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10 Best Kitchen Items To Buy At IKEA Under $12.90 That Will Simplify Your Cooking Routine

27 April 2023 | BY

IKEA has an extensive selection of practical, high-quality kitchen items all under $12.90. We round up the best ones!

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Most Singaporeans are no strangers to IKEA. Whether we’re there for furniture, window shopping, or just some meatballs, it’s a place that we can spend hours in. 

While most of us may know it as a place for build-your-own furniture, few know that IKEA also has an extensive selection of high-quality kitchen products. Think practical, long-lasting items at affordable prices. We’ve done the research, and compiled a list of the 9 best things you can get at IKEA for your kitchen, all for under $12.90.

1. IKEA 365+ glass jar series

Living in Singapore means that most of us probably are used to storing our food in unsightly Tupperware containers, or worse, used Chinese New Year snack containers. Sure, it does the job, but we can do better.

​​ikea - glass jar seriesImage credit: IKEA Singapore

Enter the IKEA 365+ glass jar with bamboo lid. Made of glass, which doesn’t absorb odours or discolour, the jars are an elegant, eco-friendly alternative to the plastic we are all used to. The tight-fitting lid keeps food fresh, and the containers are stackable for easy storage. Retailing at $10.50 each, there are also glass and plastic lid options for those who prefer a different aesthetic, which cost $9.50 and $8.50 respectively. 

2. BEVARA seal and pour bag clip

If you’re a cereal fiend, you’ll probably get a lot of use out of the BEVARA seal and pour bag clips. At $2.90 each, they keep food fresh for longer using an airtight seal, so you won’t have to fiddle around with a rubber band or chip clip.

ikea - bevara seal and pour bag clipImage credit: IKEA Singapore

The easy-pour spout makes dispensing, well, easy. Though the clip is ideal for cereal, it can also be used for other dry food products like rice, sugar, nuts, popcorn kernels, and flour. 

3. IKEA 365+ labels

Labelling is key to an organised kitchen – it makes all the difference between having salt in your milo and sugar in your stir-fry as these visually identical items become easy to differentiate. The IKEA 365+ labels do the job for $2.90, and a pack comes with 50 pieces. Aside from dry goods, they’re also great for labelling containers with leftovers. 

ikea - labels Image credit: IKEA Singapore

The labels come in 2 sizes and are easy to apply and remove, without leaving any of that sticky, nasty residue. Plus, they can be reused if written on with a non-permanent marker; a couple of wipes and the text comes right off.

4. UPPFYLLD grater with container

Any home cook knows the frustration of grating fresh veggies. You work with an unsteady grater, getting slivers of carrot all over the chopping board, counter top, and even the floor. Still, in spite of its tediousness, shredded veggies are a staple in most asian dishes, from fried bee hoon to spring rolls.

ikea - graterImage credit: IKEA Singapore

The UPPFYLLD grater with container eliminates most of what makes grating veggies a bother – the grating component is made of sturdy metal, and comes with an attached container to catch all that is yielded. For $7.90, you get four containers, with graters that come in two sizes, allowing you to choose your ideal thickness.

5. BEVARA sealing clips

Most of us can agree that there’s nothing like unwinding on the couch with a good snack after a long, stressful day at work. For those of us who have enough willpower to not finish the whole bag of chips at one go, there comes the problem of how to store them without having them go stale – nothing’s worse than biting into a soggy chip.

ikea - bevara sealing clipsImage credit: IKEA Singapore

The BEVARA sealing clips are good for more than just unfinished snacks, they can also be used to seal frozen food as they’re freezer safe. If they ever get dirty, the plastic material makes them easy to clean, or you can just toss them in the dishwasher. At $3.50 for a set of 30, this one’s a no-brainer.

6. GUNSTIG magnetic pot stand

We’ve all been here: prematurely carrying a heavy pot of soup out of the kitchen to set on the table, without first putting out a pot stand to absorb the heat. By the time you realise your mistake, you’re already at the dining table, and your hand’s starting to give out from the weight. 

ikea - potImage credit: IKEA Singapore 

The GUNSTIG magnetic pot stand makes this situation a problem of the past. The pot stand’s magnetic surface adheres to metal cookware, allowing for hands-free handling of the pot, while the insulated material protects sensitive surfaces from heat damage. All for a sweet price of $12.90.

7. ORTFYLLD oil and vinegar bottle set

For Italian food connoisseurs, this next product needs no introduction. Any respectable osteria offers fresh bread, and along with it, zesty olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The bottles in which they are stored are both stylish and practical – the open spout allows easy pouring, without ever needing to get your fingers dirty.

ikea - oil and vinegar bottle setImage credit: IKEA Singapore

The ORTFYLLD oil and vinegar bottle set allows homeowners to replicate this same experience at home for $9.90. A more Singaporean application is to use the bottles to store canola oil and black vinegar; the easy-pour design will make cooking easy as you won’t have to worry about finicky bottle caps.

8. ISTAD resealable bags

A cult favourite product, the ISTAD resealable bags are perhaps one of the most popular products IKEA has to offer. At $3.90 for a whopping 60 pieces, it’s no wonder why – they’re an absolute steal.

ikea - resealable bagImage credit: IKEA Singapore

The bags that come in different colours and designs are both resealable and reusable. They’re heat-tolerant, and can withstand freezing temperatures, making them ideal for storing anything from frozen food to crackers, and even small non-food items that you’d like to keep organised like screws or Lego.

9. PASSERAD double-walled glass

Practically every Singaporean household owns a set of the iconic IKEA glass cups, you know, the ones with octagonal walls and a round rim. What most people don’t know is that the POKAL cup has a more elegant relative, the PASSERAD double-walled glass.

ikea - double-walled glassImage credit: IKEA Singapore

Mouthblown by skilled artisans, the glasses are double-walled making them suitable for both cold and hot drinks as the layer of air between the walls act as an insulator. The glasses come in two sizes – the smaller, 300ml glasses cost $14.90 for 2, while the larger, 450ml glasses sell for $16.90.

BONUS: AVSTEG kitchen countertop organiser

In a tiny Singaporean kitchen, efficient storage is key to minimising clutter and optimising space. The AVSTEG kitchen countertop organiser ($24.90) allows you to build upwards, a la HDB. The bottom shelf has plenty of room for tall bottles and glasses, while the top shelf can accommodate bowls and jars.

ikea - kitchen countertop organizerImage credit: IKEA Singapore

The rack itself has a knife holder on the back, as well as a holder on the side for chopping boards and pot stands. On the side, there’s a compartment for utensils, with a “ribbed” design to promote air circulation. Even in the wettest of kitchens, the stand isn’t going anywhere – 4 anti-slip feet on the underside keep it firmly in place. 

Best kitchen products to buy at IKEA under $12.90

Clearly, IKEA is good for more than just meatballs. While its offerings are thoughtful, practical, and stylish, what’s more exciting is that they come at an affordable price. The next time you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a refresher, or just looking to optimise the space without breaking the bank, you know where to look. 

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