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This East Coast Condo Looks Like Aesop’s ION Store & Has A Crazy Good View Of East Coast Beach

27 July 2023 | BY

The interior of this condo bears an uncanny resemblance to Aesop’s ION store – and we love every inch of it.

This East Coast Condo Looks Like Aesop's ION Store & Has An Insane View Of East Coast Beach

Apart from its luscious fragrances, Aesop’s boutiques embody the all so pretty wabi-sabi look that never fails to pull shoppers into the store. Of course, you can imbue this aesthetic into your own home too, like what the owners of this 3-room condo at Marine Vista @ Neptune Courts have done to their beach-facing abode.

A brainchild of ID firm Ovon Design, the home has gone beyond the usual blueprint in bringing in Aesop’s boutique vibes into their home. As a way of honouring the unit’s prime seaside location, they have huge windows so you can admire the coastal view anytime.

Wabi-sabi interior with an earthy, muted palette

Aesop store condo living roomImage credit: Ovon Design

A hallmark of wabi-sabi design is having limewash-painted walls; that said, this home takes things a step further by having their ceilings painted with a limewash finish too to enhance the homogeneously earthy look. 

The limewash finish comes through in an earthy beige palette, coupled with in-built warm lighting that makes the home look like an upmarket store, yet preserves the raw and au naturale look of the space.

Aesop-vibe dining roomImage credit: Ovon Design

But what truly steals the show is the remarkable light fixture above the dining table. A true marvel of creativity, it mimics the form of a genuine tree branch, channelling the raw essence of nature straight into the heart of the dining area.

Aesop-inspired walnut cabinetryImage credit: Aesop, Ovon Design

Much like in Aesop’s ION store, this walnut cabinetry takes on a captivating dual role, effortlessly displaying an array of delightful knick-knacks and prized possessions, all while effortlessly blending into the rustic charm of the home’s interior. The choice of walnut laminate also lends an enchanting quality to the shelves, cleverly mirroring the texture of a tree’s bark.

Curves everywhere with an in-built aquarium & vanity station

Curved wallsImage credit: Ovon Design

Besides being a manifestation of good feng shui, curved walls are another feature that accentuates the already naturalistic feel of the space. It creates an organic flow throughout different parts of the home, while still maintaining separation between them. Plus, it makes the space look bigger too.

Built-in vanity stationImage credit: Ovon Design

It’s one thing to have Aesop-inspired elements in your home; this space kicks things up a notch by incorporating an in-built vanity station right outside the guest bathroom. 

Aesop-inspired vanity stationAn Aesop store (left), the built-in vanity in the condo (right).
Image credit: Aesop, Avon Design

It’s akin to bringing the store right to their home, where you can freshen up with sunlight streaming in through the balcony.

Built-in aquariumImage credit: Avon Design

And things don’t stop there. Head over to the dining area and you’ll find an inbuilt aquarium, a delightful addition that breaks the uniformity of the otherwise consistent wabi-sabi theme.

Aesop store condo - Kitchen and built-in aquariumImage credit: Avon Design

On the other side of the wall, you’ll step into a simple, yet elegantly designed kitchen. Interestingly, the aquarium sits right at the sink area, where you can observe the aquatic life, as well as the wider outdoor expanse at the balcony beside the dining table.

Aesop store condo - Kitchen areaImage credit: Avon Design

Private areas that look like an Aesop spa

Private areas that look like an Aesop spaImage credit: Avon Design

While the living and kitchen areas connect with each other seamlessly, the bedroom areas remain separated for privacy.

Wabi-sabi master bedroomImage credit: Avon Design

Adjourn to the master bedroom you’ll realise that it’s a visual parallel of the living area – limewashed beige walls, accompanied by wall-wide windows that bathe the space in natural light.

Aesop store condo - Master bedroomImage credit: Avon Design

There’s no better way to truly immerse yourself in Aesop than to indulge in a spa, another signature in their catalogue. Just as well, you can simulate the whole experience over in this home’s master bathroom, which has a zen look that takes after the Aesop spa located at Tangs Orchard.

Zen master bathroomImage credit: Avon Design

Tranquil master bedroom resembles Aesop spa roomTranquil atmosphere created in the master bedroom (left) in comparison to Aesop’s spa rooms (right).
Image credit: Avon Design, Aesop

With sleek black fixtures and diffused lighting, a rejuvenating ambience is instilled into the space, making it the perfect hideout for you to unwind after a long day.

Aesop store condo - Master bedroom wall nicheImage credit: Avon Design

Balcony space with view of East Coast Beach

Balcony space with view of East Coast BeachImage credit: Avon Design

There’s no doubt that one of the East’s most prized assets is its proximity to the beach. But more importantly, the fact that the owners can easily savour the seaside views from the comforts of their home makes this unit even more of a gem.

Full height glass woindows - overlooking the view of East Coast BeachImage credit: Avon Design

While the balcony area outside may not be big enough to fit a bench or table, the glass windows stretch seamlessly throughout the living and dining spaces, meaning that you can still relish the views from inside. 

Come sunset and the sunlight will pour into the space, open up the interior as it washes it with dreamy hues – we don’t blame you if you feel envious of the owners.

Aesop store condo - Small window at doorwayImage credit: Avon Design

Another spot to watch the sea go by is at the doorway, where a small window is carved out right in front of the door. With the sea right directly in front of your eyeline, you’re sure to score a postcard moment that can’t be enjoyed elsewhere.

Aesop-inspired condo beside East Coast Beach

Living in a concrete jungle is bound to stir in us a longing for the natural world outside, and there’s no better way to give ourselves a respite from the city life than to bring nature to our homes. 

By capitalising on its views, this home does a great job at weaving in flavours of Aesop’s aesthetic as well as that of the outdoors, making it the perfect seaside retreat.

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Cover image adapted from: Avon Design

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