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7 Best Items From IKEA’s New Varmblixt Collection That’s On Fire On Social Media

1 February 2023 | BY

From donut wall lamps to coffee tables shaped and coloured like candy, here are our top picks from the IKEA Varmblixt collection.

IKEA varmblixt

You know you’re starting to become an adult when the impending launch of a furniture line excites you. That’s exactly how we felt when we saw the IKEA Varmblixt collection on our TikTok’s For You Page. And if the collection’s reception on social media is any indication, it’s safe to say that the Varmblixt products will be one of the most sought-after.

Designed in collaboration with Netherlands-based designer Sabine Marcelis, the Varmblixt collection features 18 products that combine a sophisticated European aesthetic with cheeky foodie silhouettes. Think bowls shaped like donuts and coffee tables resembling sticky sweets. Pair them with the chic glass drinkware and you’re all set for a fancy dinner party.

Ahead of the Varmblixt’s release on 2nd February across all IKEA stores, here’s a quick preview of the best items to buy if you’re in the mood to refresh your kitchenware in 2023.

1. Glass cocktail set

ikea varmblixt champagne coupe, carafe, and glass with strawImage credit: IKEA

The first thing that caught our attention about the Varmblixt collection is the glass drinkware. While they look pretty ordinary as individual pieces, it is their cohesion that truly shines through. Each piece from the glass to the champagne coupe sport tall, straight lines that also makes storing them in your cabinets an easy feat.

We also love that the carafe has a built-in cutout for a stirrer so you don’t have to find a place to put it after stirring your coffee or tea. 

Champagne coupe: $7.90
Glass: $3.90
Carafe with stirrer: $12.90
Drink stirrer: $5.90/6pack
Bottle opener: $2.90

2. Serving bowls in orange or green

ikea varmblixt serving bowls donutsImage credit: IKEA

Gone are the days when food was stored in plain, rectangular containers. Sabine Marcelis designed these serving bowls in a whimsical donut shape – one of her signature shapes – so your dining room and countertops will always have a statement piece. The bowls come in 2 options: a large amber-orange bowl and a smaller mint-green one.

What has us ranking the bowl so highly is the fact that you’re technically getting 2 bowls for the price of one. Each bowl is split horizontally in the middle, giving you the option of storing your fruits and snacks in an enclosed container or displaying them for when you’re playing host to your friends and family.

Amber-orange: $39.90
Mint-green: $27.90

3. LED wall lamp

varmblixt led wall lampImage credit: IKEA

One way to jazz up your living areas is to add some decorative, ambient light fixtures, like with the Varmblixt LED wall lamp. Its slim silhouette means you can fit them almost anywhere without it looking too bulky, plus it can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

Should you decide to make a statement with these lamps, you can install a few of them in a row. We bet it’d look great in your dining room in lieu of a wall-mounted print.

Price: $79

4. LED wall/mirror lamp

varmblixt ikea mirror led wall lampImage credit: IKEA

In a combination of beauty and practicality, Sabine Marcelis designed this wall lamp that doubles up as a mirror as well. The glass is semi-transparent and lets a bronze glow through one side of the mirror so your face doesn’t get drowned in light. 

Price: $119

5. Coffee tables

ikea varmblixt coffee tablesMama shop sweets, the furniture edition.
Image credit: IKEA

A circular coffee table in dark red and green is sure to make the TikTok girlies froth at the mouth. After all, whimsical and quirky furniture is one of the big interior design trends on the social media platform.

The Varmblixt coffee table comes as a set of 2, with both tables made out of powder-coated aluminium. And we couldn’t help but notice that they look remarkably similar to sweets you might be able to get from the mama shop.

Price: $329 for a set of 2

6.Rugs in orange or yellow

ikea varmblixt rugs in yellowImage credit: IKEA

Rugs are an inexpensive way to add some texture and colour to your room, and the Varmblixt rugs are no different. One thing though is that rugs don’t come in the usual rectangular or circular shapes. Instead, they give the illusion of 2 rugs being stacked on top of each other. If you want layers without actual layers, this is one way to achieve it.

Yellow rug (100cmx180cm): $259
Orange rug (180cmx195cm): $399

7. Varmblixt donut lamps

ikea varmblixt doughnut lampImage credit: IKEA

Down under in Australia, the Varmblixt collection was released earlier than scheduled, and one item that has already sold out is the donut wall lamp. As a donut lover myself, I fear that getting this lamp might only make me want to visit Krispy Kreme a lot more often, and that’s not good for my wallet and belly.’

At just $79, this is an inexpensive lighting fixture that will definitely be a talking point whenever you have guests over. 

Price: $79

Where to buy the IKEA Varmblixt collection in Singapore

The IKEA Varmblixt collection is something we’d envision will fit perfectly into a sweet tooth’s home, especially with its donut motifs and candy-esque coffee table. But even if you’re not, the aesthetically-pleasing drinkware and wall lamps will be a great addition to your chic, Instagram-worthy home.

The products above are just a sneak preview of Sabine Marcelis’ creations for IKEA. You can expect many more things from serving trays to paper napkins.

You can shop the IKEA Varmblixt collection in IKEA stores and online from 2nd February 2023.

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