10 Rattan Furniture Decor Ideas To Give Your HDB Flat Bali Vibes

19 May 2022 | BY

Beyond the basic PJ armchair and rattan dining chairs, here are 10 rattan items that’ll give your space rustic, Bali vibes.

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Since making its grand appearance as one of the top interior trends in 2022 to stay on the leaderboard for two years in a row, rattan has been – and still is – a hot commodity. PJ armchairs, cafe-style wicker dining and bar chairs, wicker baskets – we’ve seen them, we’ve lusted over them.

But if you don’t want your home to be just a carbon copy of everyone else’s, here are 10 other decorative rattan items to consider to imbue your abode with some rustic, Bali vibes. 

1. Hanging chair

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas Hanging Chair
Image credit: Bali Interiors, Apartment Therapy – Jessica Isaac

While you can’t always be jetting off for pristine beaches, acai bowls and babi guling; you can give your home the Bali treatment with a rattan hanging chair. No rice terraces beneath your feet, but throw in a Persian rug and your space will be instantly transformed into a little boho enclave you’ll want to keep all to yourself – or flex to your friends whenever you invite them over.

Placement wise, the hanging chair looks glorious both indoors and outdoors. We recommend decorating the surrounding area with copious amounts of greenery for authentic Bali swing vibes. 

Get the look: Lazada, Finnish Design Shop

2. Lampshades and pendant lights

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas - lampshades and pendant lightsImage credit: Bali Interiors, Pinterest

If there’s one thing Bali interiors are synonymous with, it’s grass-thatched roofs. And while it’s almost impossible to recreate that kind of roof in our HDBs and condos, you can easily bring in the same ambience with an assortment of rattan pendant lampshades. 

Hang them above your reading nook, your dining table or even the ceiling of a staircase landing. These will greatly complement the other rattan and solid wood furniture pieces you have on the ground.

Get the look: Island Living, Etsy

3. Headboards

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas headboardsImage credit: BambooPlusWood, HappyPlaceTR

If you’re in the market for that perfect bed, or if your current bed is missing a headboard, a rattan headboard is one magical piece that can work its magic on your bedroom. 

Rattan headboards are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture that give you the flexibility of changing up your bedroom’s look whenever you want. They come in a variety of styles and can be easily affixed to the wall your bed rests against. You can even let your creativity take the wheel and have them styled as accent pieces sans the bed.

Get the look: Island Living, Etsy

4. Planters

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas PlantersImage credit: Island Living, VintageRoseKC

Plants are as big of a home trend as rattan is, and Bali is one place that embodies the Jungalow look to a T. Rattan bed frames and dining tables are big-ticket items, so if you’re someone who likes to ride the trends but not commit to them entirely, then rattan planters peppered around your home will help you seed those Bali vibes around your nest.

If floor space is scarce, then hanging rattan planters are another option to help you achieve the look.

Get the look: Kathy’s Cove, FortyTwo, Etsy

5. Coffee table and side tables

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas coffee table side tableImage credit: The Styling Republic Nz, @pitegaspaces

Coffee tables are crucial pieces of furniture that have the ability to complete a space – imagine not having a place to set down your glass of wine whilst kicking back and watching TV. Rattan maximalists can go for a rattan coffee table to add to their collection of rattan items around the home. 

These are normally affordably priced and come cheaper than solid wood or glass alternatives. 

Get the look: Second Charm, Island Living, Castlery

6. Bathroom vanity

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas bathroom vanityImage credit: loughlinfurniture, wycdesigns

We’re used to seeing rattan accent pieces in dry places such as the living and bedrooms for obvious reasons. But if you trust yourself with wood in wet areas, a rattan bathroom vanity is one surefire way to make your bathroom look like one out of a Bali Airbnb.

Built-in or as a standalone piece, a rattan bathroom vanity can be paired with brass or gold accents, a stone sink and earthy ceramic tiles for an authentic Bali villa vibe.

7. Mirrors

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas mirrors
Image credit:,

Mirrors are great for visually enlarging spaces, doubling up as statement pieces, and of course, outfit checks before we head out of the house. 

Naturally, you’ll find that rattan mirrors can add a tasteful amount of rustic chic to your space without overpowering other elements in your space – especially if your home has got more of a Scandi or Japandi theme going on. 

Get the look: Island Living, FortyTwo, Lazada

8. Standalone wardrobes and sideboards

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas wardrobes sideboards
Image credit: demtranghome, Pink Haley

Built-in rattan wardrobes are a total dream, but not all of us have pockets deep enough to make that dream a reality. Your next best option? Loose pieces of rattan furniture.

Whether it’s a TV console, shoe cabinet, or standalone linen cabinet for the bathroom or common walkway, this addition will give you the Balinese look and help you stow away all sorts of knick knacks for a fraction of the price of a built-in. 

Get the look: Hipvan, FortyTwo, Island Living

9. Ottomans

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas ottomansImage credit: State of Steals, The Citizenry

Ottomans are the honourable sidekicks to the hero piece that is the sofa. But to bring more natural and raw textures into your home, try switching those plush fabric ottomans for rattan ones instead.

Not only do these rattan ones double up as side tables that can be styled with decorative items such as books and plants, they also aren’t as much of a germ and dust trap as conventional ones.

Get the look: Finnish Design Shop

10. Decorative wall hangings

Rattan Furniture Deco Ideas wall hangings
Image credit: Coastfully Yours

Every interior designer knows that styling makes all the difference in bringing your home to life and maximising its potential. And if your a section of your home is missing that feature wall, and a photo wall or wallpaper are just a little too passé for your tastes, then you might want to pick up a couple of woven seagrass and rattan wall hanging baskets to spice up those blank walls.

Decorative rattan wall baskets can normally be found in a set of assorted sizes, colours and designs on Etsy – all ready for you to hang on the wall. 

Get the look: Etsy

Rattan furniture for that Bali home aesthetic

Whether you’re out there to add some major earthy elements to your Scandi themed home or just in the process of curating your furniture list for your future one, this list of rattan furniture ideas will help you easily bring that tranquil, holiday zen into your everyday living.

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Cover image adapted from: Bali Interiors, Pinterest, BambooPlusWood

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