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Creating An Atas Pebble Foyer In A 4-Room BTO Flat With A $74K Reno Budget

18 July 2023 | BY

This $74K HDB BTO renovation stands as living proof that not all Japandi homes are cut from the same cloth.

Creating An Atas Pebble Foyer In My Japandi-Luxe 4-Room BTO With A $74K Budget

You’ve probably seen countless Japandi-inspired homes, but have you ever come across the term Japandi-luxe? If you’re someone who craves a touch of luxury whilst embracing the essence of Japandi, then this 4-room HBD BTO renovation will be right up your alley. The homeowners knew exactly what they wanted and called upon the expertise of Cherrie from Lemonfridge Studios to bring their vision to life with a $74k budget.

Sure, you’ll spot a good amount of wood and textured paints, but the cherry on top comes in the form of an enchanting pebble foyer that will transport you to another world.

Zen, Japandi pebble foyer

For most, owning a landed home with a garden may feel like a distant dream, but the dreamy entryway of this BTO flat proves that reno miracles exist – and you too can create a tranquil and resort-like pebble foyer for a surprisingly affordable price of just $200+.

The ambience changes drastically the minute you open the door, with every bit of the entryway passing the vibe check with a full-length mirror with a floating console that works to stow everyday essentials such as keys. The bomb shelter is also cleverly hidden behind some pale blonde built-in cabinets.

Cherrie revealed that it wasn’t an easy task for the homeowners to find the right stone slabs and pebbles that would match what they had in mind. Considering that these slabs would sit alongside the pebbles, they needed to make sure that the slabs were of the right size and height so that the main door could swing inwards without any obstruction.

HDB flat that looks like a condo

Japandi-luxe reno - proposed floor planImage credit: @cherriepei.id

And if the pebble foyer is anything to go by, the rest of the HDB flat is just as stunning. The homeowners and Cherrie decided to convert the original living and dining area into a bedroom, whilst converting 2 of the flats existing bedrooms into an elongated light-drenched living and study space.

Japandi-luxe reno - elegant wrap-around lights Image credit: @cherriepei.id

Unable to do much about a protruding structural beam, Cherrie took the opportunity to create a focal point out of what would normally be an eyesore: a widened beam with embedded warm LED lights that give the Japandi living room more dimension.

Japandi-luxe reno - mini bar and closet space in the living roomImage credit: @cherriepei.id

On the other side of the living room, sits the open-concept study room which comprises a built-in study desk console in the same shade of pale blonde as the rest of the house, giving the entire living room a very sleek, minimal feel. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets also give the homeowners extra storage space.

Long WFH days call for cracking open a cold one when night comes, and that’s exactly what this layout facilitates. The living room’s pantry bar set-up gives the homeowners a cosy little nook to prep their coffees in the morning and host their friends or whip up a little cocktail in the evenings. Need we talk about the mini chiller and its boutique hotel vibes?

Japandi-luxe kitchen & modern-French bedrooms

Japandi-luxe reno - gold elements in the kitchenImage credit: @cherriepei.id

When it comes to crafting a kitchen that truly shines, striking the perfect harmony between practicality and visual appeal is paramount. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where functionality meets aesthetics.

One priority Cherrie had was ensuring a consistent colour palette throughout the different areas in the house for a seamless, serene ambience. Marble countertops adorn the dining nook tabletop and kitchen countertops, whilst the same wood vinyl is used throughout the kitchen. Perhaps the most interesting design choice here is the stone tiles of the kitchen backsplash that are a nod to the stone slabs that greet you in the entryway.

Japandi-luxe reno - cozy dining spaceThe addition of brushed bronze and gold in the kitchen also add a touch of understated luxury to the overall clean look, and elevate the kitchen.
Image credit: @cherriepei.id

While most Japandi homes use a lot of warmer wood tones, the use of pale wood for the carpentry and floors in this flat allowed the homeowners to infuse some Victorian elements in the form of wainscotting on one side of the dining room wall. Something that we’ll soon note as a clever segue into the modern French themes of the master bedroom.

Japandi-luxe reno - wall beadingImage credit: @cherriepei.id

If a 20th century take of Bridgerton were ever to be made, we’d imagine that the main character’s bedroom would look something like this. In the master bedroom, Japandi takes a backseat and modern-French takes centre stage.

Cherrie incorporated wainscoting elements here as well to create a subtle feature wall that adds a layer of depth and visual interest, instead of leaving the walls in just a coat of paint. Neutral tones and a gorgeous crystal wall sconce give the room an elegant charm.

Japandi-luxe reno - vanity in master bedroomImage credit: @cherriepei.id

Zoom out a little and you’ll see that the master bedroom’s wardrobe and vanity area – while compact – create a striking statement that exudes the ambience of an upscale hotel room.

4-room Japandi-luxe HDB BTO with pebble foyer

This HDB flat stands as living proof that not all Japandi homes are cut from the same cloth. With a touch of ingenuity, you have the ability to transform the look and feel of your HDB flat, elevating it to exude the timeless elegance often associated with condos.

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Cover image from: @cherriepei.id

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