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Treasure At Home: Vintage Shop In Tai Seng With Yesteryear Finds Like Diamond Clocks & Aderia Glasses

5 August 2023 | BY

Every nook and cranny of Treasure At Home is reminiscent of a bygone time – as if we’ve been transported to our grandparent’s era.

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - cover image

Nestled snugly in a factory building, Treasure At Home is an authentic vintage shop that oozes nostalgia. With a curated collection scattered around the space, every nook and cranny of the store is reminiscent of a bygone era – as if we’ve been transported to our grandparent’s era. 

For those who want to retain our grandparents’ essence in our homes, Treasure At Home has an abundance of rare vintage gems. You’ll be able to find working Shanghai Diamond Clocks, Aderia glasses, and even roti display cases that reflect 19th-century everyday life. But better be quick to cop, because these old-school finds come and go fast. 


As with most Singaporean tiger mums enrolling their kids into enrichment classes, you probably learnt how to play the piano or swim. For a select few with strong Chinese influences, the children learned to play table tennis. The table tennis agenda was so strong in the 60s that they manufactured Chinese Ping Pong (Liling) sets, which are now antique and displayed in museums. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - Chinese porcelain tablewareChinese Ping Pong (Liling) set (left) and Holland porcelain plates (right).

Over here, you can snag home these artefacts from $20. Each antique Chinese Ping Pong (Liling) spoon and bowl has gold rims, and the shop owners have been taking great care of them for the past 4-6 decades. The rarest and most expensive of them all is the tureen ($800), a serving dish for soups.  Besides traditional Chinese porcelain tableware, Treasure At Home also has porcelain plates from Holland that date back to the 18th century. These beautiful blue and white plates with unique one-of-a-kind designs go from $220 and above. 

If you’re looking for something cheaper, there are other porcelain tableware available starting from $20.

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - old-school roti displays

Another popular seller here would be their old-school roti displays from $680. Traditionally used to store rotis – Sanskrit for bread – these brown wooden cases are now a unique collector’s item. 

Treasure At Home also houses multiple Peranakan items such as these Straits Chinese footed glass trays. These glass trays stored in the roti display are used to hold desserts and candies, costing $15 each. You’ll be able to choose from colours of pink, green, and blue, bringing unfussed elegance amidst a dinner table full of hearty food. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - traditional Tiffin carriersPeranakan-styled tingkats.

I still remember being made to tapao food with a tingkat, back when the use of tingkats was still common. Whilst these traditional Tiffin carriers have gone out of style, many still treasure it as a keepsake. Here at Treasure At Home, you’ll be able to cop normal tingkats from $55 and Peranakan-styled ones from $200. It might be a lot pricier than your 20-cent plastic containers, but the trip back to your dining room from the mixed-rice stall will be an unmatched vibe.

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - authentic Nyonya baskets

These authentic Nyonya baskets ($600), also known as bakul siah (auspicious baskets), are usually made of rattan, bamboo, or wood. They come in tiers and are coloured red, black, and gold for prosperity. The Nyonya baskets were used to transport wedding gifts and store fruits and desserts. Beside them are traditional metal coffee pots ($55) from the 70s, the ones you see in kopitiams.


Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - collection of vintage glasses

This huge case stores an impressive collection of vintage glasses. The retro footed glasses go from $10, with an array of colours and motifs to choose from. They are mostly from the Japanese brand Aderia and date back to the 18th century. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - traditional coffee cups

Traditional coffee cups ($15) are certainly reminiscent of morning coffee runs at a bustling kopitiam. Looking at these traditional coffee cups makes me recall memories of hearing the coffee auntie shouting a string of orders whilst holding a tray full of drinks. Similarly, you can get traditional kopitiam trays above the coffee cups here from $80.

Vintage home decor: nesting tables, clocks, sofas 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - Peranakan marble-top table

To truly make the kopitiam experience come alive, the last thing is a place to have a rest at. This authentic Peranakan marble-top table costs $900 and comes with matching chairs at $120 each. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - vintage K-leg sofa

Other than tableware, Treasure At Home features furniture from different cultural influences. This vintage K-leg sofa ($1,500) is from the 1950s, fit for art deco interior design as it brings a pop of colour and character into the home.

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - english nesting tables

These nesting tables ($500) from Denmark and England are excellent space savers and a great fit for a coffee table. They’re also high in demand, making market price go up to a whopping $2,000, so it’s a bang for your buck here. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - retro clocksShanghai Diamond Clock with silver body and black rim (middle).

My grandma used to tell me about her trusty diamond clock all the time and I had finally gotten to see one in real life here at Treasure At Home. She told me that you could see it everywhere in the 70s to 80s as it was a staple in kampung life. With a diamond in the centre, these Shanghai Diamond clocks (from $280) are now a rare find in Singapore. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - colourful vintage clock

This clock impressed me the most. Almost as big as a person’s arm, this colourful vintage clock ($1,300) exudes a powerful aura and becomes a majestic piece when lit up. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - traditional spittoons

In the past, these traditional spittoons were used by Peranakans as a container to spit into after chewing on betel nut or tobacco. Now, these authentic spittoons from actual Baba houses are used as vases or decorations due to their beautiful designs. Smaller spittoons start from $120, while larger ones estimate around $680.

Quirky decor pieces: signboards, coin banks, figurines

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - iconic decor piece

Retro is back in fashion and that means collecting iconic decor pieces. Treasure At Home houses a collection of unique signboards you can take home, such as a Muppet Show signboard ($120) and an F&N enamel signboard ($750). 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - vintage coin banks

If you’re one to collect cute piggy banks, be sure to consider these vintage coin banks. These colourful clay-based coin banks ($100) are from the 60s and created in the shape of animals such as cats, birds, and chickens. Amongst the cute coin banks sits a wire egg basket ($55) from the 70s. 

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - collectible figurines

Last but not least, you’ll be able to find figurines here at Treasure At Home – a collector’s dream come true. From Rose Chan dolls ($80) to Hello Kitty figurines ($40), there are definitely toys that Gen X-ers will find familiar.

Treasure At Home: Homely vintage store at Tai Seng

Tai Seng Vintage Furniture Store - Treasure At Home’s entrance

We got an immediate blast from the past when we saw the black scissors grille gate and bright red store sign that was Treasure At Home’s entrance. The shop replenishes every 3 weeks with a selection of targeted vintage finds by friendly shop owners Wak and Yana. The couple are collectors themselves, so they love talking to people sharing the same passion of appreciating the yesteryear. 

As you start exploring this whimsical treasure trove, the nostalgia definitely hits hard. If you’re eyeing one of their treasures, chances are someone else is too, so you better snag it fast. Prices here at this vintage shop are negotiable too.

Address: 80 Playfair Road, #06-13B Kapo Factory Block B, Singapore 367998
Opening hours: Thu & Fri 12pm-5pm | Sat & Sun 11am-5pm (Closed Mon – Wed)
Contact: +65 8123 0044 | Treasure At Home Instagram

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Photography by Nicole Ang.

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