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How To Get The Bondee Room Look With Its Most Iconic Items

3 February 2023 | BY

Who else has been using Bondee as a canvas for your dream crib? Here are 12 of their most iconic furniture pieces and where to find them.

For those with no clue what in the world Bondee is, don’t worry, we got you. Developed by locally based tech startup Metadream, Bondee is essentially something like the mobile version of Habbo Hotel. You get to customise your own Bondee avatar and living space as well as express different moods with the app’s 38 different emoticons. 

TLDR; it’s like getting to be housemates with your friends without having to pay a mortgage. “A slay,” as we Gen Zs would say. If you’ve been using Bondee to get a feel of how your dream room would look like, then wonder no further. Here are 12 of the most iconic Bondee items, and where and how to get the look for your own room IRL.

Cloud sofa

Perhaps one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture on the app, the cloud sofa can only be procured by sailing, which also increases its exclusivity. Luckily, its real life counterpart is readily and widely available from RJ Living. That is, if you have $3,699 to spare. 

Image adapted from: RJ Living

The cloud sofa’s unique shape and design ensures that it will be the most eye-catching piece in any room. The sofa is made of boucle, which you might recognise as 2022/23’s trending fabric. Boucle’s charm lies in its cosy yet luxurious vibe, giving the room an effortless modern uplift.

Pro tip: Get the cloud sofa on Bondee by offline sailing – do NOT close the app.

Two-seater sofa

Another one of the iconic Bondee sofas is two-seater. Available on the app in white, brown and black, the two-seater sofa doesn’t stand out as much as something like the cloud sofa, but it nevertheless is just as functional.

Image adapted from: Castlery

This sofa is most suitable for a living room – or a large bedroom if you’re lucky enough to have one – and the closest dupe IRL is the Lucas Performance Bouclé Sofa. It is available in white from Castlery for $1,599.

Box shelf

As part of one of two default room setups, you may not like the box shelf, but you’ve definitely seen it. Said shelf can be placed almost anywhere too: against the wall as a display, or in the centre of the room as a partition and mini gallery for your knick-knacks.

Image adapted from: IKEA

One thing many of us love about box shelves is also its sheer versatility. With its numerous sections, the box shelves can display any and every small item – from books to small plants to even more boxes for extensive storage options. Sky’s the limit, really. Best of all, it’s affordable, available as the KALLAX box shelf from IKEA for $199.

Oval coffee table

Image adapted from: FortyTwo

As they say and we believe, choosing the right decor for a room can make or break the entire atmosphere. The Bondee developers seem to take this seriously, seeing as their oval coffee table is the perfect piece of mid-century modern furniture for your virtual living room.

For our real world, this comes in the form of the Killian coffee table, available from FortyTwo for $179.

The Killian isn’t just to sit there and look pretty though. Made of engineered wood, the table is quite resistant to spills and other environmental changes, meaning it can withstand a rabak house party or some aggression a la overexcited children.

Bedside table with drawers

“Keep your valuables close”, and there really isn’t anything that plays into this more than a bedside table. There’s also that whole thing where it’s a great storage solution if too many of your things spark joy. If you liked the bedside table on Bondee, you’ll probably also like the real life Tracy nightstand, available on English Elm for $234. 

Image adapted from: English Elm

With two spacious drawers, there’s more than enough room to fit your most valuable keepsakes and a multitude of other stuff. It looks great too, and complements most lighter-themed decor.

Yellow striped duvet

In the sea of largely monochrome furniture available on Bondee, their yellow striped duvet is a literal ray of sunshine. It’s one of those designs that utilise colours and patterns to give a pop of colour to a room, yet doesn’t look garish or out of place. 

Image adapted from: Finnish Design Shop

In case you wanna cop one of these cute duvet covers, they are available from Finnish Design Shop for $166-$292 (depending on size). 

Pro tip: Here’s a guide to bedsheet and duvet sizing.

Bonus: Daisy pillow

Image credit: Shopee

The daisy pillow is a perfect addition to the yellow duvet and, believe it or not, we actually managed to find it! The pillow is available from Shopee for $16.44 – $50.27, depending on size.

Green and orange bed set

Let’s be honest, these two colours don’t sound like they would go well together. The green and orange bedsheet set on Bondee, however, proves us wrong with a surprisingly harmonious colour scheme. The colour combi is a perfect addition to a quirky, colourful room; or just as a statement piece among more muted, natural decor. 

Image adapted from: Etsy

The set is pretty affordable too, going for $67.27 on Etsy. Alternatively, you can get a mix and match bundle on Sojao for $228. 

Standing lamp

No matter how good your Bondee room looks, it can’t get the appreciation it deserves without some good old light. It’s the same in real life too, as many homeowners would tell you, lighting can make or break an entire room’s atmosphere. Luckily, the KRYSSMAST lamp available from IKEA for $69 is here to the rescue.

Image adapted from: IKEA

With its warm and cosy yellow light, the KRYSSMAST is perfect for nights when you need to burn the midnight oil, or lazy afternoons or lounging around with a book. The lamp also features a nickel-plated base for stability, which definitely helps if you’re a little more… accident-prone.

Picture frames

There’s no better way of saying a room truly is yours than pictures of yourself and your loved ones. Bondee gets this too, which is why you have picture frames in white, black and wood so you can choose which goes best with your pictures. Their minimalist designs also ensure the frames do their jobs without ruining the decor or overshadowing your precious memories.

Using pictures of K-pop idols so I don’t accidentally dox my friends.
Image adapted from: HipVan

Get them IRL from HipVan for $12.90, they are also available in white, black and wood.

Wall-mounted TV

So you want a TV in your room for those days when you need some Netflix therapy, but your room is also spatially deficient. No worries, that’s what wall-mounted TVs were specifically created for. 

Image adapted from: AXO

If you ever wanted to live big in a small space, then the PRISM+ Q65 wall-mounted TV is perfect for you – at the price of $1,999.

Chequered rug

Another iconic staple of the Bondee interior design catalogue are their rugs, and a few have managed to catch our eyes. Take their chequered rug for example: available in black, light blue and green, all of which add a nice statement to a room.

Image adapted from: Etsy

Surprise surprise, these rugs are also available in real life from Shopee for $161.00 – $461.30, depending on size. The Shopee collection also has other colours available that aren’t found on Bondee (yet), including purple and yellow. Alternatively, online retailers like Etsy and Society6 sell similar rugs.

Neon gradient rug

If chequered rugs are a little too bold, the minimalist in you might appreciate the neon gradient rugs. Not only do they effortlessly brighten up a room, they are absorbent and also work as bathroom rugs. Oh, and have we mentioned, they’re really easy to clean?

Image adapted from: Taobao

Perhaps the most affordable items on our list, they are available on Taobao for $5.72-$13.61, depending on size.

The Bondee room look with IRL items

“In-things” may come and go, but the inherent urge to redesign our personal spaces will never die. So thank you Bondee for giving us a (largely) hassle-free platform to do this for the economic cost of $0 and 15 hours of offline sailing time. 

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Cover image adapted from: RJ Living, IKEA, IKEA, Etsy

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