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Arts & Antiquities – Local Store With Authentic Japanese Paper Lamps & Vintage Tupperware Cabinets

2 December 2023 | BY

From unique Ikebana vases to customisable modular furniture, Arts & Antiquities has it all to make your home stand out from the rest.

arts and antiquities

There is no lack of homes in Singapore that take after the minimalism and harmony of Japanese interior design. But it’s hard to stand out in the sea of Muji-filled residences. One way to spruce up and elevate your living spaces is to fill them with unique pieces like Ikebana vases and Gifu paper lamps that you can find at Arts & Antiquities.

Arts & Antiquities is a local vintage store located in the Ho Seng Lee Building in the charming enclave of Balestier, and their speciality is in sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces from Japan that your neighbours confirm-plus-chop won’t have in their homes.

Vintage Ikebana vases from $95

arts and antiquities - ikebana vases

The art of Ikebana is finally being given its flowers outside of Japan, and Arts & Antiquities is ensuring that practitioners in Singapore can display their floral arrangements in a unique fashion. Each of the Ikebana vases sold at Arts & Antiquities has been curated and selected for its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and high quality of production.

The team at A&A has also flown in the vases from different corners of Japan, including Okayama, Saitama, Hiroshima, and Yamanashi. If one catches your eye, we’d advise you to act quickly, as once it’s sold, there won’t be another one waiting for you.

The Ikebana vases start from $95 for a simple design and can go up to $330 for larger pieces.

Authentic Gifu paper lamps sourced from Japan

arts and antiquities - gifu paper lantern

While Gifu lamps date back to the 16th century, the luminaires – with credit going to Isamu Noguchi and his Akari Light Sculptures – are now a staple in modern and contemporary design. Over at Arts & Antiquities, they’ve sourced many of these paper lanterns from different manufacturers.

arts and antiquities - fores gifu paper lantern

You can check out the selection of the Gifu paper lanterns here.

Vintage Tupperware cabinets & chests from $190

arts and antiquities - vintage tupperware cabinetThe Tupperware Multi Cabinet.
Image credit: Arts & Antiquities

We’re all familiar with Tupperware and how its products have kept our cookies crunchy. But did you also know that they have large cabinets that can fit more than just your snacks? They were part of a collection launched exclusively in Japan and meant for a space outside the kitchen. 

vintage tupperware super chestThe Tupperware Super Chest.
Image credit: Arts & Antiquities

What we love about these vintage cabinets is that they are stackable and open from the front, saving you the hassle of having to remove them from the stack just to take out something.

However, these cabinets don’t come cheap. The multi cabinet with the blue top retails at $190, while the long super chest is sold for $260. 

Cute vintage tableware from Japan

arts and antiquities - vintage tablewareImage credit: Arts & Antiquities

One way to add some charm and character to your home, without making major renovations to it, is through your tableware, especially if you’re someone that loves having friends and family over for meals and a good time.

The collection of tableware and flatware at Arts & Antiquities might not be as vast as the ones at Muji and Ikea, but you’ll be able to find hidden gems that have been brought over from Japan. From vintage ceramic and porcelain cups to decanters and cutlery sets, you’ll be able to find something that you won’t want to hide away in a drawer or cabinet.

arts and antiquities - ceramic glazed clocks

Other quaint objects that belong on a table are these ceramic glazed clocks ($105 each) made in Tajimi City. No 2 clocks are identical thanks to how they’re fired in a kiln too.

Arts & Antiquities vintage store in Singapore

arts and antiquities - showroom floor

If there’s one thing to be grateful for as a homeowner in Singapore, it’s the number of boutique furniture and homeware stores that we have here on our shores. Among them are hidden gems like Arts & Antiquities, offering a specially curated selection of pieces that no average person would come across.

arts and antiquities - modular furniture

What’s more, Arts & Antiquities offers a modular furniture customisation service. Whether it’s coffee table, room divider, optical shelf, or task desk, you’ll have the option to pick out whatever colour you want or even customise the specifications of the pieces.

arts and antiquities - plants

Arts & Antiquities also often hosts special events, like their weekend markets. Their 2023 Festive Market is currently running till 3rd December, when more Gifu lantern styles, new in-house modular system designs, and other small homewares will be up for sale.

Shoppers who attend the Festive Market can also munch on baked goods from Dirty Cookies paired with a cuppa joe from Morning coffee, browse a selection of books curated by Basheer Graphics, and adopt some plants from The 3 Keys. There’ll also be a clearance section with heavily discounted furniture and furnishings.

Address: 10C Jalan Ampas, #07-01 Ho Seng Lee Flatted Warehouse, Singapore 329513
Opening hours: Thu & Fri 3pm-7pm | Weekends & Public Holidays 2pm-7pm | Closed Mon – Wed
Contact: Arts & Antiquities Instagram | Website

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Photography by Shawn Kwek.

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