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This 3-Room Condo Looks Like A Pastel KTV Studio, Could Double As A K-Pop MV Location

12 July 2023 | BY

This futuristic 3-room pastel KTV condo in Toa Payoh looks like something right out of a K-Pop music video.

Pastel KTV Condo - cover image

These days, wabi-sabi homes awash in soothing neutral tones are all the rage, and for good reason. The understated style allows for one to unwind and decompress after a stressful day. But what if you want something more exciting occasionally? Well, check out this futuristic 3-room condo in Toa Payoh that looks like something right out of a K-Pop music video.

Colourful LED lights to toggle between minimalist & Y2K

Picture Blackpink’s As If It’s Your Last or aespa’s Black Mamba music videos – specifically the scene where Ningning is seated at her futuristic console – and combine it with the Japandi and wabi-sabi homes trending on social media these days. The result would probably look similar to this 3-room condo in Toa Payoh designed by Free Space Intent.

Pastel KTV Condo - paddle pop living roomImage credit: Free Space Intent

The minute you step into the living room, you’ll be greeted by paddle-pop LED lights illuminating the space. Organic curves and irregular shapes take centre stage here, elevating a simple living room into something that looks distinctly Y2K. 

Pastel KTV Condo - different light moodsImage credit: Free Space Intent

When the homeowners want something a little more subdued, a simple toggle of the switch will turn the LED lights white. The combination of wall fixtures and the custom false ceilings, as well as the bright white lights, reminds us of sci-fi movies where the protagonist sneaks into a high-security lab for a heist.

Pastel KTV Condo - pastel living spacesImage credit: Free Space Intent

As the sun sets, recessed warm lights in the ceilings step up to create a cosy atmosphere that’s complemented by a comfy sofa adorned with soft throw pillows and blankets.

Proudly displayed collectibles

Pastel KTV Condo - collectible display areasImage credit: Free Space Intent

In our experience, we find that some of the most interesting homes in Singapore belong to collectors, and such is the case here. The entryway is lined with two display cases filled with pins or brooches, the majority of which are shaped like guitars. A Lego Iron Man helmet sits in its place of honour on the storage cabinet right beneath the cases.

Pastel KTV Condo - walk-in display caseImage credit: Free Space Intent

The dedication doesn’t end there. An area right off the living room was converted into a walk-in display case, and numerous figurines – including a replica of Hogwarts – are neatly placed in glass cabinets.

Themed pastel bedrooms

Pastel KTV Condo - bedroom with star lightingImage credit: Free Space Intent

The bedrooms are just as eye-catching and thoughtfully designed. The ceiling in the master bedroom is dotted with blue lights that mimic the look of stars in the night sky, and the effect is further accentuated by the sky blue walls. Above the headboard of the bed sits a mural of the South of France – or a similarly quaint European coastal town.

Pastel KTV Condo - home officeImage credit: Free Space Intent

The other two rooms, including one that looks to be a kid’s room, are markedly more pastel. Both rooms have bright splashes of blue, green and yellow, with lots of built-in storage to keep things clutter-free. In particular, we were thrilled by the custom-made loft bed in the kid’s bedroom – our past child selves would have loved it.

3-Room Toa Payoh condo that resembles a pastel KTV studio

Wabi-sabi and Japandi may be the reigning trends right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the pack. Instead, you can find a compromise just like the homeowners of this 3-room Toa Payoh condo that honestly looks like it could be an upscale pastel KTV studio.

Through the clever use of colourful LED lights and curved fixtures, Free Space Intent were able to create a space that looks alternatively Y2K-ish and minimalist with the flip of a switch or two. If that’s a concept you want to explore, start with the LED lights as it’s the easiest to DIY. From there, determine if the aesthetic is something you’d really like.

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Cover image adapted from: Free Space Intent

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