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This 4-Room Buangkok HDB BTO Looks The Perfect Part Of A Slytherin Dorm Room

31 January 2024 | BY

If Draco Malfoy were Singaporean, this is what we’d imagine his Slytherin-inspired HDB flat would look like.

modern industrial 4 room bto flat in buangkok like slytherin

If you grew up reading and watching Harry Potter, you’d know how iconic the colour green is to Slytherin. And “Draco Malfoy’s bachelor pad” was what immediately came to mind when we came across this modern grunge HDB flat that has green as its primary colour.

Designed by Eugenia Ng of The Interior Lab, this 4-room HDB BTO flat in Buangkok was designed to mimic the vibes of gentlemen’s clubs and English bars, which the homeowner had spent some time working at. Coincidentally, Draco Malfoy is British, so make of it what you might. 

Modern grunge living room & bar counter

modern grunge living room and bar counterImage credit: The Interior Lab

One feature that many bartenders tend to have in their homes is a bar counter, this one included. Rather than placing it in the dining room – where most home bars tend to be – the homeowner wanted his guests to be able to sip on their favourite drinks while lounging in the living room.

brick wall and fairy lights in buangkok hdb flatImage credit: The Interior Lab

It is also the living room that gives off the most Slytherin vibes. Two different shades of green were used by Eugenia for a subtle pop of colour and to give the home a rugged edge that was had by the said gentlemen’s clubs. The only things missing are a couple of snakes and some wands strewn about.

buangkok hdb bto living room with wooden blindsImage credit: The Interior Lab

While most would have their feature wall be the backdrop for their television, Eugenia decided to put the brick feature wall behind the leather couch to not create visual clutter on the opposite wall.

Open-concept kitchen & dining room for hosting friends

open-concept kitchen with dining tableImage credit: The Interior Lab

Adjacent to the living room is the show-stopping kitchen which Eugenia had the most fun designing. “My favourite part is the centrepiece of the kitchen, an island table top with the dining table connected,” she said. The open-concept kitchen with tons of prep space was one of the must-haves for the homeowners, as they loved hosting family gatherings.

peranakan tiles underneath dining tablePeep the Peranakan tiles underneath the dining table.
Image credit: The Interior Lab

This kitchen has all the trappings of a chef’s table, one of the most coveted spots in a restaurant where diners are sat at a table that has a full view of the bustling kitchen. In this Buangkok flat, the homeowner’s guests have a front-row seat to all that’s going on in the kitchen, and they can chat with whoever is cooking at the same time too.

Eugenia shared that the dining table was connected to the kitchen bar counter perpendicularly to “make the connection between the kitchen and dining space more cohesive.”

checkered floor in kitchenImage credit: The Interior Lab

The kitchen itself is chock full of fun details, like a chequered floor and countertops that match the large-format wood-inspired wall tiles.

Hidden storage in platform beds

hidden platform storageImage credit: The Interior Lab

We all know how precious storage space is in HDB flats. Unfortunately, we’re all plain ol’ muggles, so we have to rely on tricks like hidden platform storage spaces to fit all of our prized possessions. This was something Eugenia implemented in the bedrooms that the homeowners also wanted.

Modern grunge Buangkok HDB BTO flat

modern industrial buangkok flatImage credit: The Interior Lab

It’s easy to play things safe and go for a minimalistic home, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for this homeowner who wanted a space to cook and entertain his friends, engaging Eugenia from The Interior Lab was the right choice as she managed to transform the BTO flat into a cosy, modern grunge flat that is anything but a cookie-cutter apartment with a budget of $55K.

It’s also somewhere that we can see Draco Malfoy and his children settling down in an alternate reality where he’s a Singaporean wizard. Sure, the Slytherin-esque green tones and grunge elements might not have been the intention of Eugenia, but it doesn’t stop us from using our imagination as Slytherin fans.

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Cover image credit: The Interior Lab

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