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This Singaporean Stylist’s Room Is A Quirky, Colourful Wonderland, Even Has Ceramics With “Boobs”

27 April 2023 | BY

With classic and eclectic elements, entering this Singaporean stylist’s room feels like Alice in Wonderland on steroids.

This Singaporean Stylist's Room Is A Quirky, Colourful Wonderland, Even Has Ceramics With "Boobs"

Interior stylists are living proof that not all of us are born with creative bones in our bodies. Though many stylists sport extensive portfolios of the homes they’ve transformed, it’s always intriguing to see how they’ve designed their own living spaces. After all, one’s bedroom can reveal a great deal about their personality, tastes and hobbies.

This is exactly the case for one event and interior stylist in Singapore. Chloe Ng’s home is an eclectic wonderland of vibrant colours and one-of-a-kind trinkets and decorative items that speaks volumes of her style. Her total styling damage? $600!

Here’s what we love about her Alice in Wonderland on steroids bedroom:

Vibrant colours, unconventional decor pieces & a mix of themes

Describing herself as a space curator, decorator and ceramic hobbyist, Chloe’s Instagram page is a visual feast of contrasting colours, provocative pottery and whimsically styled paraphernalia. In a sea of Mid-Century Modern and Japandi-themed homes on Instagram, snippets of Chloe’s styled spaces are a refreshing break from the norm.

quirky_chloedecor - bedWhat we can only describe as Quirky-core, a combination of classic and eclectic elements.
Image credit: @quirky_chloedecor

When trying to put a finger on the overall aesthetic her room presents, we land on “Eclectic Victorian”. After our brains process all the colour, our eyes zoom in on the use of a typically Victorian floral wallpaper in the shade of pastel pink and the plush Victorian-inspired headboard on her bed – a custom piece that was one of the bigger ticket items in her room styling endeavour.

“Colourful, eclectic, and bold” are the 3 words Chloe uses to describe her bedroom. Beyond wanting to incorporate her great love for nature and art, Chloe drew heavy inspiration from three other sources – Home of Hackney, designer Lucy Tiffney, and artist Nathalie Lete.

“I love that they go bold with colours, patterns, and textures and how these elements seamlessly blend together, giving the space a cohesive yet unique personality,” Chloe shared.

Every surface is an opportunity for making a statement, and we see that through her impressive collection of unconventional decor pieces.

Finding the right blend of decorative pieces and furnishings was a challenge for Chloe as the colour palette in question was broad, but each and every colour has to work harmoniously with each other whilst creating a visually arresting scene.

quirky_chloedecor - bedside2We love the vibrant-coloured macrame from @macramenian that matches Chloe’s other bedside items.
Image credit: @quirky_chloedecor

She explains that some of her star finds were thrifted, whilst others were purchased from boutique Instagram shops and independent artists. 

Her big tip to homeowners looking to ace the quirky-core aesthetic? Don’t be afraid to play with colours. This means being bold enough to try colour combinations you normally wouldn’t marry and select the combo you’re happy with after some trial and error. 

quirky_chloedecor - living roomImage credit: @quirky_chloedecor 

She also goes on to say that investing in decorative art pieces will go a long way in giving your home a hearty dose of character and injecting pizazz into any drab space.

Her last recommendation: look into the option of purchasing second-hand objects. According to Chloe, there are many beautiful preloved furniture and decor pieces out there, and you’re doing the earth a favour. “Go treasure hunting and be sustainable!” Chloe says.

quirky_chloedecor - bedside3Image credit: @quirky_chloedecor

As seen from her Instagram, Chloe also often switches up the look of her home by rearranging furniture and changing her bed’s duvet to make another bold statement.

quirky_chloedecor - boobie vesselsImage credit: @quirky_chloedecor

Her handmade signature ceramic “boobie vessels” also often make an appearance in her home as a piece she styles with. Through her pottery she challenges the heteronormative ideals of femininity and “celebrates the diversity of female bodies and their breasts – both big and small,”. These vessels are all hand built by Chloe and make interesting conversation-starters.⁣⁣

A stylist’s quirky, eclectic bedroom in Singapore

quirky_chloedecor - tableChloe’s design philosophy extends to her other styling projects as well.
Image credit: @quirky_chloedecor

Definitely not your average home stylist, Chloe’s unique take on styling interiors is one that sets her apart from others in the industry. She shared that she has pivoted away from the conventional route of providing an end-to-end service, but is “still open to customers who can vibe with her style and would like her to stage or style their homes”.

quirky_chloedecor - themed stylingThe same space styled for Halloween (left) and Chinese New Year (right).
Image credit: @quirky_chloedecor, @quirky_chloedecor

She often styles the other living spaces in her landed home leading up to special occasions for pure fun. If anything, her vibrant style tells us that we shouldn’t hesitate to pursue wild, imaginative ideas for our own living spaces.

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Cover image adapted from: @quirky_chloedecor, @quirky_chloedecor, @quirky_chloedecor

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