10 Gorgeous HDB & Condo Study Ideas That Make Us Wish WFH Would Last Forever

21 April 2022 | BY

Here are 10 gorgeous HDB and condo study ideas for you to make working from home a joy rather than a drag.

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As Singapore opens up and relaxes its Covid-19 measures, offices are roaring back to life in style – just take a look at the CBD crowds for yourselves. But we are not about to give up on working from home (WFH) just yet, nope, not when we have outfitted our homes with study rooms that make working that much more bearable. 

For those of you who need inspo to level up your WFH space, here are some ideas to kickstart those creative juices – no matter your preferred design style. 

1. A gamer’s dream

HDB ideasImage credit: Prozfile Design

As Twitch, Discord and all manner of online games take over our lives, we’re not surprised that many study areas double up as gaming zones. This study in this Seaside Residence condo in particular wouldn’t look out of place in a gaming competition with its futuristic purple lighting and high level setups (two screens minimum). 

Whirling around in the gaming chair, you’ll notice the study also doubles up as a bedroom. There’s storage for cool sneaks beneath the bed, and a pegboard-style wall to hang up items – just the thing to add to the cool factor of the dual space. 

2. Open views through the glass

A great view does wonders for improving your mood while hustling at work. And the study of this 3-bedroom HDB flat along Segar Road fits the bill perfectly, with a wraparound glass panel offering clear views of the surrounding area.

HDB ideasImage credit: Yang’s Inspiration Design

Knocking down part of the room wall and replacing it with glass gives the work space an airy feel, while giving the illusion of an open-concept home as well. 

HDB ideasImage credit: Yang’s Inspiration Design

Paired with two ergonomic chairs and a backlit cabinet in sleek white and light wood, the overall vibe of the study is clean and professional – all the better to amp up your productivity. 

3. Nook in classy bedroom 

HDB ideasImage credit: Project Guru

Folks with a lack of space at home do not have to resort to camping on beds or at your dining table for WFH. Instead, carve out a cosy nook in your bedroom (or other rooms) simply by installing a desk in a recessed area. 

This HDB bedroom in a Marsiling 3-room shows us how it’s done: with the table drawer matching the rest of the cabinets and wardrobe, the effect is seamless. The classy grey hues and gold accents further add to the sense of luxe, making your WFH space seem more intentional than makeshift.

4. Retro-style work area

Lovers of the retro style will fall in love with this quirky study room setup from film maker Royston Tan’s home that looks straight out of Old Shanghai. From signboards in Mandarin to old-school TVs, you’ll be whisked back in time to feel as if you’re a da lao ban (big boss) when working.

HDB ideasImage credit: Free Space Intent

For a similar effect, pay attention to the details. Even the lamps, fans and clocks here go old-school, while the weathered dark woods evoke a traditional vibe. Toss in a few signboards for good measure, and you’ll get a study that’s unique and bursting with personality.

HDB ideasThe retro vibes continue in the living room with old-school signboards.
Image credit: Free Space Intent

5. Pinterest-worthy pastels

Pinterest-worthy home office spaces often spark tons of envy, and this HDB in Punggol will impress guests indeed with lovely pastel hues and thoughtfully curated art.

The plush chairs in soft pink and blue create a soothing atmosphere alongside light woods, while postcards and photos in front of the desk space imbue a unique touch. 

HDB ideasImage credit: Free Space Intent

Pro tip: You don’t necessarily need to frame art – especially if you’re worried about nailing stuff in walls. Instead, lay them on the floor for a casual, gallery-style vibe. Just like how this abstract doggo portrait adds to the artsy look of the study.

HDB ideasImage credit: Free Space Intent

6. Minimalist space-saving workspace

HDB ideas
Image credit:

If the space you have at home is minimal, here’s a hack: having a floating panel installed as a work-from-home table. This one is done as a sleek extension that extends naturally from the textured wall, and oozes stylish minimalism at the same time. 

Not only does it create valuable space out of well, thin air, it also adds an architectural segmentation between work and play. Work hard at your desk, then take a few minutes to chill out at the lounge area before you.

7. Japanese-style zen space

HDB ideasImage credit: D5 Studio Image

If working at a cafe with soothing music is your jam, you can create that relaxing atmosphere right at home with this Japanese-style work area. 

This reno used Muji-esqe light woods with pops of colour in the form of green plants. Clutter is kept to a minimum and instead of chairs, you get Japanese floor seats laid upon a thicker tatami mat. Wooden blinds and a rattan light complement the colour scheme as well, leading to a zen space that will sooth you even on the most frazzled of work days.

8. Monochrome beauty with sliding door

This HDB in Jurong East proves black-and-white tones needn’t be boring. Black industrial lighting frames the space nicely, with the piping adding to the aesthetic rather than marring it. There’s also the option of a sliding door, which helpfully separates the space from the wardrobe area should you need more privacy when working.

HDB ideasImage credit: Mr Shopper Studio

Desks and portraits also subscribe to the monochrome colour palette, giving the room a sharp and stylish look that fits the modern-day worker.

HDB ideasImage credit: Mr Shopper Studio

9. Maximising corridor space with cheery vintage accents

HDB ideasImage credit: Black N White Haus

Instead of treating the corridor as a mere transition, this HDB in Lengkong Tiga makes full use of the space and converts part of it into a vintage-inspired study area. Bright hues of emerald and yellow add vibrance to the space, while retro prints are an interesting choice of workspace background that doesn’t veer into distracting territory. 

Pro tip: Ground strong colours with neutrals like white to tie the entire look together. For instance, the white panels and desk in this area help the area look more cohesive.

10. Industrial room with edgy backdrop 

HDB ideasImage credit: The Local INN.terior

If you’re guilty of using artificial Zoom backgrounds because you’re ashamed of your WFH backdrop, take inspiration from this study instead. With edgy music posters and guitars framed on the wall, you’ll gain instant street cred among your colleagues when you switch your camera on for video calls. 

The desk is no slouch in the aesthetic department, either. With black panels and warm, textured wood, the result is achingly cool and stylish.

HDB ideasImage credit: The Local INN.terior

HDB & condo study ideas for WFH in style

Whether you’re heading back to the office or continuing WFH, it’s no harm elevating your workspace at home to take away some of the drudgery of work. With a wide range of styles like Japanese zen to retro, these home study ideas will fit your aesthetic effortlessly, making your study a focal point rather than an afterthought.

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