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This 2-Room Boon Lay HDB Looks Like Rachel And Monica’s Apartment In Friends

19 June 2023 | BY

If you’re a diehard fan of the Friends sitcom, then this 2-room Boon Lay HDB flat may just be your dream home!

Boon Lay Friends HDB - cover image

When Netflix announced in late-2018 that they would be paying $100 million to renew the rights to the hit show “Friends”, it was a testament to the sitcom’s iconic status, and happy news for the show’s barrage of fans.

There’s no denying its popularity – in the 20 years since its release, the show has inspired countless fashion trends, Halloween costumes, and even cafes. Some superfans even go so far as to model their home after the iconic set, which is exactly what the homeowners of this 2-room Boon Lay HDB did.

Boon Lay HDB looks like Rachel & Monica’s apartment

Boon Lay Friends HDB - colour paletteImage credit: Netflix

It goes without saying that colour can go far in terms of establishing a visual identity that is memorable to viewers. The distinct, pastel colour palette of the show is no doubt iconic – anchored by a calm lavender, and supported by shades of yellow and green.

Boon Lay Friends HDB - living roomImage credit: @dotsntots

We see similar hues throughout the home. The purple on the living room walls is complemented by the mustard yellow couch. Even the black frames on the windows look like they could be part of the grid windows on the show. All that’s really missing is a fire escape and the “ugly naked guy” in the other building.

Boon Lay Friends HDB - bedroomImage credit: Dots N Tots

The bedroom utilises the same colour palette, but with yellow as the dominant colour instead, to create the visual effect of spaciousness by keeping the space bright. Here, purple is used to colour the feature wall, acting as the focal point of the room. The resultant visual contrast between dark and light colours is eye-catching, without being jarring.

Just as in Monica’s pad, the exposed brick throughout the HDB flat is similar to what would be found in old-school New York walkup apartments. It offers a textural contrast to the smooth walls, and acts as a nice complement to the wooden fixtures in the home.

Space-saving features throughout the home

Being a 2-bedroom flat, there’s no doubt that the unit is on the smaller side of apartments. Still, the homeowners employed several space-saving tactics to optimise the space in their home.

Boon Lay Friends HDB - rotating tv frameImage credit: Dots N Tots

The television is mounted on a rotating frame, allowing one television to effectively be used in both the living area and the bedroom. The large structure also acts as a physical boundary, separating the two spaces while keeping the flat open. Concealed storage is hidden all over the home: under the bed frame, as part of the TV console, and even within the coffee table.

Boon Lay Friends HDB - kitchenImage credit: Dots N Tots

The kitchen is also especially well done. Though it is fairly narrow, extra storage is created in the form of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. There’s even a nook for the washing machine, allowing the kitchen to double as a laundry room. Leafy plants help to fill in some of the empty high shelves while adding a vibrant, lively energy to the space.

You may notice that the kitchen cabinets don’t match those in other parts of the apartment. While the colours of those in the kitchen are significantly more muted than the bright turquoise cabinets in the rest of the apartment, we prefer this muted combination.

Modern Japanese-inspired bathroom

Perhaps the only way in which the house differs from that in Friends is the bathroom. This is hardly a bad thing, though, while the rest of the home is more elaborate, the bathroom is kept far more simple.

Boon Lay Friends HDB - bathroomImage credit: Dots N Tots

That being said, simple here doesn’t mean boring. The use of different materials such as wood-looking tiles, marble, and glass adds variety to the room, while the choice to go for muted colours keeps the look cohesive, ideal for what is supposed to be a calming space.

The use of warm mood lighting both in the shower and for the backlit mirror as opposed to harsh overhead fluorescent lighting further adds to the sense of serenity, setting it apart from other bathrooms.

2-Room Boon Lay HDB looks right out of the set of friends

If there’s anything to be learned from this quirky Boon Lay apartment, it’s that size really doesn’t matter. Many of us tend to dream small when designing our homes, citing the lack of space in local flats as an excuse for sticking to safe choices.

This flat serves as proof that with a good eye and proper planning, no design is too big. Plus, with a little creativity, even the squeeziest of spaces can be kept open and roomy by sneaking storage into places people wouldn’t think to look. It’s all about the art of disguise.

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Cover image adapted from: Dots N Tots

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