10 Best HDB Flat Foyers That Will Give You The Warmest Welcome Home

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Here are the best HDB flat foyers that will surely strike a good first impression for visitors and give their residents a warm welcome home.


Flip through home decor magazines and you’ll notice that the star of the home is typically the living or kitchen area. But when you’re stepping into a home IRL, it’s the entrance foyer that gives you the first impression of how beautiful the place will come to be. Apart from being able to incorporate different functions such as benches and storage units, flat foyers can set the tone of the interior decor style that governs the home. With that, here are the best HDB flat foyers that will surely strike a good first impression for visitors and give their residents a warm welcome home.

1. Wabi-sabi HDB flat foyer with shophouse vibes

With their rich history and heritage, shophouses are one of the most attractive living options in Singapore. Yet, they are hard to come by, and even if they do, they don’t come cheap.

WABI SABIImage credit: Third Paragraph

That’s why the folks at interior design firm Third Paragraph are geniuses for bringing the shophouse to this wabi-sabi-inspired abode at Woodleigh Link. The moment you enter the flat foyer, you’re immediately welcomed by a striking wall of square ventilation bricks. This feature artfully plays with light, casting captivating geometric shadows across the walls as sunlight filters through.

The use of earthy terracotta tiles and the cream limewash treatment of the walls and cabinet enhance the space’s rustic allure, reminiscent of the aged beauty of old shophouses. A thoughtful touch that harmoniously marries the shophouse charm with the understated elegance of wabi-sabi design.

HDB flat foyer 3Image credit: Third Paragraph

2. Bali resort HDB flat foyer with Japandi influences

Bali ResortImage credit: HOFT Interior

It’s a perpetual beach holiday for the residents of this Bali resort-inspired HDB in Hougang. Ushering in the chill mood is their flat foyer, which incorporates dark wooden cabinetry, neutral tones, and wash pebble flooring that mimics the fine sand on the beach.

HDB flat foyer 5Image credit: HOFT Interior on Facebook

While the flat foyer may not be the main statement of the unit, it eases visitors into the tranquil, nature-infused retreat that is the home itself. You’ll encounter a rustic open-concept living room filled with rattan furniture, organic furnishings, and even a mini courtyard which brings abundant greenery to the space.

HDB flat foyer 6Image credit: HOFT Interior

3. Scandi-style mudroom HDB flat foyer with fluted panels

Scandi-style mudroomImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

While it may be easy to design a Scandi-inspired place, putting your own spin on this well-endeared decor style is a harder task to fulfil.

Executing a terrific job in the latter is ID firm Fifth Avenue Interior, they’ve come up with a Scandi-style mudroom in this Hougang HDB, which creatively harnesses light wooden tones, as well as various forms of lighting to enhance the appearance of the space.

HDB flat foyer 8Image credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

The perks don’t end there; walk through the foyer and you’ll discover another surprise. The mudroom isn’t backed up with a permanent wall. Instead, it contains a sliding wall that enables it to be a transitory seating space between the foyer and the master bedroom, akin to a switch that can open and close up the space according to the residents’ fancy.

HDB flat foyer 9Image credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

Throughout the home, light wooden tones and fluted panels beside the TV console create a sophisticated, cohesive look that extends from the living area to the flat foyer.

4. All-white modern minimalist HDB flat foyer

All-white modern minimalistImage credit: Diva’s Interior Design

Reminding us that less is more is the all-white modern minimalist flat foyer of this HDB in Anchorvale Link. With its simple cabinetry, recessed lighting fixtures, and mirrors, this flat foyer has an effortlessly elevated appearance that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

HDB flat foyer 11The all-white colour palette of the flat and the embedded LED lights also give the home a modern futuristic look and feel.
Image credit: Diva’s Interior Design

5. A eclectic mini balcony with bold and bright colours

HDB flat foyer 12Image credit: Insight.Out Studio

This Telok Blangah HDB foyer is a grand departure from the typical square foyer layouts we’ve seen in most of the homes on this list. The foyer here is a long, narrow demarcated strip that creates almost like a corridor balcony between the home’s living spaces. The use of patterned Peranakan-style tiles and vibrant colors inject a playful vibe into the home, enticingly drawing you further inside. We also love the addition of the arched tunnel painting that you first see when you enter the flat, giving you the illusion of a never-ending corridor further within.

HDB flat foyer 13Image credit: Insight.Out Studio

6. Muji showroom-inspired genkan HDB foyer

HDB flat foyer 15Image adapted from: @muji_uchi

While most of us are familiar with the Muji aesthetic, that doesn’t mean we would know what a genkan is. To give you an idea, it’s an entryway separated from the rest of the house where guests leave their shoes, and is often a small step below the main level—similar to what this Muji-inspired HDB has.

HDB flat foyer 16Image credit: @muji_uchi 

Although it may not have been the easiest to execute, the owners of this flat  persisted with building the genkan as a means of honouring this traditional Japanese design feature. 

Light and oak wooden elements are seen throughout the home, including the furniture, ceilings, and floorings, which are primarily made of vinyl laminates.

7. Farmhouse x Scandi crossover HDB flat foyer

HDB flat foyer 17Image credit: Space Atelier

Blend farmhouse and Scandi together, while adding a touch of modernity, and you’ll get this HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio. This time, adding onto the warm wooden elements, mudroom, and fluted panels are the luxury vinyl wash tiles, which evoke a tranquil, resort-like vibe to the space. This is followed by the built-in shelving units that make a great way to display  knick-knacks.

HDB flat foyer 18Image credit: Space Atelier

More importantly, the flat foyer smoothly connects the entrance to the open living areas of the home. A mixture of wooden elements fill the space, including the timber-esque ceiling beams, which give the home a cosy yet sophisticated ambiance.

8. Japandi-inspired zen pebblestone HDB flat foyer

Imagine booking a trip to Japan and you can’t decide between staying in a traditional ryokan or a fancy boutique hotel—well, it looks like the owners of this Japandi-luxe HDB can relish the best of both worlds. They’ve come up with a zen pebblestone entryway at their foyer which leads up to their living areas.

HDB flat foyer 19Image credit:

Without a doubt, the living and kitchen areas of the house are nothing short of atas. By making good use of neutral wooden tones, embedded LED lighting, and gold fixtures, a sense of sophistication is evoked into the space, creating a fresh combination of luxe and Japandi styles.

9. All-white contemporary foyer with organic curved archway

HDB flat foyer 20Image credit:

Think contemporary and you would picture clean lines and sleek furniture; this HDB BTO unit blazes the trail with its organic curved archway, which serves as the entryway into the all-white living room from its flat foyer.

Best HDB flat foyers in Singapore

True enough, HDB flat foyers aren’t just meant to be where your shoe cabinets are, or where the doormat is. Taking these examples as inspiration, you’ll realise that there are limitless possibilities to reimagine your flat foyer, and that it has the potential to be as functional and beautiful as any part of your home. 

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