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12 Best Things To Buy From Muji In JB That Are Cheaper Than In SG

6 December 2023 | BY

The outlet is a mere 30 minutes from the causeway!

Singaporean homeowners love Muji as it is a paradise for getting products that match Japandi or minimalist interior decor. But if there’s one thing Singaporeans love more, it is to get the best deals possible.

If you’re precisely the type of homeowner we’ve just described, the Muji outlet at Mid Valley Southkey in Johor Bahru will let you shop to your heart’s content and bag savings while you’re at it. We’ve curated a list of the 12 best MUJI items you can buy and transport back from JB with ease.

1. Cooling pillowcase – S$5.60 savings

muji beds

JB Price: MYR49.90
SG Price: S$19.90
Total savings: S$5.60

Singapore’s warm and humid climate means that air-conditioners and fans are necessities for everyday living. But you can magically improve your quality of sleep with Muji’s newest cooling bedsheets. As someone who actually owns bedding from this range, I can attest to its icy-cold properties.

muji cooling pillowcaseImage credit: Muji

The range comes in 2 colours – grey and baby blue – and is made with materials that dissipate heat and promote airflow. Muji’s JB outlet lets you save $6 per pillowcase, which is pretty impressive savings if you intend to buy a whole set.

2. 1-seater dining bench – S$16 savings

muji dining set

JB Price: MYR849
SG Price: S$259
Total savings: S$16

Low-profile furniture is a quintessential element of the Japanese home aesthetic, and Muji’s dining bench set will instantly copy and paste those vibes into your space. While you might not be able to fit the entire set into the back of your car, you can still bag savings on the individual bench seats.

muji bench

The 1-seater option retails in JB for $XXX, as compared to $XX in sg, and can be easily stowed in the boot.

3. Wooden bed storage box – S$78 savings

muji bed storage

JB Price: MYR249
SG Price: S$149
Total savings: S$78

Muji is often touted as the king of storage compartments and is the go-to place for nifty storage solutions. One of their most popular items is their wooden bed storage box, which is divided into 2 separate sections and can transform your basic bed into one with a hidden storage compartment.

4. Acacia wooden dishware – S$4 savings

muji acacia wooden dishware

JB Price: MYR34.90
SG Price: S$13.90
Total savings: S$4

Wooden dishware is great for homeowners looking for an eco-friendly but stylish alternative to traditional dishware options. Besides exuding a warm and natural appeal, it adds a touch of rustic elegance to any dining setting. 

muji acacia wooden dishware

Muji’s acacia dinnerware is hand-carved from acacia wood by skilled craftspeople in the Philippines and comes in easy-to-use sizes ranging from plates and deep plates to bowls and trays. The wood pattern for each item is also unique, so it never feels like you have the same 2 pieces.

5. Watering jug – S$12 savings

muji watering jugImage credit: Muji

JB Price: MYR199
SG Price: S$69
Total savings: S$12

Muji’s watering jug is simply a must-buy for budding green thumbs since its brushed chrome exterior will make your gardening stash more aesthetically pleasing. Its narrow water spout also is great for watering smaller pots with greater precision.

6. Recycled loop pile rug – S$8 savings

muji Recycled loop pile rugImage credit: Muji

JB Price: From MYR299
SG Price: S$93
Total savings: S$8

Rugs and carpets, especially those with light colours, are a great way to break up space and make a room look bigger adding some visual depth. Muji’s recycled loop pile rug comes in black, grey, and beige, but we recommend the lighter option for those seeking to make their home look more spacious.

7. Mesh laundry bag – S$7 savings

muji Mesh laundry bagImage credit: Muji

JB Price: From MYR79.90
SG Price: S$29
Total savings: S$7

This mesh laundry bag from Muji functions as both a portable laundry bag for singles and even a swim or beach bag. Made out of a light and breathable mesh material, the bag has a handle attached so you can easily carry your loads of laundry without dropping any socks along the way.

8. Wooden display case – S$10 savings

muji display case

JB Price: MYR139
SG Price: S$49
Total savings: S$10

Alongside various storage items made of different materials, Muji also has an extensive range of display cases, such as this wooden display case with sliding doors. This cost-effective item is a great way to display miniature collectibles, accessories such as your shades, or the favourites in your Pop Mart collection.

9. Wooden coat stand – S$8 savings

muji coat stand

JB Price: MYR299
SG Price: S$93
Total savings: S$8

This 3-legged coat stand from Muji, which comes in dark brown and natural brown, is a practical and space-efficient solution for HDB units with limited closet space and a designated spot to hang bags, jackets, hats, and scarves.

10. Beanbag sofa – S$7 savings

muji beanbag sofaImage credit: Muji & Pinterest

JB Price: MYR569
SG Price: S$169
Total savings: S$7

Beanbags are an excellent way to add some fun to your living space and these beads sofa from Muji are the perfect example. Just note that the savings here are for the beanbag filling only and the sofa covers will have to be purchased separately.

muji bean bag

11. Acrylic display case – S$14 savings

muji acrylic

JB Price: MYR159.90
SG Price: S$59
Total savings: S$14

Offices and desks can often serve as a hotspot for clutter, where you dump all your stationery everywhere. With Muji’s acrylic cases, you can keep things organised while keeping important items and stationery within sight. The entire range is priced fairly well so you can cart out other similar products in their range at a steal.

12. Stackable rattan box – S$6 savings

muji Stackable rattan boxImage credit: Muji

JB Price: MYR59.90
SG Price: S$23
Total savings: S$6

Muji’s rattan boxes are a game-changer for storage needs. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some can even be stacked to create bigger storage setups that save tons of space. Beyond that, their sturdy build ensures durability, making them a long-lasting investment for your home.

muji rattan box

Best things to buy from Muji’s JB outlet

These discounts are just the tip of the iceberg since we took transporting the items back by hand into consideration. But if you’ve got the means to transport larger furniture pieces over at affordable prices, then the Muji outlet at Mid Valley Southkey will be somewhere you’ll be flocking to a lot. 

It also helps that the outlet is situated a mere 30 minutes from the causeway by car, so it’s definitely a pitstop you’ll want to make while you’re next in JB.

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Cover image adapted from: Muji

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