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This Wabi-Sabi 4-Room HDB Looks Like A Bali Resort & Even Has A Tree Inside Their Flat

5 September 2023 | BY

Bringing the outdoors in.

bali resort wabi sabi hdb

One thing about high-rise living is that while you get views of the beautiful skyline, you don’t really get to see a lot of greenery. To circumvent this #firstworldproblem, Hoft Interior created a bespoke internal courtyard complete with an elegant tree and a faux skylight in this HDB flat in Hougang.

With sandy neutral tones, woody textures, and abundant greenery, this home captures the essence of wabi-sabi design while incorporating the allure of a tranquil Bali getaway. Here’s a closer look at some of the design details that have captured our fancy.

Rustic Bali-vibe open-concept living space

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - living roomImage credit: Hoft Interior

From sand-coloured walls to brown furnishings and accents of beige rattan, muted neutral tones dominate the home, creating a cosy rustic ambience. Meanwhile, an open-concept layout makes the living areas flow seamlessly, maximising space while allowing light to flood throughout the home.

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - dining roomImage credit: Hoft Interior

The dining space incorporates organic materials, with a reclaimed live edge wood dining table sitting front and centre. The neighbouring rattan high chairs at the bar counter lend a touch of elegance reminiscent of an intimate lounge at a Bali resort.

Internal courtyard with small tree and skylight

bali resort wabi sabi hdb -  treeImage credit: Hoft Interior

An internal courtyard – the focal point of the home – was created by enclosing a lifelike faux tree within full-height glass panels. An artificial skylight brings the courtyard to life, mimicking the gentle filtering of sunlight down onto the tree’s foliage.

bali resort wabi sabi hdb -  kitchenImage credit: Hoft Interior

The lush greenery provided by the tree, no matter how artificial, is a stark contrast to the grey and neutral tones of the rest of the house. But at the root of this design feature, the interior designers have managed to bring the outdoors inside, a feat that can be quite hard to achieve especially in a concrete jungle like Hougang.

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - Elements of greenery within the house.
Image credit: Hoft Interior

While the low-maintenance courtyard was designed with the ingenious use of a faux tree, the rest of the home is adorned with real elements of greenery for a seamless connection to nature.

From hanging plants with dangling foliage to a mini snake plant perched on the TV console, and a dainty draco nestled beside the dining table, the authentic presence of these green accents serves to amplify the overall lush Bali-inspired atmosphere of the home.

Bali resort master bedroom & wabi-sabi bathroom

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - master bedroomImage credit: Hoft Interior

In the master bedroom, the ambience is set with hanging rattan bedside lamps, gracefully casting shadows on the sand-hued walls and resembling gently swaying tree branches. A matching rattan headboard and rattan bedside tables complement the rustic aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend of natural elements reminiscent of a tranquil retreat.

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - vanity and bathroomWabi-sabi vanity area and master bathroom.
Image credit: Hoft Interior

Opposite the bed, a wabi-sabi vanity area features neutral tones and a unique irregularly shaped curved mirror. Adjacent to this, a built-in wardrobe area showcases a row of stylish fluted panels and sleek storage space.

The bathroom is designed in a similar style, with large grey tiles, a light-toned marble sink, and a floating wooden sink base cabinet.

Cosy kid’s bedroom & glass-panelled study

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - kid's bedroomImage credit: Hoft Interior

The kid’s bedroom adopts a minimalist approach, featuring soft cream-toned furniture and a selection of cosy accents such as a beanbag and plush circular rug. A lush plant beside the window brings a natural element into the room while adding a pop of green colour.

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - study roomImage credit: Hoft Interior

The study room features darker colours, with a twin WFH set-up and a wall of dark wooden carpentry. Glass panel windows and glass doors welcome an abundance of natural light, creating the illusion of a bigger space. 

Meanwhile, the door handle – crafted from a sturdy branch – adds a charming rustic touch, and warm cove lighting creates a comfortable work atmosphere.

Balinese wabi-sabi HDB flat

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - An elegant arched niche beside the “internal courtyard” is decorated with Balinese-inspired art, featuring handcrafted woodwork, pottery, and sculptures.
Image credit: Hoft Interior

We often see homeowners go with either wabi-sabi or a Balinese-themed home, rarely both. In this instance, the 2 aesthetics were married seamlessly in this bright and uncluttered, earthy and natural living space. With natural elements, neutral hues, and a bespoke internal courtyard, this 4-room HDB encapsulates the seamless coexistence of Japanese wabi-sabi and Bali’s natural charm.

bali resort wabi sabi hdb - front doorComing home to this tranquil retreat must be a dream come true.
Image credit: Hoft Interior

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Cover image adapted from: Hoft Interior

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