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15 Best Home Instagram Accounts To Follow For Reno Tips & Marie Kondo Living

13 July 2023 | BY

Instagram doesn’t just serve as a platform to show off your trendy outfits – there are countless incredible homes waiting to be discovered.

Instagram reno tips - cover image

If you’re on the lookout for inspiration to give your living spaces a makeover but Pinterest isn’t quite hitting the spot, look no further. We’ve curated a list of the 15 best Singaporean home Instagram accounts that are guaranteed to ignite your creative spark, leave you with the ultimate reno tips, and kickstart your Marie Kondo-approved lifestyle. 

1. @hometrulee – For budget-conscious homeowners

At the top of our list is @hometrulee, which has 13,000 followers and an Instagram feed brimming with a warm and cosy aesthetic. 

Instagram reno tips - good natural lightingImage credit: @hometrulee

Off-white walls coupled with harmonious wooden furniture create an inviting loom that’s airy, yet cosy. What we love about this account is that they’ve made use of store-bought furniture from budget places such as IKEA and Iuiga rather than having built-in carpentry, making it a breeze to introduce or upgrade furniture pieces in the future. 

The account also serves as good inspo for fellow budget-conscious homeowners who want to create a beautiful home without breaking the bank.

They also provide comprehensive breakdowns of their home interior, offering viewers an opportunity to connect and gain a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind their design choices. The delightful blend of eye-catching visuals and valuable insights will resonate with anyone in a similar stage of life.

2. @ourfookinhouse – A visual diary of their home

Instagram reno tips - simple decorationsImage credit: @ourfookinhouse

We can’t help but admire fortunate individuals blessed with a natural eye for design – stylishly transforming spaces is an art that not everyone possesses. One look at @ourfookinhouse’s feed will tell you that they belong firmly in the former camp.
Instagram reno tips - home office
Image credit: @ourfookinhouse

@ourfookinhouse has mastered the art of putting together visually appealing TV console arrangements and desk setups that are aesthetically appealing, yet low-maintenance. Their designs inspire us all to elevate our decorating skills and strike the perfect balance in our own spaces.

3. @jingwensathome – Reno regrets & home reno updates 

While we all adore gazing at stunning home interiors, there’s a hidden truth that rarely gets shared – the regrets that often accompany certain beautifications. 

Instagram reno tips - electrical work tipsImage credit: @jingwensathome

But @jingwensathome bucks the trend by fearlessly opening up about their own home reno regrets, keeping their followers in the loop and providing an authentic glimpse into the hiccups that they encountered on their journey. 

Their account acts as a renovation diary, diligently documenting the entire process and sharing regular updates through story highlights and Instagram reels. 

Instagram reno tips - reno diaryImage credit: @jingwensathome

It’s refreshing to find an account that embraces transparency and invites others to learn from their experiences, offering a unique perspective in the world of home improvement and design.

4. @thebareloft – HDB studio living

You may recognise @thebareloft from our previous article, where we highlighted their incredible transformation of a 3-room Bidadari BTO flat into an open-plan studio

Instagram reno tips - unconventional spacesImage credit: @thebareloft

Renowned for their fondness for minimal living, @thebareloft is the perfect demonstration of how you can create a Marie Kondo-inspired space in a BTO unit. Beyond sharing invaluable renovation tips on achieving a minimalist aesthetic, @thebareloft also serves as inspiration for plant enthusiasts who want to keep things streamlined.

Instagram reno tips - home gardenImage credit: @thebareloft

Even though it hasn’t quite reached jungalow status, it’s hard to miss the presence of leafy companions in nearly every corner of their home. We love the way that they’ve infused their home with greenery without compromising on their minimalist sensibilities, and it presents an achievable example for people who are just starting on their indoor gardening journey.

5. @ourbasichome – Sleek organisation inspo

As their Instagram suggests, @ourbasichome presents a pristine and minimalist home in Singapore, where clutter-free surfaces and meticulously organised drawers reign supreme.

Instagram reno tips - organised drawersImage credit: @ourbasichome

If you find yourself struggling with maintaining tidiness in your own drawers and cabinets, it’s high time you scroll through @ourbasichome’s insanely clean feed for some motivation.

Instagram reno tips - neat service yardImage credit: @ourbasichome

Through their posts, they share invaluable insights on effectively managing clutter while achieving a sleek and visually pleasing aesthetic. The practicality and immaculate home environment inspires and guides others towards a Marie Kondo lifestyle. 

6. @sixthfloor.revival – Keeping tidy with kids

Babies are such a joy, but what nobody prepares you for is the avalanche of possessions that you’ll accumulate over the years. Once you have children, toys, clothing, and accessories will overflow your stuffed cabinets.

Instagram reno tips - kids playroomImage credit: @sixthfloor.revival

Thankfully, @sixthfloor.revival is here to bestow helpful tips and tricks for first-time parents grappling with the task of maintaining a tidy home. 

Instagram reno tips - consistent colour paletteImage credit: @sixthfloor.revival

The homeowners share how they organised their home along with their infant’s belongings, and how they managed to reclaim control over their space while enjoying the journey of parenthood.

7. @surenlowenhouse – Pre-reno tips & advice

Diving into the world of contractors can be an overwhelming experience for first-time homeowners. The uncertainty of whether you’ve made the right choice lingers until the renovation is complete. But fear not, for the renovation fairy godparents @surenlowenhouse have come to your rescue.

Instagram reno tips - dining roomImage credit: @surenlowenhouse

They’ve dedicated their story highlights to documenting their reno decisions, and they even encourage their followers to vote on polls and be part of the design journey. 

Instagram reno tips - tiled bathroomImage credit: @surenlowenhouse

On their account, you can find progress updates of the tiling process of their home, which sheds light on what really goes on behind the scenes and the stunning end result.

8. @muji_uchi – Muji-like aesthetics

It’s fair to say the idea of having a home that resembles a Muji showroom is popular amongst Singaporeans since it blends aesthetics with functional homeware. 

Instagram reno tips - wood living roomImage credit: @muji_uchi

However, it’s not always easy to source items to match the concept of the iconic brand without actually shopping Muji, but one local home account – a self-professed otaku – is here to change that.

Instagram reno tips - muji aestheticImage credit: @muji_uchi

Give @muji_uchi a follow, scroll through their feed and note down the brands they have thoughtfully tagged in their post to easily Muji-mise your homes too.

9. @habitamp – Everyday HDB living

When Marie Kondo gained international recognition in 2019 through her Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, our lives were transformed. Suddenly, decluttering didn’t seem so daunting, and the KonMari method is constantly at the back of our minds, ready to be deployed.

Instagram reno tips - neutral tonesImage credit: @habitamp

One local couple who incorporated Marie Kondo techniques into their daily life decided to share how they incorporate the KonMari method through their Instagram account, @habitamp. Apart from sharing their beautiful home and impressive coffee brewing reels, they also showcased the art of folding bedding the Marie Kondo way through their account.

Immerse yourself in their posts and you’ll understand why @habitamp’s dedication to maintaining a Japanese cafe-style ambience in their home sparks joy in them. 

Instagram reno tips - barista cafe styleImage credit: @habitamp

Every corner of their carefully curated space exudes serenity and tranquillity, capturing the essence of a harmonious living environment.

10. @adayinourhouseofgoh – DIY ideas

If you’re one of those sibei onz individuals who are determined to personally construct every element in your home, then @adayinourhouseofgoh could be an inspiration to you.

Instagram reno tips - minimalistic spacesImage credit: @adayinourhouseofgoh

The experimental couple tries to DIY wherever they can, like applying an anti-glass shattering film from Taobao to their glass shower, in order to keep their reno costs low. 

For all aspiring Bob the Builders out there, give this account a follow and you may just pick up a DIY skill or two from this talented and hardworking duo.

11. @northshoreloft – Deco finds and reno advice

While many of us prioritise functionality in our homes, it’s hard to deny the desire to infuse our interiors with a touch of style and character.  

Instagram reno tips - full height curtainsImage credit: @northshoreloft

@northshoreloft‘s effortless styling tips have impressed their followers, showcasing how to bring sophistication to the barest corners without sacrificing practicality. 

For those yearning to transform their home interiors and incorporate more textures, @northshoreloft can teach you how to do so with pizzazz. 

12. @ourslowhouse – ASMR & organisational tips

Instagram reno tips - cottage core aestheticImage credit: @ourslowhouse

As soon as our eyes landed on this charming home, we were transported into the world of Studio Ghibli. While actual cottages and fairy-like huts aren’t a thing in Singapore, the cottagecore interior of @ourslowhouse‘s home certainly comes close to replicating the vibe.

Instagram reno tips - cozy kitchenImage credit: @ourslowhouse

Navigating the spatial constraints of our homes can often lead to clutter, but @ourslowhouse ingeniously finds a place for every appliance and homeware item while maintaining the cosy allure of the cottagecore aesthetic. 

13. @home.swee.home – Weekly reno discussions

Rather than static photo posts, the bulk of @home.swee.home’s feed comprises practical and informative IG reels. 

To keep their followers well-informed and up to date, @home.swee.home shares weekly renovation discussions, along with their regular posts, covering various renovation topics such as hidden costs, price breakdowns, and space improvement.

14. – Lifestyle hacks

Instagram reno tips - functional kitchenImage credit: 

Another account that exudes cosiness, showcases their beautifully decorated home with a neutral colour palette through artfully framed shots. 

Instagram reno tips - budget friendly hacksImage credit: 

Apart from aesthetically pleasing decor, they also share occasional IG reels on budget-friendly life hacks that help you save, and these videos have rightfully become a highly popular series among their followers.

15. @gohthoohome – In-depth walkthrough of renovations

Instagram reno tips - detailed reno tipsImage credit: @gohthoohome

@gohthoohome is known for their attention to detail when it comes to walking their followers through the renovation process, and this includes sharing their finalised floor plans. Renovations are frankly stressful, so we’re thankful that this account provides valuable knowledge and tips through their posts.

Instagram reno tips - floorplan layoutImage credit: @gohthoohome

What sets them apart is their detailed comment section where they explain important pointers and answer questions, allowing you to gain even more insights and guidance for your own projects.

Top 15 Instagram accounts to follow for home inspo

Instagram doesn’t just serve as a platform to show off your trendy outfits – there are countless incredible homes waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re looking for minimalist designs, practical organisation solutions, or simply a fresh dose of creativity, you’re bound to gain invaluable insights from these 15 local home Instagram accounts we’ve shared.

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