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These Homeowners Spent $60K On Their BTO Flat Reno & $1.6K On Custom Porthole Doors

3 April 2024 | BY

Personality is the focal point of this $60K BTO reno designed by no.sense_studio.

Healing your inner child doesn’t happen overnight, but having a colourful environment certainly helps. With a focus on creating a fun and whimsical space, this $60K BTO reno allows these homeowners to achieve their dream of living in a space expressive of their creative inclinations thanks to the help of JJ from no.sense_studio.


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Playroom for the inner child

60K BTO reno living roomImage credit: no.sense_studio

The living room opens to a vibrant collection of eclectic furnishing, each piece telling a different story with its fun colour and shape. From the plush low-profile Togo to intentionally-mismatched dining chairs, every fixture was thoughtfully included to reflect a lived-in feel. 

While the decor is certainly colourful, it isn’t messy—tactical use of neutral tones and wood vinyl bind the aesthetic together without overpowering the unique elements of the design.

Customised doors with portholes

60K BTO reno porthole doorsImage credit: no.sense_studio

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the reno are the customised doors with portholes. These are the big ticket items of the reno, with each door costing approximately $1,600 to customise. The unique design allows for easy circulation of natural light around the house.

Image credit: no.sense_studio

The homeowners particularly enjoy the view come sunset when the space is blanketed in the hues of the setting sun. The contrast between the grey walls and warm sunlight add drama and moodiness to the space, acting as natural accent lighting.

Minimal, utilitarian kitchen

60K BTO reno kitchenImage credit: no.sense_studio

In stark contrast to the vibrant colours and furnishing of the living area, the kitchen’s design is relatively minimal, sticking to a smooth and glossy drywall in tandem with wooden carpentry. The rationale behind the minimalist design lies in the fact that the homeowners do plenty of cooking, creating a design that maximises working space.

Image credit: no.sense_studio

The focal point here is the huge kitchen island—allowing for ample countertop space, which was one of  the homeowners’ requests. It also doubles as extra storage space, making up for the omission of top-hung cabinets, resulting in less visual clutter. The simple but practical layout allows for a no-fuss cooking experience.

A shelf with ever-changing memorabilia

60K BTO reno shelfImage credit: no.sense_studio

Another prominent element of the house’s design lies in the shelf adorning the wall of the living room. The trinkets provide a sharp pop of colour against the cream white shelves and wall, allowing for some neat contrast.

According to the homeowners, visitors comment that the living room feels like a museum. It’s not hard to see why—the shelf is lined with items that represent their current interests, from books to unique art pieces, allowing for the space to feel personal. They also regularly switch up the items on display, representing an evolution of interests and lifestyles.

A $60K BTO reno with quirky character

Image credit: no.sense_studio

Juggling many exciting ideas in a small space, JJ from no.sense_studio was able to create a blank canvas that allows the homeowners to reflect their personal quirks in intimate detail. While it’s perfectly valid to enjoy homes with a sparse minimalist aesthetic, this design espouses the sentiment that home is not a place, but the memories you make.

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Cover image adapted from: no.sense_studio

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