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5 Best IKEA Christmas Items To Fill Your Home With Festive Cheer Under $50

7 December 2023 | BY

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and here’s some IKEA Christmas items to help create that winter wonderland vibe for your home on a budget.

Best IKEA Christmas Items To Buy Under $50

December has finally rolled around, and people are agonising over gifts or the itineraries of their winter getaway. For those of us who are spending it right here in sunny, snowless Singapore though, decorating our homes would certainly help you get in the Christmas spirit. With that, here are 5 best things to buy from IKEA’s Christmas catalogue to help you along.

1. Mini Christmas trees for as low as $2.10

ikea-christmas-items 2Image credit: IKEA

We love IKEA for their live Christmas trees each year, but sadly, this year, we’ll have to do without the smell of fresh pine after their “no live trees” announcement. But all’s not lost, they’ve still got a selection of artificial ones on offer, with mini Christmas trees at an unbelievable price of $2.10 (U.P $3). Standing at only 6cm tall, these tiny trees are the perfect festive fix for small homes that don’t have a lot of space to spare for a full-fledged tree setup. Place them anywhere, from window sills to the centre of your coffee or dining table and adorn them with mini ornaments – and viola, Christmas is in the air.

ikea-christmas-items 3Image credit: IKEA

For something a little more substantial, there’s the 12cm mini-Christmas tree ($13.90, U.P $19.90) that are large enough to hold regular-sized Christmas tree ornaments, and is a cute addition to any small rental bedroom.

ikea-christmas-items 4And although not real trees, there are full-sized artificial Christmas trees from 150cm ($41.30, U.P $59) to 210cm ($139.30, U.P $199) available too.
Image credit: IKEA

2. Novelty ornaments from $9

ornamentsImage credit: IKEA

Whether you’re going for that beige Christmas look or going full on Gen-Z with old-school Christmas vibes, IKEA has plenty of ornaments and accessories to help you nail those looks. There are these really cute vintage tin-shaped baubles ($9/4 pieces, U.P $12.90) and for those that want to double down on the kitsch of Christmas Past, you can grab a set of old-fashioned glass santa claus decorations ($11.80/ 2 pieces, U.P $16.90) too.

There are also a few accessories inspired by Nordic Christmas traditions as well, such as this straw-weave star topper ($9, U.P $6.30) – perfect for neutral rustic wabi-sabi homes.

BONUS: Rattan tree skirt

ikea-christmas-items 6Image credit: IKEA

Don’t let it be party on the top but disaster on the bottom. If fabric tree skirts are a little too passé for your refined tastes, then IKEA’s affordable rattan tree skirt ($27.90, U.P $39.90) will help you fix that eyesore.

3. Christmas tree alternatives for Scandi homes

ikea-christmas-items 7Image credit: IKEA

Christmas trees are a commitment – they’re bulky, they’ve got all those loose parts, and they run the risk of going out of trend. If celebrations in your home are n’t a huge affair, then these alternatives to Christmas trees might be perfect to dress your home in case family or friends decide to spring a home visit on you. This minimal, wall-mounted flat Christmas tree ($10.40, U.P $14.90) gives you the semblance of a tree without having to sacrifice any precious floor area. 

Another pick is this abstract Christmas tree ($34.90, U.P $49.90) that would be just right as a centrepiece for a Mid-Century Modern living room, with its “branches” allowing you to hang ornaments and decorations just like you usually would.

5. Minimalist tableware from $3.50

ikea-christmas-items 8Image credit: IKEA

No Christmas celebration would be complete without the cherished festive dinner, and the right tableware can truly enhance the entire experience.

Embracing a minimalist charm, these stoneware bowls are now available for $3.50 (originally $5), while the plates stand at $4.20 (originally $6), radiating a delightful cream shade reminiscent of elegant enamel. These pieces would seamlessly complement a farmhouse-style home. For those passionate about culinary arts, the discounted gratin dish at $13.90 (previously $19.90) is a steal worth considering.

To present a stunning centrepiece dish that captivates all at the dinner table, the sophisticated vintage green tinted glass serving bowl is a standout choice, now priced at $17.40 (initially $24.90).

4. Artificial wreaths from $3.50

ikea-christmas-items 9Image credit: IKEA

Trees aside, we can’t ignore the magical vibes that a tasteful Christmas wreath can bring to any front door or empty wall.  And IKEA is one place to find a decent selection of wreaths. Take your pick from traditional circular wreaths ($35, U.P $50) or ones that come with built-in lighting, as well as a minimalist arch-shaped one ($3.50, U.P $5) for those who want to be a little less heavy-handed on the decor.

There are also garlands that come pre-decorated with LED lights and acorns($10.40, U.P $14.90) for a breezy installation. And if Gen-Z gaudy is more your cup of Christmas eggnog, then this vibrant red bauble wreath ($27.90, U.P $39.90) will definitely deliver that 80s “Home Alone” Christmas aesthetic.

5. Festive lights from $5.60

ikea-christmas-items 10Image credit: IKEA

Christmas is not quite the same without some warm cosy Christmas lighting. One of the clear winners in the listing would have to be the affordable and highly customisable table lamp ($10) that is meant to be paired with IKEA’s STRÅLA lamp shades ($5.60, U.P $8) that will transport you to the Christmas markets of Germany.

Faux candle lights ($19.90) are a good pick for homeowners who want that want traditional candle light for Christmas without running the risk of your home catching fire. These lights flicker to simulate the visual effect of actual candles and also have a motion sensor that gives you the option to turn it on and off by waving your hands.

There is also a minimalist tree-shaped table lamp ($14, U.P $20) for Scandi homes, whereas those who want a more luxe look can opt for these brass colour diamond-shaped ornamental lights ($19.90/2 pieces).

Best IKEA Christmas items to give your home that festive spirit

Best IKEA Christmas items to buyYou’re not going to have a white Christmas in Singapore anytime soon, but that shouldn’t stop you from decorating your home in the spirit of things. What’s more, IKEA has up to 30% off their STRÅLA and VINTERFINT range, with an additional 10% off for its members, so now’s an opportune moment to give your home that festive makeover and bag savings while you’re at it.

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