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7 Secretly Stylish IKEA Furniture To Buy For An Eclectic Avant Basic Home

3 October 2023 | BY

Although IKEA’s furniture is known for its minimalism and functionality, here are 7 eclectic avant basic furniture items to add some character to your home.

Mesh abstract furniture and colourful, artsy decor elements together, and you’ll get Avant-Basic, a kitschy style that has taken the spotlight online. It’s eclectic and exudes a strong “designer” flair – but you’ll need a good eye for identifying the right pieces that fit the vibe.

That said, it isn’t to say that this style can only be executed by artsy folks. For starters, IKEA has a wide catalogue of underrated Avant Basic-worthy pieces, so we’ve done the sifting and picked out these 7 secretly stylish IKEA things you can get to inject some Avant-Basic fun into your home.

1. Hovet mirror

IKEA Hovet mirrorImage credit: @want.zamora

From the outset, IKEA’s Hovet mirror ($229) may look like any ordinary no-fuss mirror, but don’t underestimate it. Although the mirror comes in 2 versions, aluminium and black, we recommend going for the black one as the subtle black linings along its corners help to accentuate the size and elements in your space well.

Besides using it for fit checks or mirror selfies, if your space is filled with plants, furry rugs and quirky knick-knacks, this simple but stylish mirror helps reflect them and make the space look more colourful and dynamic.

Plus, you don’t even need to nail it up – even balancing it against the wall does the job.

2. Ypperlig floor lamp

IKEA Ypperlig floor lampImage credit: IKEA Singapore

Lighting is essential when crafting a cosy and enchanting atmosphere in your space. A prime example is the IKEA Ypperlig LED floor lamp ($69.99), which not only boasts an elegant structure but its dimming function gives you just the right amount of lighting to make a space look romantic. 

You can even tilt the circular portion to cast a soft, warm circular glow against the wall, a genius move that can visually strike your space.

3. Tobias accent chair

IKEA Tobias accent chairImage credit: IKEA Singapore

Accent chairs are almost a staple in the Avant Basic playbook, and one piece that sits right up this alley is the IKEA Tobias accent chair ($155)

Aside from its sleek structure and transparency, the chair comes in neutral colours: chrome-plated blue, brown-red and transparent. This translucent chair reflects its surroundings, enhancing your room’s colours while creating a floating look.

The vibrant colours evoke 2000s decor, adding a youthful Y2K vibe to your space with a touch of nostalgia and retrofuturism.

4. Jattebo sofa set

IKEA Jattebo sofa setImage credit: IKEA Singapore

Even though the Avent-Basic theme brings to mind bright psychedelic colours, bold neutral tones can also do the job, such as IKEA’s new Jattebo modular sofa series (from $2,100).

It comes in trendy neutral shades such as olive, grey-beige and grey and has a premium-looking “corduroy” texture that adds a classy edge. It’s modular, meaning you can arrange 3 to 5 pieces in any configuration you like to suit your room.

5. Eket cube bookshelf

Image credit: IKEA Singapore

Customisable pieces are always fun to play around with and add much character to the space – precisely why IKEA’s Eket series (from $35) was made for. 

With various stylish shades like pastel yellow, light green, dark green, and grey-blue, these cube shelves offer a fun and vibrant canvas to display your books, plants, and knick-knacks, adding a touch of Avant Basic flair to your space.

6. Docksta dining table

IKEA Docksta dining tableImage credit: IKEA Singapore

If you love accent chairs, you will find the Docksta dining table ($279.99) a complementary fit as it can combine many different colours and styles together. 

Since this modern, minimal table serves as a blank canvas, consider a DIY project to spray-paint the tabletop or base in bold colours like magenta, cobalt blue, or orange for a distinctive flair

7. Jattesta TV console

IKEA Jattesta TV consoleImage credit: IKEA Singapore

Abstract furniture is commonly seen in Avant-Basic spaces, including pieces with geometric and smooth lines, like the Jattesta TV console combination ($847). Its lean structure contrasts well with bold and colourful decor elements, making it ideal for the style.

Image credit: IKEA Singapore

As the shelves are not attached to the TV console and come individually, you could use them separately to highlight and show off your decorative pieces in other areas of your home.

Stylish Avant-Basic IKEA furniture

While Avant-Basic is the perfect style for those who love making a bold statement, it also celebrates more subtle, sleek and elegant pieces. 

Even if it’s not as easy to find related furniture to fit the style as compared with other styles, it’s good to know that certain items in IKEA’s stylish curated selection can help you achieve the Avant-Basic home your dreams.

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Cover image adapted from: IKEA Singapore

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