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This Eclectic Tampines HDB Flat Looks Like A Cool Speakeasy With Neon Lights & A Tiled Bar

15 November 2023 | BY

From industrial to retro, avant-garde to maximalist, this eclectic HDB flat has a buffet of interior design styles that are a visual treat.

eclectic hdb flat

A visual buffet that resembles the interior of an art gallery rather than an HDB home, this eclectic Tampines HDB flat designed by 5th Avenue Interior transcends the boundaries of conventional home design.

There are a myriad of themes present in this home, from the industrial sensibilities seen through the walls and exposed pipes to the avant-garde bar that blends retro and traditional tiles. If you want to see how eclectic and minimalist homes are executed without looking too gaudy, just read on.

Eclectic living room with a neon light sign & vending machine door

eclectic hdb flat living room with neon lightsImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

The living room presents an amalgamation of design styles furnished with quirky yet functional decor elements that come together to create the perfect eclectic blend.

A bright neon “que sera sera” sign instantly captures attention, alongside a vinyl record player and radio boombox that contribute to the retro design aesthetic. Beside this, a bright yellow vending machine door stands out as an unconventional method of transforming an HDB bomb shelter door – typically regarded as an eyesore – into a unique statement piece.

The walls feature a dynamic array of stylistic diversity from a textured white popcorn wall to a dark blue wall segment that looks like part of a shipping container. The exposed pipes running across the ceiling add a subtle industrial touch.

Funky retro lights complete the vibrant visual tapestry, while a vintage faucet and mirror are artfully installed against the popcorn wall, serving a dual purpose as a functional hand-washing area and intriguing decor element.

Retro speakeasy bar & kitchen area

Walking further into the home unveils a unique retro bar and kitchen area, clearly distinguished from the living area by the presence of a classic checkerboard tiled floor. 

eclectic hdb flat kitchen barImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

Bright orange square tiles cover the entire bar top, while the base of the bar is made from traditional Chinese ventilation tiles to create an interesting visual contrast. The bar top also serves as a convenient spot to prep meals and drinks, while the main cooking area is discreetly tucked into a corner further behind.

eclectic hdb flatImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

A selection of classic cooking equipment is hung on a board on the far wall, transforming functional kitchen items into an artful display – although we’re not sure if these pieces are just for display or they’re being used by the homeowners.

Posters and signs with retro vibes also contribute to the eclectic ambience, further enhancing the space with nostalgic charm and a touch of whimsy. Behind the bar, a scattered photo wall adds a personal element and maximalist flair to the space, completing the visual journey through time and style.

Contemporary urban street-art-style bathroom

urban street style bathroom with black fittingsImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

Contemporary urban art meets functionality in this visually captivating bathroom. Hexagonal tiles, painted with intricate graphic designs, bloom from the corner of the wall, creating the illusion of a portal into another world.

The bathroom backdrop resembles an elevation of New York street graffiti – a spectacle that even Banksy himself couldn’t rival – while a minimalist fully-black shower head ensures that the graphic art takes centre stage in the HDB bathroom.

Neon orange & black walk-in wardrobe area

neon orange and black wardrobeImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

The concept of a two-tone colour scheme takes an eclectic turn in this walk-in wardrobe area, which embraces the unconventional by pairing black with neon orange – a colour scheme that subtly echoes the aesthetic of the home’s speakeasy bar and kitchen area.

The bright pop of colour adds personality to the otherwise neat and minimalist space, creating a visually striking atmosphere. Attention to detail is evident, down to the meticulously colour-coordinated drawer handles and the dramatic jet-black curtains.

A samurai sword display and a single open wardrobe rack are constructed in the middle of the room, serving as a focal point within the vibrant space.

Tampines HDB flat looks like a cool speakeasy

eclectic hdb flat living room with neon lightsImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

A fusion of bright colours, unique patterns, and artistic displays, the vastly different elements of this retro speakeasy home come together to create a maximalist, eclectic living space worthy of marvelling at for hours.

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Cover image adapted from: Fifth Avenue Interior

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