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10 Singapore Home Office Ideas So Cool You’ll Wanna Ask Your Boss To WFH Forever

18 May 2023 | BY

For those of you who have the option of working from home, these home office ideas will keep you motivated and productive.

home office ideas

Having a proper home office can do wonders for your productivity, especially if your special corner has all of the creature comforts that will put you at ease when you’re clocked in from 9-6. That can mean having dazzling neon lights plastered on the walls, decorating your tabletop with video game figurines, or keeping your workstation simple and clutter-free.

Here are 10 home office ideas that range from swanky to cosy to inspire you when the time comes for a room makeover.

1. All-white setup with extra storage

home office ideas - white desk setupImage credit: @yuzeu

An all-white space can either look clinically sterile, or ethereal and minimalistic. This setup by Instagram user @yuzeu thankfully falls in the latter camp, and we’re also loving the subtle pops of colour with the carpet and the watercolour print at her feet.

The focal point of the room, however, is her desk-and-drawer setup comprising the Omnidesk Ascent and the Alex drawer unit from IKEA. Even though the drawer is placed below the desk, Yuzu still has plenty of legroom as her desk was the large model. Cats are optional finishing touches to the setup.

2. Whimsical Animal Crossing aesthetic

home office ideas - animal crossingImage credit: @brancsk

It wasn’t too long ago that Animal Crossing had a stranglehold on society with gamers and non-gamers alike hunting seasonal insects and fishing for sharks. This passion for the game has never wavered for the Singaporean artist Brandon (@brancsk). And when it was time to redecorate his room, he naturally turned to the game for inspiration.

The brown shades from the natural rubberwood of his Omnidesk Ascent and the mint green tones from the desk mat and mini toy lockers are iconic parts of the Animal Crossing palette. And the giant calendar helps Brandon keep track of monthly events from holidays to birthdays. 

Add the fact that his Nintendo Switch is connected to his monitors, he never has a reason to leave his room.

3. Moody & atmospheric studio setup

home office ideas - neon sign and lightbox in a moody studio setupImage credit: @__diditee__ 

Not every home office setup needs natural light to look good. Case in point: Declann’s content creation setup uses a bunch of decorative and task lighting to illuminate the space in a moody yet atmospheric way.

The most eye-catching part of the space is the customised neon sign displaying his nickname, but it’s the large softbox to the side that brightens up the space. A monitor light bar then highlights everything on his Omnidesk Wildwood tabletop, including which key he’s going to press next on his keyboard.

4. Elvish bohemian with a comfortable footrest

home office ideas - elvish bohemian chicImage credit: @eytinkz

Even though Middle-earth might be a Tolkien fantasy, there’s nothing stopping you from living out your Elvish dreams by decorating your home office with Bohemian pieces that would not be out of place in the Undying Lands. The rattan screens with eucalyptus garlands channels that fantastical setting without requiring a huge budget to execute.

Other elements that make this aesthetic work is the use of warm, neutral tones like the brown table, beige desk accessories, and grey keyboard and desk mat.

And to ensure that the user maintains proper posture, a footrest is in place at the bottom of the desk. Elves could only wish for such luxuries.

5. All-pink corner setup with Nanoleafs and floating shelves

home office ideas - pink with nanoleafsImage credit: @fayhluna

Girlypops, take note – this is how you execute an all-pink battle station without it looking like a unicorn barfed all over the place. The various shades of pink coupled with the different material textures give the room some layers of depth. 

To break up the colour monotony, hexagonal Nanoleaf panels that can be programmed to project different colours are plastered on the wall, while Pokémon plushies sit on coral-coloured shelves, keeping watch over the rose setup.

6. Modular mid-century modern system

home office ideas - kohlony with usm haller furnitureImage credit: @kohlony/Studio Periphery

The USM Haller system is one of the most versatile modular storage systems ever designed. To make the most out of its potential, interior designer Edmund from Shed Studio configured a bunch of the system’s containers into a study room for the couple Zhi Yi and Minlin.

Using a modular storage system allows homeowners Zhi Yi and Minlin to have all the storage they need within arm’s reach. The storage modules are also consistent with the aesthetics of the rest of the room and match the furniture throughout the house. Just be prepared to shell out a pretty penny for a setup like this.

The homeowners also have a love for burgers – specifically McDonald’s burgers – and this can be seen via the vintage Hamburger Patch lamp on the desk. One lamp can fetch up to $8,900 on second-hand websites, seeing as it is a rare prototype from the 1980s that never went into full production.

7. Minimalistic & space-efficient setups

home office ideas - minimalist and space efficient setupImage credit: skiidu

Not everyone has the luxury of space for a setup like the ones above, and cool doesn’t necessarily mean big. Some setups like this one from Reddit user “skiidu” still manage to look impressive thanks to the tidiness, minimalism, and good use of space.

One of the easiest ways to conserve real estate on the table is to use monitor mounts. This way, the monitors are lifted off the desk and you’ll be able to adjust their position to your liking instead of relying on the default monitor stands. Having a vertical monitor arrangement also lets you read more lines of code without scrolling down the page.

8. A multi-monitor recording studio

home office ideas - jeff ng home studio with multiple monitors

When we visited Jeff Ng’s home, he told us that investing in a home recording studio was at the top of his priority list when renovating his resale flat. This setup with multiple monitors, soundproofed walls, and a sturdy standing desk from Omnidesk cost him almost a whopping $20,000 to put together.

Jeff Ng Studios

He also hired a decorator to liven up the other side of the studio, so guests can feel comfortable when they visit and watch him record a song for his YouTube channel.

9. Stately Raffles Hotel-inspired study

home office ideas - raffles hotel inspired study roomImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

If you’re more inclined towards classic interior design styles, this stately home office with a bold wooden executive desk and a high-quality leather chair is fit for a C-suite executive gunning for a record-breaking quarter.

The trick to achieving this look is to get furniture that exudes masculinity and is made from high-quality materials. But to ensure that the space doesn’t look too one-note, the study room is decorated with the iconic green banker’s lamp for a pop of colour. The tufted leather chair also gives the room additional texture.

10. Resort home office vibes

home office ideas - resort home office vibes

For those who want to experience eternal vacation bliss and feel like they’re “working from anywhere” every day, styling your home office to look like it belongs in a tropical resort is the way to go. This study-cum-music room in Mary’s bungalow is flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows that fill the space with natural light, and the landscaping outside adds to the villa vibes.

Mary and her partner also filled the custom-built shelves behind the custom-made desk with their favourite books and memorabilia to add personality.

Cool home office ideas

A home office is more than a desk, chair, and laptop. A setup that is catered to your personality and working style will get your creative juices flowing and help boost your productivity, dare we say more so than being in the office will.

But aesthetics isn’t all of it. How you maintain your posture is equally important to the longevity of your home office, as you don’t want to be suffering from backaches 10 minutes after you clock in to work. One way to improve your posture in your home office is to get a height-adjustable standing desk such as the Omnidesk Ascent as we’ve seen in some of these setups.

black omnidesk ascentThe Omnidesk Ascent in black.
Image credit: Omnidesk

The Omnidesk Ascent can go from a sitting position to a standing one in just a couple of seconds with just a press of a button. There’s also an accompanying smartphone app, Omnidesk Life, that reminds you to take regular standing breaks every so often. For better ergonomics, you can opt for the curved table top so your forearms have a place to rest on. But FYI, this is only available for the standard tabletop that’s made from medium-density fibreboard.

pheasant wood omnideskThe pheasant wood desk has a natural live edge.
Image credit: Omnidesk

If you want your desk to match your room’s decor, the tabletops from the Wildwood Collection would fit better. They come in light shades like Natural Hevea to the dark, moody tones of walnut.

The holy grail of their wooden tabletops is the Kawa and Ame tabletops which are part of the Ichi collection. This series of handcrafted table tops will elevate any home office, especially the Kawa table top where an epoxy resin “river” is hand-poured into the wooden slab. And since no 2 Ichi collection desks are the same, you’ll have to check out Omnidesk’s Suntec City showroom in person to see the selection of tabletops.

omnidesk ichi collection kawa desksThe Kawa table top is made from teak wood.
Image credit: Omnidesk

The Ichi collection is currently going for 20% off at Omnidesk’s Suntec City showroom, which is much appreciated as one-of-a-kind tables like this will cost at least $1,900 originally.

Find out more about the Omnidesk Ascent

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Cover image credit: @fayhluna, @brancsk, @__diditee__

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