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16 Gorgeous Real Singapore Homes That Prove That Not All Are Cookie-Cutter

8 August 2023 | BY

It’s time to give your feed a much-needed injection of beauty.

beautiful home instagram accounts

Instagram is one the best places to find inspiration for all things home and living. If you’ve been wanting to populate your feed with some aesthetically-pleasing interiors – and some gorgeous exteriors – here’s a curated list of 16 beautiful home Instagram accounts that go beyond serving looks, but also sharing furniture finds, style guides, and more.

 1. @thehomeodyssey – Joo Chiat shophouse with European influences

instagram home accounts - thehomeodysseyImage credit: @thehomeodyssey

Amassing 13.1K followers, @thehomeodyssey is a personal blog by Vivienne, a trader and interior blogger. Together with her husband, she lives in a 3,500sqft shophouse in Joo Chiat that they immediately fell in love with when they were house hunting.

The spacious shophouse was designed by Vivienne herself and is a marriage of many design styles like Mediterranean, mid-century, and farmhouse. Her shophouse also houses a collection of artefacts from various eras such as a 13th-century French chair and Han dynasty vases.

instagram home accounts - thehomeodysseyImage credit: @thehomeodyssey

Her feed is a harmonious blend of tasteful decor, soothing colour palettes, and imaginative arrangements, making it a great starting point for those looking for inspiration to revamp their living space.

2. @flat_bahru – Whimsical self-designed home

instagram home accounts - flat_bahruImage credit: @flat_bahru

This is yet another self-designed home but with a whimsical take. @flat_bahru is a visual diary of Lauren and Lloyd’s flat in Tiong Bahru, which invites vibrant colours, unique patterns, and complementing textures. 

The couple wanted to inject raw materials and textures into their home. As a result, wood elements were used to contrast their white walls and concrete floor. To spruce up the home, greenery was also added in various nooks and crannies of the space.

instagram home accounts - flat_bahruImage credit: @flat_bahru

A quick scroll through the feed will also have you finding plenty of art hung on the walls and shelves. They are in fact paintings that were done by the couple to add character to otherwise bare white walls. 

3. @hausbyg – Eclectic mix of designer furniture

instagram home accounts - hausbygImage credit: @hausbyg

@hausbyg is a home journal that has so far attracted a whopping 183K followers, and for good reason. There’s a harmonious blend of furniture and decor that looks like it can be found on Pinterest that speaks to the whimsy of Gen Z and younger millennials.

instagram home accounts - hausbygImage credit: @hausbyg

Aside from the house giving Bondee vibes, the homeowner’s eye for detail to mix and match is immaculate. He styles furniture from different brands, such as USM Modular Furniture and Artemide, and fits them into the house’s aesthetic, which he has dubbed a mix between mid-century modern with a bit of eclecticism. 

4. @hellohomebodies – Coastal Mediterranean duplex condo

instagram home accounts - hellohomebodiesImage credit: @hellohomebodies

Ruby and Kenny are the proud owners of a 1,700sft resale condo in Tanah Merah, and also the folks behind @hellohomebodies. Their condo sports a coastal Mediterranean style with wooden accents and a neutral scheme.  

The couple’s home is spacious due to the open-concept kitchen connected to the living room, dining area, and the main focal point: the spiral staircase. To complement the stairs and give the home a softer look, curves were added to certain walls and furniture with round silhouettes were also picked out.

instagram home accounts - hellohomebodiesImage credit: @hellohomebodies

The couple’s balcony – a bright, open space to soak in the sun’s goodness in the mornings – is simply stunning. The wooden furniture, cushions, and many plants are all inspired by a Moroccan riad rooftop that the couple once visited.

instagram home accounts - hellohomebodies diy arch bookshelfImage credit: @hellohomebodies

They also DIY-ed their arched bookcase in their study room for less than $1,000; find out how they did it here

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5. @dillydally.home – Arched features everywhere

instagram home accounts - dillydallyhomeImage credit: @dillydally.home

@dillydally.home is a new account created slightly more than a year ago, where J and V document their home journey. The home is neatly styled with multi-dimensional furniture and harmonious colours, creating a cosy space for the couple. Looking at their feed, we can tell they are fans of arches, seeing the arched corridor, arched feature wall, and toilet.

instagram home accounts - dillydallyhome coffee cornerImage credit: @dillydally.home

They also transformed their former serviced yard into a coffee corner. Similar to other walls around the house, the wall was hacked to give the illusion of a larger space. “This is our small corner of happiness,” said J and V where they choose to start their day with a cup of aromatic coffee. 

6. @house_no_6 – Multi-generational house in a GCB

instagram home accounts - house_no_6

Taking almost 2 years to rebuild a colonial mansion into a contemporary Good Class Bungalow, @house_no_6 is a visual diary of the journey documented by Mary. Each of the 3 floors of the GCB is dedicated to different members of her family – a unique spin on a multi-generation home. 

instagram home accounts - house_no_6 patio

Mary and her partner occupy the entirety of the first floor, which includes an outdoor patio that has been elegantly landscaped and filled with banana plants, palms, and ferns.

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7. @bendlightflat – European-inspired interior with vintage furniture

instagram home accounts - bendlightflatImage credit: @bendlightflat

Adinda and Erik, the homeowners of @bendlightflat, eschewed modern sensibilities for a more European-inspired design for their home in Bendemeer. The antique brass chandelier screams fancy – it sure is, as it came from Turkey circa the 1940s. Another notable feature would be the dark green French double doors, adding visual interest to the dining area.

bendlightflat - calacatta marble kitchenImage credit: @bendlightflat

The couple are also fans of Calacatta marble here with the use of kitchen countertop, backsplash, and island. Brass fittings and dark brown accent colours further marry into the European aesthetic. On their feed and Instagram Story highlights, you can find the homeowners baking and cooking quite frequently, which makes the beautiful kitchen worth it.

Additionally, if you have any queries about the different areas of their room, @bendlightflat has multiple highlights such as “Q&A Kitchen”, where the homeowners provide tips and answer any questions about the materials, furniture, and more.

8. @huangyoushijie – Farmhouse design with travel trinkets

instagram home accounts - huangyoushijie farmhouseImage credit: @huangyoushijie

@huangyoushijie is a visual diary of a 4-room resale flat in Telok Blangah. The homeowners went with a farmhouse design, as seen from the large wooden barn door and wooden beams on the ceiling. A world map made out of wood can be spotted above their turquoise sofa, which makes their username – Chinese for “travel around the world” – very apt.

instagram home accounts - huangyoushijieImage credit: @huangyoushijie

Staying true to the elements of farmhouse design, there are plenty of wooden elements all around the living room, such as a wooden dining table, wooden TV stand, and wooden shelf. 

instagram home accounts - huangyoushijieImage credit: @huangyoushijie

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9. @the.hmebdy – Bold & quirky colours

instagram home accounts - the.hmebdyImage credit: @the.hmebdy

@the.hmebdy is a home Instagram account with a special eye for art. The homeowners boldly play with different colours, materials, and textures to give dimension and character to their space. Every design decision is carefully considered, like blue glass doors which are statement pieces and clearly demarcate the children’s bedroom.

colour blocked walls with blueImage credit: @the.hmebdy

Their Instagram feed is a diary reflective of a playful, quirky nest that contrasts against conventional and more popular design styles. Yet it is simplistic in nature, showing how one can balance the functionality and aesthetics of a comfortable yet cheeky home. 

Additionally, the homeowners have nifty hands that often embark on DIY projects for their space, one being the wooden headboard in the bedroom. 

10. @houseofthebbs – Taobao-furnished home

instagram home accounts - houseofthebbs

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to buy home decor pieces on Taobao, but one couple went ahead and practically furnished their home with Taobao goods. That is none other than Kaylen and Yon Jun, owners of an executive apartment in Hougang. 

Aside from posting gorgeous photos of their Taobao home on their account, @houseofthebbs is also an archive of the couple’s life where they post about food, plants, and of course, their Taobao finds.

instagram home accounts - houseofthebbs plastic chairs

As a result of all the Taobao-scouring and purchases, furnishing Kaylen and Yon Jun’s home cost less than $15k; a bargain if you ask us. Another unique fact about their executive apartment is that it is Feng Shui-approved. The couple consulted a Feng Shui master, resulting in certain positioning of furniture and decor pieces around the house.

Read our full feature on @houseofthebbs.

11. @twohermits.sg – Elegant minimalism

instagram home accounts - twohermits.sgImage credit: @twohermits.sg

If you love food and home decor, you have come to the right place at @twohermits.sg. With a neutral colour palette and minimalist nature of the house, this HDB resale flat in Boon Keng exudes warmth, cosiness, and a tinge of elegance. 

instagram home accounts - twohermits.sgImage credit: @twohermits.sg

The feed of @twohermits.sg is cohesive with injections of occasional food recipes, how-tos, and home decor hauls. For more home IG accounts similar to this, check out our article on the best Instagram home accounts to follow for reno tips and Marie Kondo living.

12. @one_treehouse – Use of wood, terrazzo, and mosaic textures

instagram home accounts - yellow sofa one_treehouseImage credit: @one_treehouse

Looking at the vibrant IG feed of @one_treehouse, you can tell that the homeowners, Elgin and Sisi, are fun and full of character. Together with their dog Lucy, they live in a 5-room flat in Queenstown that balances their playful character and home functionality perfectly, as seen from four long shelves housing an extensive collection of paraphernalia right beside the dining table. 

instagram home accounts - oak kitchen one_treehouseImage credit: @one_treehouse

The homeowners leave a bit of their character everywhere around the house, and the kitchen is no exception. Fully raw plywood cabinets blend well with the mustard mosaic tile backdrop, accompanied by colourful terrazzo floor tiles for a little fun.

instagram home accounts - one_treehouse bicycle rackImage credit: @one_treehouse

Even the simplistic execution of hanging up the couple’s bicycles can turn into a statement piece for this corner of Elgin and Sisi’s home.

Read our full feature of @one_treehouse.

13. @kohlony – Mid-century modern design with antique decor

instagram home accounts - mid-century modern kohlonyImage credit: @kohlony

Minimalism may be a popular choice for many homeowners to create their own clean and neat living space, but this couple proved that having a maximalist home can still be as beautiful; even reflective of one’s fun character. @kohlony reflects a mid-century modern design style with a tinge of eclecticism, exuding major old-school vibes.

instagram home accounts - kohlonyImage credit: @kohlony

The homeowners of @kohlony are treasure hunters by heart, sourcing unique furniture and antique decor pieces that bring about a nostalgic charm. From a set of 4 vintage Kay Bojesen soldiers to Jean Prouvé-inspired porthole panels, vintage paraphernalia is scattered around different corners of the home, making the couple’s space a whimsical treasure trove. 

14. @ohkur.house – Resembles a bohemian villa in Bali

instagram home accounts - ohkur.houseImage credit: @ohkur.house

Although this house seems like a villa in Bali, @ohkur.house is actually a 5-room resale owned by Joy and Eddy. We spy a mix of natural elements and statement pieces, fitting a boho interior design style. The homeowners are also fans of thrifting and upcycling, having sourced many pieces of furniture like their rattan dining chairs from sites like Carousell. 

instagram home accounts - ohkur.houseImage credit: @ohkur.house

Main themes of wood, rattan, and coloured tiling separate the kitchen away from the living room, yet still connect the 2 spaces together with an open concept. 

instagram home accounts - ohkur.houseImage credit: @ohkur.house

This balcony doubles as a therapeutic nature corner with plants propped up on crates and planks. Overall, we can’t deny how amazingly put together this house is with its cohesive colour palettes and plants, producing an earthy vibe that is loyal to the boho design style.

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15. @tikus.haus – Open living space with natural light

instagram home accounts - tikus.hausImage credit: @tikus.haus

Nothing beats having an open living space with large windows casting warm rays of the sun. @tikus.haus looks like a family-friendly vacation home with plenty of greenery and wood, allowing children to have some fun playtime and adults to have some comforting me-time.

instagram home accounts - tikus.hausImage credit: @tikus.haus

But there are a few more secrets to this house. One of which is this bar and DJ station at the corner near the kitchen. When the sun sets and the night lights turn on, this corner comes alive with music thumping and drink mixing.

instagram home accounts - tikus.hausImage credit: @tikus.haus

The last secret of @tikus.haus is that it conceals a second floor reserved for bedrooms. This bedroom has a cosy nook where one can read, work, and even play games. And we’d do anything to have that.

16. @the_bai_house – White-themed home like a Korean cafe

instagram home accounts - the_bai_house

This 5-room flat in Bedok North belongs to Jiahong and Peiying, also known as @the_bai_house. From the username, we already see how the couple’s space has a predominantly white colour scheme peppered with the usage of other natural materials such as wood. With such a bright and spacious-looking home, it’s giving major Korean cafe vibes.

instagram home accounts - the_bai_house

This balcony’s neat and symmetrical setup brings out our inner Marie Kondo. Demarcated by an arched wall, this space overlooking Bukit Timah Hill allows Jiahong, Peiying and their cats to relax and bask in the sun.

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Most gorgeous home IG accounts to follow

Instagram is the perfect place to seek inspiration from fellow Singaporeans who are owners of beautiful homes. With cohesive aesthetic feeds and styling tips, let these 16 stunning accounts be your guide and inspiration to creating your dream home. 

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Cover image adapted from: @thehomeodyssey, @kohlony, @ohkur.house

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