8 HDB Man Cave Ideas That Will Make All Your Bros (And Other Half) Envy You

20 June 2022 | BY

From football-themed abodes to gaming mancaves, check out these cool inspo ideas that’ll help you build a hideaway of fun and relaxation.

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A house is not a home without a proper sanctuary you can call your own. For the gents, that’s the man cave. No, we’re not asking you to channel your inner Fred Flintstone and build a literal cave. The man cave, or mantuary, is a private nook where you can retreat to and get some alone time to yourself for a brief moment or two.

There’s nothing you can’t do in the man cave. Whether you want to binge on your video games for hours on end or snooze in your atas Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair with a book, the choice is completely up to you. The best part is it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. These man cave ideas can all be done within the four walls of your HDB flat.

Using acoustic boards and LED lights for a futuristic effect

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The soundproofing of your man cave does not have to be an eyesore. To establish a clean and slick aesthetic, pair up panels of acoustic foam with LED strips that serve as ambient lighting. Bonus points if you score one of those smart lights that can change colour according to what’s on your screen.

You can even cut up individual pieces of acoustic foam and assemble them in a design of your choice so your walls aren’t made up of square shapes. There’ll never be another noise complaint from your neighbours at 3am in the morning after this.

When in doubt, go all white

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Red, green, and blue are all irrelevant when white is obviously the superior base colour. You don’t have to worry about it clashing with any contrasting colours, and the “blank canvas” nature of white means anything goes. The last thing you’d want to do is paint your man cave in your favourite shade of green, only to start hating it 3 months in.

That’s not to say you should whiten everything in your mantuary; it’d look too clean and sterile. Instead, white lets you spice up the space with soft accents in any colour, including that shade of olive green you love oh-so-much. And when you eventually move on to another favourite colour, it’s easy to swap it out, and you don’t even have to repaint your room.

A gaming mancave that can host more than 1 gamer at a time

man caveAki the Shiba Inu poses in The Gaming Mancave.
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While solo gaming can be fun, one aviation buff decided to open up his mancave to fellow enthusiasts who want to try out a state-of-the-art flight simulation setup. Norman Ng, who goes by The Gaming Mancave online, outfitted his entire 2-room HDB as a dedicated gaming centre complete with virtual reality headsets and enough buttons to rival a cockpit.

hdb ideasImage credit: The Gaming Mancave

Norman invested over $20,000 into the aviation equipment alone, with other consoles like a PlayStation 4 and an arcade station complementing his gaming mancave.

hdb ideasWhile an aviation geek “flies” in the flight simulation corner, other gamers can pop by the kitchen for some nostalgic arcade gaming.
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With all the gaming corners spread out across his home, Norman’s pals will never have to be that friend who awkwardly hovers waiting for his turn to game.

Galaxy-themed room with a star ceiling

It’s hard to see stars in a concrete jungle surrounded by high-rise buildings. Instead, astronomy geeks can install a fibre optic star ceiling to emulate those outdoorsy vibes whilst sitting comfy in an air-conditioned room.

man caveImage credit: Le Interior Affairs

This cosy man cave designed by Le Interior Affairs that doubles up as a gaming corner sports the aforementioned star ceiling. Recessed lights help add a mood that can be switched up on a whim, and carefully-positioned spotlights help brighten up the room because the fibre optic stars can only do so much work – they are supposed to be light years away, after all.

hdb ideasImage credit: Le Interior Affairs

On the opposite side of the room sits a loveseat for two. Here is where the karaoke-loving couple can retreat to and belt their hearts out.

Football club-themed living room so kakis can watch the game

One way football fans can prove that their loyalty runs deep is to jazz up their living room in the colours of their favourite club. A good example is this Liverpool-themed space designed by Visionary Interior for one die-hard Kopite to profess their love for the club. 

hdb ideasImage credit: Visionary Interior

This way, when your football kakis come over for game day, they can revel in the atmosphere despite being on a different continent. There’s no greater feeling that seeing your team score a goal – and winning! – while you’re surrounded by paraphernalia that reminds you of their greatness. 

Jungalow within a room

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If you are a self-proclaimed “plant daddy,” the chances are good that you have a gazillion plants receiving your tender loving care each and every day. One way to work your precious plants into your everyday working space is by giving your room the jungalow treatment.

From wall-sized pegboards that can display your smaller potted plants to shelves for a more organised layout, there are many ways you can incorporate some greens into your man cave without it being too overbearing.

hdb ideasImage credit: Surrender-20

Install a gym so there’s no excuse to not get those gains

man caveImage credit: Hashtag Interior

A man cave doesn’t necessarily mean Chesterfield sofas and cigar trays. For the fitness junkie who loathes a crowded gym, setting up a home gym in your man cave is one way to get around the long waiting times at the gym every evening.

It doesn’t have to be a complex getup either. So long as you have a bench, some dumbbells, and rubber mats to protect your floor, you’re ready to get your pump in. If space is something you can afford, there’s also the option to install a squat rack with a barbell for more complex exercises.

man caveImage credit: Hashtag Interior

One way to get around any potential claustrophobia is to construct a half wall with glass panels to “open up” the space. A mirror can also be added to expand the room visually and more importantly to check your form as you’re working out.

Build an entire modern office fit for a CEO

man caveImage credit: MET Interior

While working from home is no longer the mainstay it was in the past, having the option to take meetings from the comfort of your study is still welcome. But the workaholic and future CEO shouldn’t settle for a cookie-cutter desk. Just like they say “Dress for the job you want”, one way to manifest your C-suite goals is to have a custom-made desk in your man cave that doubles up as a study.

man caveImage credit: MET Interior

While a custom desk deserves to be the centrepiece of your man-cave-cum-study, there are also other ways to take advantage of the space. A full-length display cabinet to showcase your collectibles is also on the cards, and you can place a fancy sideboard by the window to keep your documents or even have a piano so you can practice your tunes in peace.

Last but not least: smart glass. The cool, trendy piece of technology will ensure privacy when required whilst letting you have the option of an open-plan home. Just double confirm that you can hack down the wall where you’re planning to install the glass panels.

HDB man cave ideas & inspiration

The man cave is one of the most versatile rooms in any home, and these 8 man cave ideas only graze the surface of what you can do. It can be your sacred spot to wind down after a long day of meetings or a room equipped with the latest gadgets and consoles so you can game for hours on end.

However you choose to furnish your man cave, just remember that any construction work you’re doing is legal. That way you can sleep soundly at night knowing no cave-ins will happen.

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