

For homeowners more keen on a table lamp rather than a hanging one, the BÖJA bamboo table lamp ($59) is certainly an item to pick up. A warm glow emanates from the core of the lamp, while the intricate woven bamboo design casts a mesmerising light pattern across the room.

Versatile and convenient, the BÖJA lamp can be placed on a shelf, TV console, or bedside table, effortlessly adding a touch of warmth and Japandi style to various corners of your home.

MARISTOVA rattan-framed mirror

Rattan Frame MirrorImage credit: IKEA Singapore

With a design specifically inspired by the Japandi style, the MARISTOVA mirror ($79) features a minimalist hand-woven rattan frame and unique asymmetrical design. Its triple-hook mechanism allows the mirror to be rotated and hung at different angles, catering to various spatial configurations.

Beyond its application in living areas, the MARISTOVA mirror is an ideal choice for homeowners looking to create a zen Japandi-inspired bathroom, with its stylish simplicity bringing a touch of understated elegance and practicality to the bathroom area.

TRÄDGRÄNSEN ceramic wall decoration

Japandi IKEA 6Image credit: IKEA Singapore

Sold in a set of 2, the TRÄDGRÄNSEN ceramic wall decoration ($24.90) is a dynamic decorative element that brings a tactile, organic feel to your living space. Crafted with a smooth, warped surface, the beige-coloured ceramic pieces evoke the appearance of natural stones.

In addition to being used as wall hangings, the TRÄDGRÄNSEN ceramic pieces can also double as tabletop decor, or even as a unique jewellery tray – a perfect example of the multi-functional versatility of IKEA items.

LACK minimalistic shelves

Japandi IKEA 7Image credit: IKEA Singapore

If you’re looking for a practical purchase, consider IKEA’s LACK shelf ($29.90) – a sleek space-saving invention specially designed with invisible mounting hardware. With concealed suspension brackets, the shelves merge seamlessly with the wall, optimising vertical space while adhering to a minimalist design philosophy.

DEJSA beige and white table lamp

Japandi IKEA 8Image credit: IKEA Singapore

A smooth beige base and mouth-blown opal white glass top come together to form the DEJSA table lamp ($59), an illuminating focal point that radiates gentle ambient lighting and contributes to the tranquillity of a serene Japandi space.

In line with the rising popularity of smart home systems, IKEA also suggests pairing the DESJA lamp with the TRÅDFRI remote control kit ($18) – a wireless method of controlling the brightness and tone of the light emitted from the lamp, allowing homeowners to customise the lighting experience in accordance with their preferences.

LISTERBY oak console

Image credit: @__mamalina__

With smooth, rounded edges that give the table a natural wood feel, the oak-coloured LISTERBY console ($219) fits right into any Japandi-style living room. Compact and stylish, its convenient dual-tiered storage means that you’ll always have your remote control and lamp switch within reach.

FEJKA faux potted plants

While some homeowners relish in the idea of creating a home jungle, others may baulk at the idea of sticking to a watering schedule and spending weekends pruning dead leaves. Luckily, IKEA’s FEJKA faux potted plants are an easy, zero-maintenance way of adding a natural element to your living space – without the fear of ending up with a dead and lifeless plant. 

Japandi IKEA 9Image credit: IKEA Singapore

Unlike traditional Japanese bonsai trees which often come with a hefty price tag and a long list of care instructions, the FEJKA bonsai ($35.90) effortlessly brings a Japanese vibe to your living space, and even comes in a simple white pot that complements any interior.

Japandi IKEA 10Image credit: IKEA Singapore

Similarly, the FEJKA weeping fig ($75), while not originated from Japan, embodies minimalist elegance with its tall and slender silhouette, making it a perfect addition to any Japandi-inspired space.

IKEA furniture items for a Japandi-style home

A blend of two of our favourite design styles, these 9 furniture items resonate with the minimalist sophistication of Japandi interiors, and are must-buys for homeowners looking to create an IKEA-inspired home infused with a touch of traditional Japanese design philosophy.

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