6 HDB Maisonette Staircase Transformations That’ll Make You Wanna “Level” Up Your Home

16 January 2024 | BY

These maisonette staircase transformations are solid proof that you can do more beyond just replacing the railing in your maisonette.

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Many would say that the executive maisonettes are the finest of all HDBs in Singapore: although new units are no longer being built, it’s precisely because of this scarcity that HDB maisonettes are appreciating assets. Plus, where else on our island can we enjoy multi-storey, landed home-style living within a million dollars?

While you can already count yourself super lucky for owning a HDB maisonette, investing in its renovation will surely make your home a beautiful abode that many would envy. With that, we’ve picked out the best HDB maisonette staircase transformations that you can be inspired by as you elevate your space.

1. Built-in slide with LED lights

HDB maisonette staircase 2Image credit: Jesigns Interior Design

It seems like daily trips to the playground are no longer required for this family of 5, who have cleverly incorporated a built-in slide with LED lights into the staircase of their HDB maisonette.

HDB maisonette staircase 3Image credit: Jesigns Interior Design

With the hopes of letting their 3 children build fun memories at home, their parents reached out to Jesigns Interior Design, who came up with this ingenious idea.

HDB maisonette staircase 4Image credit: Jesigns Interior Design

Weaving in fluted panels and light wooden elements, the slide wonderfully complements the overall Scandinavian aesthetic that dominates the home, rather than being a copy-paste job of any neighbourhood playground set.

2. Industrial-style with raw cement finishing

HDB maisonette staircase 5Image credit: Free Space Intent

Inspired by chic NYC apartments and hipster cafes, industrial-themed HDBs have always been a mainstay in interior design trends. Drawing a beautiful contrast to the all-white interior of this HDB maisonette is its industrial cement screed staircase, which gives the space a rugged off-duty charm that is balanced by dark wooden planks laid across each step.

HDB maisonette staircase 6Image credit: Free Space Intent

HDB maisonette staircase 7Image credit: Free Space Intent

Decor-wise, the home is peppered with geometric fixtures, artwork and Avant-Basic, contemporary furniture, much like a minimalist artist’s abode.

3. All-white with organic curves

HDB maisonette staircase 8Image credit: @theinteriorlab, @daniel.koh

Arched features have been one of 2023’s biggest trends, and we’ve seen it manifested in a multitude of ways, from a statement door to an arched corridor – just ask this couple who spent $3.2K to add arches to their HDB flat.

That said, the owners of this maisonette took it a step further by incorporating arched features into their maisonette staircase, resulting in an elegant, all-white composition of organic curves.

HDB maisonette staircase 9Image credit: @theinteriorlab, @daniel.koh

Much like Harry Potter’s Cupboard Under The Stairs, The Interior Lab has also fashioned a little room under the stairs with an arched doorway that functions as a storage-cum-playroom for the children in the house.

HDB maisonette staircase 10The all-white staircase was tailored to match the modern Scandinavian decor of the home.
Image credit: @theinteriorlab, @daniel.koh

4. Parisian style with recessed lighting

HDB maisonette staircase 11Image credit: @theinteriorlab

Say bonjour to this sleek, modern Parisian HDB maisonette staircase; finished with recessed lighting and an all-white facade.

HDB maisonette staircase 12Image credit: @theinteriorlab

Many things about this staircase makes it look like it’s part of a modern minimalist boutique hotel. The incorporation of embedded LED lights elegantly tracing each step, coupled with the transparent sleekness of the glass balustrade, adds a distinctly futuristic vibe to the space. This striking combination not only highlights the staircase as a focal design element but also seamlessly blends functionality with a sophisticated, contemporary flair.

5. Industrial with hidden cabinets & fluted panels

HDB maisonette staircase 15Image credit: @theinteriorlab

This next home provides a completely different take on the industrial theme with a more sophisticated look. Strong industrial elements such as a wire mesh railing, bold electrical conduits, and vintage factory wall sconces give the home a very distinct style that doesn’t completely overpower the oriental theme that runs through the home.

HDB maisonette staircase 14Image credit: @theinteriorlab

HDB maisonette staircase 15Image credit: @theinteriorlab

Perhaps the most ingenious part of the design is the hidden storage under-stair pull-out cabinets that transforms what would otherwise be dead space into very functional storage for all your miscellaneous home items.

6. Wabi-sabi with Bali resort vibes

wabi-sabiImage credit: Oblivion Lab

If there’s one trend we absolutely loved in 2023, it’s wabi-sabi and the way homeowners and their interior designers were masterfully marrying different interior styles to create homes that were truly awe-inspiring. This one home’s take on the trend brings the essence of the island paradise into their very own HDB flat.

HDB maisonette staircase 17Image credit: Oblivion Lab

With everything from the ceiling to the walls and even the staircase railing covered in a textured microcement finish, this maisonette’s staircase transformation is a simple one that brings a world of depth, going as far as to transport you to another reality – one where tranquillity awaits.

HDB maisonette staircase 18Image credit: Oblivion Lab

Best HDB maisonette staircase transformations

Executive maisonette HDB flats are highly coveted for the landed vibes they bring, but it’s not just about the space – these maisonettes can be transformed into veritable works of art.  These maisonette staircase transformations are solid proof that you can do more beyond just replacing the railing in your maisonette. When done right, your home’s staircase can even become your home’s most impressive focal point.

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Cover image adapted from: @theinteriorlab, @daniel.koh, Jesigns Interior Design, Oblivion Lab

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