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This 4-Room BTO Flat Has A Pink Kitchen That Barbie Would Be Proud Of, Only Cost $12K To Create

21 July 2023 | BY

In a house drenched in white paint, a pink kitchen will be a show stopper. And that’s what a couple did in their 4-room BTO flat in the North side of Singapore.

pink kitchen

There is no lack of Japandi or wabi-sabi homes in Singapore, which is why this Memphis-styled HDB flat had us do a double take when we came across it. Hazirah and Izuan, also known as the Flat Kopicats, have just settled into their 4-room BTO in June 2023 with their 3 cats.

And even though their walls are awash with white paint – and perhaps still a tad bare – they’ve accessorised their home with pops of colour in the form of chairs, lamps, and a pink kitchen that Barbie would be proud of.

Going for a pink kitchen

flat kopicats pink kitchenImage credit: Flat Kopicats

“Why not a pink kitchen?” Hazirah and Izuan said when we asked about their colour of choice. After all, it’s a striking contrast to the rest of their home which has white-washed walls. But they had always wanted a timeless colour that was not boring, a.k.a. all the neutral colours. Thus, they decided on pink. Specifically the Macaron shade by Panaplast for their cabinets laminates.

flat kopicats pink kitchenImage credit: Flat Kopicats

They were both drawn to pastel pink, and the Macaron laminate was “the perfect shade that wasn’t too bright or too much.” In their interior designer’s renders, the kitchen came out looking a bit too much like bandung, the rose syrup drink, and they wanted to avoid that at all costs.

terrazzo dolce delightThe terrazzo is Dolce Delights by Aurastone.
Image credit: Flat Kopicats

A terrazzo countertop that had plenty of pink chips complements the pink cabinets perfectly without the kitchen feeling too overwhelmed with the bright, vibrant colour. All in all, the couple spent around $12K just on the kitchen renovation.

Designing a half-moon glass panel to separate the spaces

flat kopicats pink kitchen's half-moon glass panel wallImage credit: Flat Kopicats

BTO flats these days have the option of coming with an open-concept kitchen, and it was something that Hazirah and Izuan had considered keeping. However, they were concerned about greasy odours and other cooking fragrances that would leak out to other parts of the home, so they decided to close it, but just partially.

“We didn’t want to block it off completely so we wanted a glass panel which allows light to still come in,” they explained. Their interior designer proposed that the aforementioned glass panel be shaped like a half-moon for added quirkiness.

flat kopicats pink kitchen dining roomImage credit: Flat Kopicats

Now when the couple has guests over, they can still interact with them as they’re prepping delectable dishes in the kitchen. “We’ve gotten some comments that the glass panel was giving cafe vibes, haha.”

Sprinkling pops of colour around the all-white house

living room with samsung frame tv and a green ikea couchImage credit: Flat Kopicats

Pink isn’t the only colour that’s present in this home. The white walls have given the homeowners a blank canvas to go wild with different shades and hues. From a chartreuse fabric sofa to dining chairs in a rainbow of colours and designs, the colour choices give the home a ton of life and vibrancy. 

flat kopicats togo sofa listening roomPeep the matching Togo sofa and table lamp in the same yellow.
Image credit: Flat Kopicats

There is also a room dedicated to the couple’s analogue hobby that involves sitting on a Togo sofa and listening to their records. Dopamine decor is certainly on trend.

A pink kitchen that Barbie would be proud of

flat kopicats pink kitchenImage credit: Flat Kopicats

If you cook often, having a kitchen that you love spending time in will make food prep and stirring stews all that more fun. “The missus makes a mean Queensway-style chicken curry, chicken rendang, and tom yum!” Hazirah and Izuan told us. They can also rest assured that if they’re cooking any pink curry, at least the spills will match the cabinets. 

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Cover image credit: Flat Kopicats

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