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8 Vintage IKEA Items To Buy Off Etsy & Carousell To Add Some Quirky Character To Your Space

12 December 2023 | BY

From mushroom lamps to squiggly vases, IKEA has a treasure trove of vintage gems that you can only find on secondhand platforms.

vintage ikea items

There’s a special joy in adorning our living spaces with vintage charm for a delightful dose of nostalgia. Yet, the scarcity of authentic vintage homeware has made this pursuit more challenging than ever. One unexpected place you can find such pieces is from IKEA, where amidst their catalogue of modern and contemporary pieces is a treasure trove of vintage gems.

But rather than visit IKEA Jurong or Tampines, vintage IKEA items can only be found on secondhand platforms like Carousell and Etsy. Here, we’ve curated 8 vintage IKEA pieces ranging from chairs to table lamps that you should consider to give your home some preloved character.

1. Vintage IKEA outdoor chairs

vintage ikea items - cavelli wire chairImage credit: Carousell

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and that’s the mantra IKEA followed when it introduced its PS 2012 collection at Milan Design Week. The series of furniture drew inspiration from IKEA’s archives, including the CAVELLI, a classic armchair from the late 1950s. The relaunched edition was given a modern twist as the designers stripped it down and made it out of 100% recyclable iron, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor living.

You can easily find the new CAVELLI chair on Carousell or Etsy from just $55 for a pair.

2. TED wire folding chair

vintage ikea items - ted wire folding chairImage credit: Etsy

IKEA’s folding chairs are an iconic staple in the furniture store’s catalogue, and we’re certain that almost every household in Singapore has had a couple of them go through their doors. But most of us have only sat on the plastic versions, myself included. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that IKEA released special wire-frame versions of the TED chair back in 1978.

You can get them on Etsy for $384.21 each, which is about the cost of almost 20 brand new plastic folding chairs from IKEA. However, getting to rest your bum on a timeless classic like this is probably worth the splurge.

3. IVIKEN ice cube table lamp

vintage ikea items - ice cube lampImage credit: Etsy

Before IKEA started selling table lamps that looked like actual lamps, they had the IVIKEN ice cube table lamp up for sale in the 1990s as a quirky alternative to the ubiquitous banker lamps. 

The cuboid-shaped lamp is made out of molten glass and has a singular lamp in the middle emanating a soft, diffused light. As much as it’s a utilitarian piece of furniture that illuminates your room, it’s also a guaranteed conversation starter as how often can you tell your friends that you have a melting ice cube lamp in your home?

We’d advise you to be quick though, as some IVIKEN ice cube lamps on Etsy are in limited stock.

4. Railway lamp

vintage ikea items - railway lampImage credit: Etsy

Keeping in theme with the wire-frame designs, IKEA released a wire lamp by French designer Matali Crasset as part of their PS 2017 Collection. The silhouette of the lamp takes after the railway lamps that workers used to light up the tracks back in the day. 

The lamp, which can function as a floor or table light, is powered by a red “torch light” ensconced within the powder-coated steel cage. Meanwhile, a pair of handles allows the LED lamp to be carried or hung, while a circular break in the grid-patterned cage allows room for the light to shine without interruption. 

One listing on Etsy is offering it for $225.91 which is quite pricey for a table lamp that’s made out of metal wires, but it’s an investment for those seeking a unique one-of-a-kind lamp.

5. MARD storage boxes

vintage ikea items - mard storage boxesImage credit: Etsy

The MARD storage boxes, once a household staple, are now elusive treasures since IKEA ceased their global distribution. These highly functional boxes, featuring convenient cutout handles on each side, boast an array of unique colours and shades.

For added convenience, consider the vibrant crates with wheels – a perfect solution for organising your children’s toys or maintaining a neat and stylish home.

On Etsy, you can opt for either the plain one or the one with wheels in different colours for $82 each.

6. Colourful squiggle vases

vintage ikea items - squiggle vases skamtImage credit: Etsy

For enthusiasts who revel in adorning their homes with fresh blossoms or artificial blooms, these vintage colourful squiggle vases present a delightful departure from the conventional vase designs. Their distinctive shape and a vibrant array of colours exude a pronounced vintage charm.

Hailing from the renowned SKAMT IKEA collection, these vases made their debut in the late 90s, injecting an eclectic, retro flair into any space. Beyond their conventional use for flowers, these versatile vases can double as charming candle holders or stand-alone decorative pieces. They’re available in a spectrum of colours including clear, red, blue, baby pink, and more in this Etsy listing with prices starting from $9.85

7. LYKTA glass table lamp

vintage ikea items - lykta glass table lampImage credit: Etsy

The LYKTA glass table lamps have a silhouette that resembles a traditional lamp with a lampshade and a base, but they’re a design marvel in its own right. The mushroom shape is crafted from a continuous piece of glass and is illuminated from within by a bulb, giving the walls of the lamp a vibrant, ombre shade.

Although it doesn’t emit the brightest light for a conducive reading session, the different colours of the lamp can transform the mood of your room with the flick of a switch.

The most common colour of the LYKTA lamp on Etsy is white, but you can also collect them in a rainbow of colours including blue, lime green, purple, and red.

8. SKOJIG cloud table lamp

vintage ikea items - cloud skojig table lampImage credit: Etsy

At first glance, IKEA’s SKOJIG lamps look like ordinary – albeit colourful – lamps. But on closer inspection, you’ll see that it has fluffy cloud silhouettes in its lampshade for a touch of whimsy. You can’t find it anymore in IKEA Tampines or Jurong, but you can still get it off Etsy for just $96.85

Vintage IKEA items on Etsy & Carousell

For those looking for vintage IKEA pieces, it can be challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for as many of the items are no longer being produced or are in very limited quantities. 

Fortunately, you can still find some hidden vintage gems on Etsy and Carousell with just a little luck and some scrolling. So, whether you’re a vintage enthusiast or a homeowner simply looking to add a little old-fashioned fun to your home, consider exploring Etsy and Carousell for these timeless IKEA treasures.

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Cover image adapted from: Carousell, Etsy

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