7 All-Out HDB & Condo Renovations With Price Tags Above $200K

27 December 2023 | BY

Ever wondered how grand your home could be if you had the budget for it? Here are 7 all-out renovations above $200K.

7 All-Out HDB & Condo Renovations With Price Tags Above $200K

Your house is probably the most expensive big ticket item you’ll ever purchase, especially nowadays where more and more resale HDBs cross the million-dollar mark, and new condo projects go for twice as much. As such, it’s understandable that most want to keep their renovations straightforward so they can create a cosy nook with an affordable budget.

But as always, there are exceptions to the rule. The homeowners of these HDBs and condos have come forth with expensive renovations that cost at least $200K. While it’s quite the splurge, you earn yourself a home that’s classy, unique and oftentimes worth way more than its price tag.

Pasir Ris Street 21 resale HDB – Luxe boutique hotel vibes

>$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Parallelogram Design & Co.

It’s almost the long weekend, and you’re on the sides booking a staycay at Lloyd’s Inn or M Social while at work. On the other hand, the owners of this Pasir Ris resale 4-room HDB have chosen to bring the boutique hotel into their homes, all with a shiny $280K cheque.

>$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Parallelogram Design & Co.

The floorplan went through quite a change, where the master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe were reconfigured to be interconnected. 

All in all, the home is grounded by a dark-colour palette and luxe style, which is complemented elegantly with marble surfaces, fluted panels and warm-lit storage shelves with classy decorative items.

Bendemeer 5-room DBSS – Mediacorp actor Desmond Tan’s home

Desmond Tan's >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Mr Shopper Studio

While all that glitters is not gold, this 5-room flat in Bendemeer’s City View DBSS proves to be otherwise. Owned by Mediacorp actor Desmond Tan, this flat oozes 5-star hotel vibes that, we dare say, embodies even more luxury than its $200K price tag.

Desmond Tan's >$200K Renovated HomeThe gold-lit bar has a beautiful chandelier from Swarovski.
Image credit: Mr Shopper Studio

With marble walls, warm-lit chandeliers and plush furniture, there’s no doubt that the home takes after a fancy hotel lobby. Not to forget, it’s a smart home, with convenient features that enables it to go up the posh scale.

Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 resale – Industrial x pop art decor

Industrial Andy Warhol Style >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Linear Space Concepts

Looks like Andy Warhol touched down in town as seen in this Ang Mo Kio resale 4-room HDB that was done up with a steady $500K budget.

Industrial >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Linear Space Concepts

Lots of pop art knick-knacks and colours punctuate the industrial-looking space, with steel feature walls that make the home resemble a mini hipster container mall. Expect to meet a trippy Mona Lisa behind the old-school metal gates in the doorway, or even Batman and Catwoman at the front of the powder room.

Pasir Ris resale HDB maisonette – Modern farmhouse interior

Modern Farmhouse >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: akiHAUS

True, backyard living doesn’t always come through for most Singaporeans, save those who live in landed homes where there’s a luxury of square footage. Still, that didn’t stop the owners of this Pasir Ris resale HDB maisonette from bringing the farmhouse indoors for $300K.

Modern Farmhouse >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: akiHAUS

Granted, most of the budget was allocated for technical works, where all the plumbing, electrical wiring and masonry were changed altogether. The result, though, is one that combines modern and rustic elements together beautifully.

Modern Farmhouse >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: akiHAUS

Another thing to bring across is that feature walls are notoriously expensive, so you’ll know that only a few will be willing to invest lots of money into building a full feature platform in the living room, including the false ceiling and TV niches.

Kembangan maisonette condo – Sleek monochrome style

Monochrome >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Third Avenue Studio Pte Ltd

Some say it’s too plain and basic, but you still can’t deny that the monochrome aesthetic is one of the most timeless in interior design playbooks. 

In this maisonette unit in Kembangan’s Starville condo that was renovated for $224K, you’ll see matte grey surfaces, tempered glass feature walls and glossy fixtures that breathe elegance into the home.

Monochrome >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Third Avenue Studio Pte Ltd

Fluted panels line the TV console area, and the shades of brown and pink in the furniture add some variety to the monochrome palette.

Monochrome >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: Third Avenue Studio Pte Ltd

White walls frame the interior upstairs, and the narrow corridor behind the stairwell creates an “airwell” illusion where your eyes are directed towards the more open expanse downstairs.

Novena condo resale – Classy Victorian-themed

Victorian-Themed >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: The Local INN.terior

You need not travel to the British countryside to see Victorian architecture; for $280K, an English castle has been reborn in this resale unit in Novena’s Tan Tong Meng Tower condo.

Victorian-Themed >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: The Local INN.terior

Being part of a relatively old condo development, the owners are lucky to have more square footage to play around with. There’s plenty of space to display their gothic antique fixtures, chandeliers and mirrors – it’s almost like you’re visiting an actual royalty’s home.

Victorian-Themed >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: The Local INN.terior

The bedrooms also play to this theme; even the bathrooms are all equipped with gold mirrors, pretty artificial shrubs and carved tabletops.

Bishan resale condo – Clover-shaped with wood accents

Wood accents >$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: KDOT

Other than being a superstitious thing at home that welcomes good qi, curved layouts are quite the rarity in condos and HDBs. What makes this resale unit in Bishan’s Clover by the Park condo, is that its layout resembles, that’s right, a clover.

>$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: KDOT

As part of the $200K budget, wooden carpentry was used throughout the house, from the cabinetry in the kitchen and living areas to the TV console shelves.

>$200K Renovated HomeImage credit: KDOT

The curves look especially interesting in the master bedroom, where you see the bathtub lined along them. You can even get a good view downstairs, which could very possibly be of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

Expensive HDB & condo renovations above $200K

As both property prices and mortgage rates stand at an all-time high, it gets harder to part with our money to purchase a home, let alone to spruce it up to our dream abode. 

But to put things into perspective, the house you purchase today may likely be yours for a long time. So, there is value after all in investing a more than modest sum into renovation to get a place we truly enjoy. As these expensive HDB and condo renovations prove, the $200K investment you make could very well make your home much more valuable in the long run.

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Cover image adapted from: Mr Shopper Studio, akiHAUS, KDOT, Linear Space Concepts
This article was originally published on 3rd November 2022, and updated on 27th December 2023.

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