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8 Most Stylish Fans To Add To Your HDB To Make Your Home Extra Cool

4 February 2022 | BY

Check out these eight stylish fans to make your home extra cool – both literally and figuratively. Plus, they’re practical and aesthetic.


While it’s easy to turn to air conditioning to combat Singapore’s sweltering heat, using your AC on a daily basis racks up the electricity bill. Enter fans – the cheaper alternative that’ll keep you cool while reining in the electricity bill. 

Plus, they’re also a great way to zhng up your home so check out these eight stylish fans to make your home extra cool – both literally and figuratively. 

1. Haiku L-Series – Ceiling fan with smart features

haikuImage credit: @bigassfans_indonesia

Smart homes are all the rage these days and if you’re keen to hop on board this trend, the Haiku L-Series will be right up your alley. This ceiling fan comes with an easy-to-use remote control and can be controlled through a mobile app. And with the additional purchase of a Haiku Wi-Fi Module, the Haiku L-series also pairs with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. In other words, you can use your fan just by speaking to your AI assistant. 

Even better, you’ll be able to top up your smart appliance with warm or cool white LED lights that come in 16 adjustable levels of brightness. Choose between 52 inches or 60 inches in diameter and black or white fan colours. After all, this might just be what you need to give your home the extra edge. 

2. Dyson Cool Fan AM07 – Bladeless fan with sleep timer

Image credit:

Known for its powerful airflow, the bladeless Dyson Cool Fan AM07 is another high-tech appliance to have, particularly if you’ve got young children or pets in the house. With an adjustable sleep timer, you can customise the airflow to your liking and program the fan to switch off even after you’ve hit the sack, which is great because it’ll save you those extra dollars. 

It also comes with a magnetic remote control containing 10 different settings. So, no worries about losing the remote as it can be stored on the machine like a magnet on a fridge. 

3. DECOR FAN SEA FIN6 – Small fan for nooks and crannies

decorseaImage credit: @decorfansingapore

Ceiling fans are great at keeping large areas cool but the downside of this is that their long blades may not necessarily fit into tighter spaces such as kitchens or balconies. To ensure sufficient air is circulated throughout your home, it might be worthwhile to invest in corner fans such as the DECOR FAN SEA FIN6 Fan.

Not only is this fan compact in size, it also features energy efficient motor technology that includes six pre-set speed settings. Better yet, this room ventilator comes in cute vintage-style designs like Black Dark Oak and Silver Light Oak – which is great for adding a little old-school touch to your home. 

4. Blueair Blue Pure Fan – Fan which also purifies air

blueair fan
Image credit:

Contrary to a regular fan, the Blueair Blue Pure Fan doubles up as both an air purifier and a fan. On top of cooling air circulation, this device is said to remove over 99% of dust and pollen particles within 20 minutes of switching it on. And it comes with five customisable pre-filter colours to boot. Once dirtied, you can clean the pre-filters by vacuuming them or throwing them in the washing machine before reusing them again. 

So, if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, this fan is a good option to keep in mind.

5. Vornado VFAN – Vintage accent piece

vintage fanImage credit: @thesalthouseca

If you’re a big fan of vintage-style appliances, perhaps you can purchase the Vornado VFAN. This air circulator has a durable exterior which is modelled after the brand’s first fan from 1945 and comes in two colours – retro green and vintage white.

While the Vornado VFan makes a great accent piece, it also provides great airflow and circulation with its adjustable three-speed control. Plus, every purchase of this fan comes with a 5-year warranty.

6. Flaire ERA Bladeless Ceiling Fan – Futuristic, noiseless design

flaire fanImage credit: Acorn Ceiling Fan

The Flaire ERA Bladeless Ceiling Fan is something which looks like it belongs in a futuristic sci-fi movie. It’s got six different fan speeds, a timer function and customisable mood lighting which affords users total control over the environment they want to chill in. And it comes in three stylish colours – white, black and wood.

On top of that, this cutting-edge appliance features an innovative DC motor 153 which is noiseless. In other words, goodbye whirring machine noises and hello peace and quiet. 

Though, given its high-tech design and functions, this bougie looking air circulator comes at a steeper price of $1,500, so make your purchase with both eyes open if you’re on a tight budget.

7. Amasco Wale Ceiling Fan – Sleek Scandinavian aesthetic

scandinavian fanImage credit: @clam15

Fans have come a long way from the plain clunky old school ones we used to see at the homes of our grandparents. Bringing a tasteful oak finish to the comfort of your home with its sleek curves and designs is the Amasco Wale Ceiling Fan

If you’re looking for something to fit your Scandinavian styled aesthetic, look no further than this. It’s not just a pretty face – it’s also functional. The Amasco Wale Ceiling fan has 3D fan blades to optimise airflow and comes with a 6-speed silent motor alongside built-in LED lights. Even better, you can adjust the LED light colours and fan speed using a remote control, making it uber convenient to use. 

10. Novita GreenFan F-2 – Convertible eco-friendly pedestal fan 

convertible fanImage credit: Novita 

The green movement is taking the world by storm with metal straws and meat-free diets paving the way. If you’re gunning to make an eco-friendly switch, investing in fans like the Novita GreenFan F-2 is another great way to go. Consuming only 2W of power, this portable fan comes cordless and equipped with a built-in battery that can last up to 28 hours per full charge. 

At the same time, it also features a smart sensor which is able to auto-regulate fan speed settings based on the surrounding humidity and temperature. Better yet, this appliance can be disassembled and re-configured into a handy table fan as well. So, no excuses why you can’t use it around different areas of your abode.

Stylish fans for your home

Practical, affordable and aesthetic, fans are your best bet to stay cool in Singapore on a budget. Not to mention, they’re lower in long-term energy cost as well. With loads of cool features ranging from air-purification to adjustable mood lights, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to these handy air circulators. Regardless of needs, there’s bound to be something which will suit you and your family. 


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