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Nitori’s Year-End Sale Has Discounts Of Up To 40% That Will Help You Save Up To $500

13 December 2023 | BY

Dubbed “Japan’s IKEA”, Nitori now has a year-end sale of up to 40% off as well as additional discounts when you hit their minimum purchase requirements.

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Since Nitori made a splash on our shores, they have served as a refuge for all the needs of our Japanese-inspired homes. If you still feel the itch to furnish your home with knick-knacks from Nitori, you can save up to 40% off and more during Nitori’s year-end sale.

From their huge selection of furniture down to household organisation trinkets, here are 4 items we picked out that might be worth your while.

Nitori’s year-end sale with massive discounts

year-end sale 2Image credit: Nitori

Nitori’s nickname of being the “Japanese IKEA” is well deserved, considering the variety of products as well as plenty of in-house tested and proven technologies that really make their offerings incredibly utilitarian. 

And for those looking to do a reno or massive makeover of your home, getting your furniture and items from Nitori during this sale is going to give you additional discounts ranging from $50 to $500 off depending on how much you spend.

Sofa with charging port

electric sofaImage credit: Nitori

This might look like an ordinary sofa at first glance, but if you ever want a leather sofa ($1,199.00, U.P $1,299.00) that is brimming with features, this would be it. Beyond the sturdy and easy-to-maintain PVC that allows it to be comparable in quality and price point to IKEA’s offerings, the real Nitori difference lies under the hood.

year-end sale 4Image credit: Nitori

Sporting a high back, footrests and 3-tiered cushion seats, these sofas are going to be plenty comfortable for those late-night sessions with Netflix. Speaking of which, the centre backrest can be folded down to reveal two cup holders and enough space for any snacks you’d like to have.

Rounding out the features list is the charging port – which all Nitori sofas have – meaning you’ll no longer have to lug your portable charger around the house anymore.

Insect repellent kitchen sheet

year-end sale 5Image credit: Nitori

Running the kitchen can be a maintenance-intensive affair, as those who cook regularly might know. Nitori seeks to remedy that with a highly versatile insect repellent kitchen sheet ($14.90). This sheet boasts incredible utility in the kitchen space, solving plenty of the regular kitchen peeves with its anti-slippage and insect repellent properties. 

Its wrinkle-resistant properties mean that they wouldn’t bunch up or move when placed on your kitchen counters or drawers.

Lastly, they can easily be cut up for whatever kind of space you wish to cover, whilst their clear and transparent design keeps your kitchen clean without interfering with the aesthetic of your home.

Diatomite bath mat

year-end sale 6Image credit: Nitori

Another high-tech Nitori product is this bath mat ($13.40, U.P $14.90). Made from diatomite, a highly porous material that gives it excellent water absorption properties whilst also being quick drying. Boasting additional anti-mildew and deodorant features, this mat’s capabilities are even tested and verified by an external laboratory, so you can be confident in its effectiveness.

Heavy-duty steel rack

year-end sale 7Image credit: Nitori

If you had to do a double take when you saw this, we wouldn’t blame you – this steel rack ($84.90) is basically the one popularised by MUJI, but for a fraction of the price. The overall capacity is 100kg, but each shelf is technically able to withstand 40kg, meaning you can store some pretty heavy stuff on its shelves if needed. They do come disassembled though, so you’re going to have to set it up yourself when you bring it home.

Nitori’s year-end sale

Nitori’s penchant for having unique features means that there are plenty of cool products that help improve the modern home life. And whilst the multitude of sales happening this time of year might give you a bad case of Hick’s law, their year-end sale is one of many that you’d definitely want to check out. The massive discounts only help sweeten the deal. 

The sale ends on 31st December.

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