7 HDB Walk-In Wardrobe Ideas That Will Give Your Guests Major Envy

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From classic galley wardrobes to sunken ones that help you save space, here are 7 HDB walk-in wardrobes that are perfect for any HDB flat.

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After hunting for the perfect HDB flat and months of reno, it goes without saying that a dream wardrobe comes as part and parcel of your dream home. A grand walk-in wardrobe lined with display shelves and hanging space, and perhaps even with a closet island as the piece de resistance. And most importantly, enough space for all your clothes. 

Yet, many assume that you need massive bedrooms to make walk-in wardrobes work. That’s not necessarily the case. While you can keep your bedroom classic with a galley-style wardrobe or jazz things up with a sunken wardrobe, here are seven HDB walk-in wardrobe ideas that are perfect for any HDB flat. 

Keep things simple with a galley-style wardrobe

Galley-style wardrobes are a conventional but reliable choice. As a walk-through aisle that’s flanked with shelves, cabinets and hanging space on both sides; it’s popular with folks who need storage space. 

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It’s also practical in that all clothes and personal belongings will be safely tucked away from prying eyes, so you wouldn’t need to fuss over colour-coordinating or matching hangers. For an even greater illusion of tidiness, go with a closed-concept wardrobe – just remember that you’ll need sliding doors instead of hinged doors to save on space. 

Save on space with an L-shaped closet 

Similar to a galley-style wardrobe, an L-shaped closet offers all the storage to put away your online shopping haul but isn’t quite as demanding on space – making it the perfect choice for a cosier bedroom. This way, things feel a little less claustrophobic. Since you’ll need just two walls, you can be more flexible on the layout of things too.

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Tip: An L-shaped closet is a solid choice if you have many windows around your room. That way, your walk-in wardrobe will have natural sunlight streaming through – so it’s more enjoyable to play dress-up when you’re not working from home. 

Section off a corner for an enclosed wardrobe

Now, with an enclosed wardrobe, you’ll be creating a sectioned-off space just for your wardrobe. While you might be sacrificing some valuable bedroom space for this, many believe that it’s worth it for having a separate space just for your clothing and accessories. 

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And we know exactly how hard it is to let go of your favourite denim jacket or even trusty pair of worn-in jeans – clothing tends to collect and build up over the years, so we’re inclined to agree with the concept of an enclosed wardrobe. Another plus: you wouldn’t need to keep your clothing in perfect order since it’s kept separate from your bedroom area. 

Tip: If you have an ensuite bathroom, an enclosed wardrobe works wonders since it’s enroute to your shower and toilet. It’s also an easy way for people to choose their “fit” of the day as part of their morning routine. 

Consider an elevated or sunken wardrobe

This is one easy hack for those who don’t have much space to play with: an elevated or sunken wardrobe. Whichever you choose, what matters is that there’s an obvious distinction in elevation between your wardrobe and the rest of your bedroom. 

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We like this for how it’s stylish but equally simplistic in design – having a raised platform means that you’ll mentally be keeping your rest time separate to getting ready for the day.  

Use glass or see-through materials 

In the past, it might’ve been the go-to style for an enclosed or L-shaped closet to be entirely blocked off. But these days, many prefer that their walk-in wardrobe can be seen – in a manner that’s still polished so it doesn’t entirely expose the messiness of an overly crowded closet. That is, by using glass or other see-through materials such as perforated metals or a rattan screen.

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It’s the perfect choice for those debating between privacy and natural daylight – with this, you get both. Besides providing a glossy and sleek finish to your bedroom, it also gives the impression of a larger space. 

Save an entire room as your wardrobe

Some people are dead serious about keeping their clothes and accessories in top-notch shape. So serious, that only an entire room will suffice. You can either opt to combine an adjacent room with your bedroom, or fully use a spare room for your walk-in wardrobe. 

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Of course, not many will sacrifice an entire room just for their wardrobe but the main benefit is that you get utter freedom in designing your dream wardrobe. Full-length mirrors, a massive vanity, statement shelves for display pieces – with the space of a spare room, you can have it all. 

Create a partition that doubles up as a vanity or dresser

Many think that walk-in wardrobes demand a large bedroom, but that’s not at all the case – you just need to know how to make the most of your space. It’s an easy trick: create a partition that also doubles up as something else functional. You can go with either a classic galley-style or L-shaped closet, but instead of leaving it as a blank slate of wall, transform it into a vanity, dresser, or even a headboard. 

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Tip: When working with a smaller space, remember to keep a lookout for anything that serves dual purpose.

Walk-in wardrobe designs for HDB flats

When it comes to fine-tuning the details of our dream home, believe it or not, a wardrobe should be at the very top of our priority list. Whether it’s keeping aside a spare room just for your clothes or a practical L-shaped closet, it’s entirely possible to have a walk-in wardrobe in a HDB flat. For more nifty HDB renovation tips, check out:

Cover image adapted from: Kern Studio, SketchUp Free

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