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Bali in Singapore: How This Couple Brought Ubud Vibes Into Their 5-Room HDB Resale Flat

7 February 2022 | BY

Who needs a villa in Bali when you can have your very own in Singapore?

bali home in singapore
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It’s no secret that Singaporeans love jetting off to Bali for a quick getaway in rustic villas and white sandy beaches. But ever since international borders closed, holidays on the Indonesian island have been hard to come by. Homeowners Andre and Stacy were determined to not let that put a damper on their wanderlust and have brought Bali into their home instead.

The couple worked with Aesthetix Interior Studio and Comfort Home Interior to transform their 5-bedroom (131 sqm) HDB flat in Pasir Ris into a sprawling Bali-themed abode. Here’s a peek into the $80,000 transformation.

Bali-themed home in Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
The living room is Stacy’s go-to hangout space at home
Image credit: Patrick Lau

One of the perks of scoring a resale flat is how much space you have to play with, and Andre and Stacy made the most out of it.

The home opens up into an airy sun-lit living room that has all the elements of a traditional Balinese resort: a fabric loveseat to keep comfy in our island’s heat, indoor plants to balance the woody tones, and rattan chairs to evoke that traditional aesthetic. 

Plenty of natural light also streams through the big, north-facing windows. But when the homeowners want to dial it down, they can easily go into shade thanks to the wooden Venetian blinds.

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
Andre inherited the rattan chair from his late grandparents
Image credit: Patrick Lau

A former study room by the corner of the living room was hacked away to expand the area and let in more light. “Any space with an elevated platform looks atas, hence we decided to have a platform there,” Andre said about the decision to make it an elevated hang-out corner. 

It’s where the couple gets a nice back massage on their Otto massager and play board games with their friends. Their two kittens also have window perches to spy on any unsuspecting birds flying around the area.

Contemporary kitchen with a “hidden” bar

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-ThemedPlants and cobblestone-lined floors bring the outdoors indoors
Image credit: Patrick Lau

The kitchen is where the magic happens in every home, and this house certainly has some tricks up its sleeves. It also happens to be where the entrance of the home is located, and immediately upon entering you’re greeted by a cosy bar counter perfect for hosting intimate groups over a cocktail or two. But where are the bottles?

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
Image credit: Patrick Lau

Rather than the typical way of displaying spirits and wines behind the bar, they’re stealthily hidden on one side of the counter, keeping all the clutter to a minimum. There is also no space wasted within the secret nook. Champagne flutes and wine glasses are hung from a rack atop the bar and each door also displays a selection of bottles, much like a fridge.

And even though you might be busy looking down at your drink, there are a few surprises if you look up. The lights are encased in a shade resembling a bird’s nest, and the wooden beams help accentuate the ceiling while also hiding any unsightly wires that might be running across.

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
Image credit: Patrick Lau

Once the drinks have been served, it’s time for the main event – food. The kitchen has both an induction cooker on the bar counter and a gas stove next to the fridge. Stacy prefers fast cooking and easy cleanups which explains the induction cooker, while Andre’s go-to option is the stove for better heat control and the taste of smoky wok hei.

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
Image credit: CentrumLeisure

The bar is also not the only surprise in store. Out in the dining area, the dining table is big enough that it can be converted into a pool table and a ping-pong table. So once the dishes are cleared, you know it’s time for some ball games.

Earthy tones in a bedroom and bathroom

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-ThemedImage credit: Patrick Lau

Step into the bedroom and you’ll feel as though you’re out camping in nature, albeit with creature comforts like aircon and scented candles. The couple eschewed the classic bed frame, choosing a cohesive platform bed, floor-to-ceiling headboard, and ceiling panel instead for a statement look that will make those fresh-out-of-bed selfies a certified banger.

The clever use of recessed lighting also helps ensure no toes get stubbed when the toilet beckons in the dead of night.

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
Image credit: Patrick Lau

The storeroom was converted into a walk-in closet, a dream for fashion lovers – or those with more than enough clothes. Every single piece of apparel is on display so the homeowners can easily pick out their outfit of the day in a single glance. There is even a mini floating vanity with a lit-up mirror so finishing touches like make-up can be done all in the same space.

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
Marble who?
Image credit: Patrick Lau

The same aesthetic extends all the way through into the bathroom as well where wood reigns supreme. Almost every surface is carefully made from wood, except for the glass divider and the stone-cut sink that gives it that high-class resort look – especially when paired with a matte gold faucet.

The little details like the cat-shaped hand cloth and unique toothbrush and soap holders give the room that final oomph to make a house a home.

Bali resort-themed HDB renovation in Singapore

Pasir Ris Resale Flat Bali-Themed
Image credit: Patrick Lau

Who needs a villa in Bali when you can have your very own in Singapore? This expansive flat in Pasir Ris takes the best of the Balinese aesthetic and elevates it into a contemporary home that is great for entertaining friends and family. All that’s left is just a pool and some yummy Indonesian cuisine cooking on the stove.

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