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This 4-Room Farmhouse x Scandi Resale Flat Is Cottage Core At Its Finest

19 October 2022 | BY

This couple has turned their home into a refreshing respite from city life by channelling the European countryside in urban Singapore.

Farmhouse-inspired resale flat

When we think of a farmhouse, our minds immediately spring to one of those rural cottages high up in the Alps, surrounded by endless seas of green grass and maybe a few cows and sheep. 

It’s hard to imagine one in the sprawling cityscape of urban Singapore, but one couple (@huangyoushijie) has defied all expectations and transformed their 4-room Telok Blangah Hill Park resale flat into something straight out of a fairytale. 

A cosy, rustic take on the traditional farmhouse and its aesthetics, the house is sprinkled full of its owners’ characteristics, and the cottage-core vibes are just the icing on the beautiful cake.

A tasteful mix of Farmhouse and Scandi

storage archway and dining table
Image credit: @huangyoushijie

Step into this home for the first time, and you probably won’t be faulted for thinking you’ve somehow wandered into the European countryside. The recurring arches – commonly seen around the house in corridors, entryways and even as a built in storage space – are a quintessential element of the farmhouse aesthetic, and also makes the home look cosy and snug.

living room and corridor
Image credit: @huangyoushijie, @huangyoushijie

If that wasn’t good enough, the owners take it a step further in their commitment to the theme with the addition of wooden beams to the ceiling of the living room. This design choice gives the same impression as that of a vaulted ceiling in traditional European countryside barns.cupboard doors
Image credit: @huangyoushijie

Perhaps the most evident barnhouse inspiration is the barn-style doors of the bedrooms, bathroom and cabinets of the home.

doors and entryway
Image credit: @huangyoushijie, @huangyoushijie

Obviously, we can’t talk about renovations without talking about one of the most important rooms in a house: the bathroom.

Image credit: @huangyoushijie

The homeowners opted for tiles with a chevron, wood-effect for their walls to make the space look like a rustic cottage. The tiles also provide a visually-pleasing contrast to the white tiles of the shower. The main attraction, however, seems to be the sink’s tap, reminiscent of a vintage fire hydrant and just as useful. 

sink closeup
Image credit: @huangyoushijie

The bedroom is not left out in the owners’ quest to turn their dream home vision into a reality. With wooden vinyl floors and various wood accents courtesy of the desk and bed, the Scandinavian vibes are immediately obvious. The angled corner shelves beside the bed are also a great addition, ensuring that the space is utilised to its fullest potential.

Image credit: @huangyoushijie

Statement furniture pieces and cosy furnishings for a hygge home

Every home has a significant piece of furniture that essentially screams their owners’ personalities, and the lovely abode of the couple behind @huangyoushijie is no exception. In fact, they have taken it up a notch and invested in two statement pieces.

hanging woven chair
Image credit: @huangyoushijie

Take about 2 steps into the room and you are immediately greeted by a hanging woven chair. Perfect for anything from just daydreaming, to sipping on a refreshing cup of tea to curling up with a good book, it’s no wonder that the couple think this chair is their most used piece of furniture in their home.

hanging woven chair with a view
Image credit: @huangyoushijie

If you have seen enough homes in Singapore, you might notice a living room staple: curtains to keep out the sun and the sweltering tropical heat. This couple, however, have decided to forgo the fabrics and turn their indoor balcony into a plant strip. Which makes perfect sense, seeing as the picturesque view is to die for.

office chair
Image credit: @huangyoushijie, @huangyoushijie

The office is another one of their spaces that they have described they are immensely proud of. Walking into said office, your eyes would immediately be drawn to the pink chair sitting innocuously in front of a sturdy wooden desk. 

A fun pop of pink in a largely white and wooden hued room, this unique marriage of vintage and playful is undoubtedly a crowd favourite, especially among their followers on Instagram. 

Aside from the chair, the rest of the room is mainly an abundance of different toned wooden furniture, which definitely helps to create a very cosy, cabin feel.

4-room farmhouse-inspired resale flat in Telok Blangah

The couple behind @huangyoushijie really spared no expense and effort to turn their Pinterest vision boards into a reality. The result? A gorgeous home that makes you feel like you don’t even need those expensive air tickets to Europe. Trust the process, and who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

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Cover image adapted from: huangyoushijie

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