7 Mindblowing Homes In Singapore That Deserve A Spot On Netflix’s Bling Empire

23 May 2022 | BY

From a “fish house” in Sentosa to a spaceship-looking mansion, here are 7 mindblowing homes in Singapore that deserve a spot on Bling Empire.

mindblowing singapore homes

Move aside Kardashians – Bling Empire is back for a second reigning season. The hit reality Netflix series about a group of crazy rich Asians in Los Angeles has caught our eyes for its scandalous drama, luxurious fashion, and most importantly, the many mindblowing homes.

For all fans of the show, we’ve got you covered if you can’t get enough of their expansive – and expensive – mansions and chic properties. Here are 7 Singaporean homes that deserve a front-and-centre feature on Bling Empire.

Don’t worry, no spoilers are ahead about the latest season.

1. Villa Otto – Spaceship looking-home inspired by feng shui

villa otto mindblowing homes in singapore
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

“Spaceship” and “Feng Shui” are 2 words you won’t expect in the same sentence, but somehow Villa Otto makes it work. The sprawling mansion on Jervois Hill combines a modern, out-of-this-world design with classic Asian Feng Shui elements, mainly through the use of stainless steel to create an 8-shaped silhouette for good luck. And to stay on theme, otto is Italian for eight.

villa otto
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

The ground floor of Villa Otto was designed to host parties and gatherings, with an impressive foyer for all the guests to park their cars.

villa otto
One half of the ground floor at Villa Otto sports a water feature for Feng Shui points.
Image credit: Mercurio Design Lab

While getting an invitation to Villa Otto might be hard to come by, those who want to experience a similar design can head to Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore. The tranquil resort was also designed by the firm behind the villa, Mercurio Design Lab.

Shall there ever be a Bling Empire season set in Singapore, we can already imagine the lavish parties set within this home.

Designers: Mercurio Design Lab
Size: 30,138sqft

2. 11CK-House – Restored shophouse with dramatic spiral staircase

11ck house shophouse singapore
Image credit: ONG & ONG

Singaporean shophouses are one of the country’s most iconic designs with their exterior evoking an old-world charm that’s hard to find these days. But bringing these heritage buildings into the 21st century can be tricky, especially with all the stipulations set out by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). 

To get around these restrictions, design firm ONG&ONG found a solution in the form of a dramatic spiral staircase extending throughout all 3 floors of a Katong shophouse.

11ck house ong&ong mesh spiral staircase
Mesh was used in lieu of railings for the spiral staircase.
Image credit: ONG & ONG

Affectionately dubbed 11CK-House, the project was a restoration project that modernised the shophouse while still respecting the cultural history of the enclave. Artisans and craftsmen were brought in to create handmade tiles in herringbone, chequer, and a myriad of other patterns.

11ck house pool mindblowing homes in singapore
Image credit: ONG & ONG

There is even a chic plunge pool in the house to cool off on hot, humid days. It’d be a great spot for those intimate heart-to-heart conversations between the Bling Empire cast.

Designers: ONG&ONG
Size: 3,100sqft

3. 108 Watten Estate – Dramatic backyard with 3-storey patio 

108 watten estate
Image credit: Fabian Ong/ip:li architects

In an ocean of Scandinavian and contemporary homes, it’s refreshing to see an imposing timber fortress. The smaller windows at the front of 108 Watten Estate evoke a castle-esque vibe, almost as if they’re meant for defensive purposes. But designers ip:li architects had more planned, and it is at the back where the drama unfolds.

108 watten estate mindblowing homes in singapore
Image credit: Fabian Ong/ip:li architects

A triple-volume patio greets you when you come around the back of the estate. Imposing high ceilings, an “indoors” balcony to overlook the outdoors dining area, and one of those Big Ass Fans you see only at MRT stations. It’s something we envision a jewellery-loving heiress would love to call home.

108 watten estate
Image credit: Fabian Ong/ip:li architects

Designers: ip:li architects
Size: 6,886sqft

4. Oculus House – Family home with skylight & 100-bottle wine cellar

oculus house
Image credit: Masano Kawana/RT+Q

As grand as living in a 3-storey bungalow may be, summoning the kids for dinner will be an exercise on your vocal cords daily. To make things easier for this family, designers RT+Q created a central oculus skylight to let in natural light while doubling up as an “intercom” system.

ocujlus house
Image credit: Masano Kawana/RT+Q

With over 13,000sqft to play with, the homeowners have also thought of their adult friends who love to imbibe and installed a walk-in wine cellar for all their bottles of gin, whisky, and wine.

oculus house wine cellar
The 4-metre-high vaulted ceilings in the basement makes the wine cellar (right) look larger than life.
Image credit: Masano Kawana/RT+Q

This home is fit for a large family, something Cherie and Jessey will definitely understand.

Designers: RT+Q
Size: 13,293sqft

5. Bukit Timah Bungalow – Tropical open-concept, resort-like home

hong lian lim ltw designworks
This 2-storey high feature wall was designed by a Beijing-based art studio out of pine wood blocks.
Image credit: Edmon Leong

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this private residence for a tropical resort in paradise. Alas, the grandeur of this domain is expected of Hong Lian Lim, the founder of LTW Designworks and the man responsible for the aesthetic of hotels including the Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, and Four Seasons. Now, he can add his 3-storey hilltop home to his repertoire.

mindblowing homes in singapore
Yes, the house is big enough to have a sizeable water feature and a bridge.
Image credit: Edmon Leong

Along with Ali Reda from AR+D, the two designers took motifs from colonial bungalows like eaves, overhangs, and the use of steel to ensure the home remains sheltered and open – stuffy living is not a concept applicable here.

ltw designworks lim hong lian house mindblowing homes in singapore
Image credit: Edmon Leong

Designers: Hong Lian Lim (LTW Designworks) & Ali Reda (AR+D)
Size: 10,000sqft

6. Fish House – “Underwater” rooms in Sentosa

fish house sentosa cove
Image credit: Patrick Bingham Hall

A couple of years ago, a property dubbed the Fish House made a splash on the local real estate scene for its wow factor. Not only was it one of the first few Sentosa Cove homes, but people were also amazed at its fishbowl-esque entertainment room and swimming pool spanning its perimeter.

fish house underwater entertainment room sentosa cove
Image credit: Patrick Bingham Hall

Designed by Guz Wilkinson of Guz Architects for the Australian banker Stephen Fisher, the Fish House’s signature feature was a basement-level entertainment room with 3 windows looking right into the swimming pool. If that’s not impressive enough, the acrylic windows – each 4.5 inches thick – have to hold back almost 300,000 litres of water.

Designers: Guz Wilkinson (Guz Architects)
Size: 5,800sqft

7. Water Garden House – Circular C-shaped home with infinity pool

water garden house
Imagine being surrounded by 6 homes on all sides.
Image credit: Wallflower Architects

Most homes we know are situated on boring, rectangular lots. But once in a while, a unique lot comes by. Enter the Water Garden House, a property situated in a perfectly circular lot in the middle of Bukit Timah.

water garden house mindblowing homes in singapore
Image credit: Wallflower Architects

Designed by Wallflower Architects, the property takes on a C-shape with a long and winding driveway that slopes down into a valley. And it gets its name from the serene water garden located smack in the middle.

water garden house
Image credit: Wallflower Architects

But seriously – how cool would it be to see B-roll of the Bling Empire cast driving their sports cars and luxury sedans down the long driveway, cutting into them greeting each other by the pool or the waterfall of the home?

Designers: Wallflower Architects
Size: 17,000sqft

Mindblowing homes in Singapore that should be on Bling Empire

Bling Empire has no shortage of impressive homes. But we always need more eye candy, and we’re not just talking about Kevin’s washboard abs. These homes in Singapore are just some of the most extravagant and mind-blowing estates we’ve come across, with a select few possibly rivalling those that have appeared on the small screen.

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Cover image adapted from: Patrick Bingham Hall, Mercurio Design Lab

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