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This HDB Flat Is An Industrial Man Cave For Dystopian Lovers After A $55K Reno

15 December 2023 | BY

Moody, intense, grungy, and not for the faint of heart; this hyper-masculine man cave of an HDB flat is a dramatic application of industrial.

This HDB Flat Is An Industrial Man Cave For Dystopian Lovers After A $55K Reno

We’ve featured some man cave ideas before, but most of them have to do with hobbies like gaming and football. But for those that want their homes to embody that dark, brooding male fantasy the likes of Blade Runner’s Deckard and The Dark Knight’s Bruce Wayne, here’s a $55K HDB reno that’s more up your alley.

An all-black, industrial dystopian theme

industrial design 2Image credit: @alchemists_design

Originally envisioned to be a New York industrial-style apartment, the designers at The Alchemists Design eventually realised that the clients living in this HDB wanted a bolder and more unique direction. And so, just like the Rolling Stones song Paint It, Black, one of the key elements of this design is the intense amount of black found in the home.

Adding on to the dark mood here is the heavy texturing found in the cement screed walls, giving the place a sense of raw, manly ruggedness. The choice of rug here replicates that effect, giving the much smoother cement screed flooring some visual depth.

greenImage credit: @alchemists_design

The balcony is the only area where there is a departure from the all-black theme of the HDB. A definite eye-catcher, this artificial greenery wall adds a pop of colour to the home. This respite is intentional, allowing the homeowners to relax after work under the glow of the hopeful neon sign above.

Functional, stylish kitchen & dining area

industrial design 4Image credit: @alchemists_design

The kitchen is an extension of that dark, moody vibe in the living space, and likewise is almost entirely clad in black and greys. The homeowners loved having guests over, so the designers ditched the initial closed kitchen idea in favour of this open kitchen layout that provides the sort of space needed for a small party.

Smart placement of strip lighting helps illuminate the space and admittedly gives the kitchen a rather modern, sexy look for when you plan to entertain guests. The black varnished wood slab table and hexagonal kitchen tiles add new texture to elevate the overall design and keep it from feeling too monotonous.

Here, the shadows help further accent the colour palette here, creating the sort of sombre mood that would fit your coffee-and-cigarette breakfast as you brood over the one that got away.

industrial design 5The industrial design is beautifully showcased here with this shot of the dining table.
Image credit: @alchemists_design

An interesting point to note here is that because of the palette, the homeowners have insisted that all the air conditioners are specially painted jet black in this home.

Master bed & bath fit for Bruce Wayne

industrial design 6Image credit: @alchemists_design

The bathroom is actually rather aesthetic, with a floating cement screed vanity and symmetrical design giving an almost calming vibe. The glossy brick wall on the other hand reminds you of the overall industrial theme of the house and simply exudes understated stylishness.

The double light sconces on either side of the vanity are evocative of the spotlights on skyscrapers. It almost allows you to pretend you’re at Wayne Tower, exploring the depths of your troubled soul as you go about your morning shave.

industrial design 7Image credit: @alchemists_design

The bedroom is where the industrial design is toned down; here, black is replaced with greys, and metal is mostly replaced with softer materials like rope and polished leather.

The filament bulbs and the exposed ducts help keep this room thematically in line with the rest of the house, but with the minimalism here, the cement screed walls and ceiling almost give a calming, restful atmosphere.

A $55K industrial HDB reno for dystopian lovers

This home done by @alchemists_design, reveals that sometimes you might find yourself deviating radically from your original renovation concept, and that’s perfectly okay. If anything, the ambitious style, use of shadows and the ability to embrace the raw elements here to create the right mood for the home are all good points that you can use when you next look into creating a masculine industrial home.

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Cover image adapted from: @alchemists_design

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