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How To Make Your Room Look Like Wednesday Addams’ – Or Enid’s

13 February 2023 | BY

It’s creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky. Here are 9 items for room decor inspired by Wednesday Addams and her BFF Enid.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the end of 2022, you will have heard of Netflix’s latest hit series Wednesday. Recently renewed for a second season, its popularity has spawned various outfit and room decor trends on TikTok and Instagram, and Addamscore looks set to be the first big thing of 2023.

To get you started on your Addamscore room makeover, here’s a little handbook on how to channel Wednesday Addams – or if you prefer pastels, her BFF and roommate Enid.

Wednesday and the “Addamscore” aesthetic

Fans of the Addams Family will be familiar with Wednesday, the brooding, reserved girl with a morbid streak, an eerily pale complexion, and iconic twin pigtails.

While Wednesday has always been a staple in the Addams Family franchise, it wasn’t until the 2022 Netflix series that she could shine on her own. Along with this came the advent of the Addamscore aesthetic, which now lives rent-free on our TikTok For You pages and in our minds.

Think of Addamscore as a modern twist on the traditional Gothic style associated with period horror pieces. Or, in the words of the Addamses, it’s “creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky”.

How to get the Addamscore look with your decor

Wednesday AddamsColours commonly associated with the Addamscore aesthetic.
Image credit: Coolors

Edison bulb or Gothic lighting

Similar to the rest of her family, Wednesday has a slight aversion to light, preferring to stay in the dark instead. Hence, in order to achieve peak Addamscore, you’ll have to turn your lights way down. Tungsten bulbs, which aren’t as bright as standard issue LED lights, are a good choice. 

Wednesday AddamsDimmable LED lights that look like tungsten bulbs.

The vintage look of tungsten bulbs also helps recreate the whole feeling of a room stuck in time – another vital part of the Addamscore aesthetic. Standard Products has adjustable LED versions of tungsten bulbs, in case you want the vintage aesthetic while also being mindful of your electricity consumption.

Wednesday AddamsFaux candle chandelier.
Image credit: Horizon Lights

For something a little more fancy, consider getting a chandelier that looks like it came straight out of the Addamses’ living room. They come in a range of designs such as faux candles, wrought iron, or even modern cubic – the sky’s the limit.

Gothic and Victorian-inspired furniture pieces

Every entry in the Addams Family franchise – even the cartoons – bear the titular family’s signature Gothic style. To kickstart your kooky and spooky makeover, switch out basics such as shelves and cabinets for more ornate versions. From Gothic wall mirrors to Victorian-style home office sets, these large items will transform the feel of your room in no time.

Wednesday Addams

Fans of the older movies in the Addams Family franchise will remember Bruno, the family’s very eye-catching polar bear rug in the middle of their living room. 

Wednesday AddamsWe do talk about Bruno.
Image credit: The Addams Family Wiki

In this day and age, a real polar bear rug would raise eyebrows – and not in a good way. Instead, try adding a synthetic fur rug, which lets you commit to the aesthetic without sacrificing your morals or bank account.  

If there is one thing about the Addams family, it’s that they love dark furniture – from leather wingback chairs to carved table legs that look strangely animalistic – that are never beating the “haunted” allegations

Wednesday AddamsImage adapted from: Netflix

Like the rest of her family, Wednesday has a penchant for such furniture. The black leather armchair seen in the first episode looks particularly inviting, if we do say so ourselves. The classic design is unlikely to go out of style, so even if you grow out of Addamscore, dark leather armchairs will still have a place in your home.

Typewriter keyboard

Wednesday AddamsImage adapted from: Netflix

Another must-have Addamscore item is Wednesday’s Juwel typewriter, on which she “devote[s] an hour a day to writing [her] novel.” Though real typewriters aren’t quite practical in today’s day and age, we’ve found the next best thing – typewriter-style keyboards. 

Wednesday AddamsImage credit: Qwerkywriter

One of the best known brands of typewriter-style keyboards is Qwerkywriter, which can be connected to multiple devices via Bluetooth. These keyboards don’t come cheap, but once again, Shopee comes in clutch with affordable dupes.

Dark floral patterns

Morticia Addams’ iconic black roses are an essential part of Addamscore decor, so make sure you incorporate it in your decor to get the whole look. 

Wednesday AddamsImage credit: Lazada 

An easy way to channel the Addams matriarch is to use dark floral wallpaper, which is easier to install than you’d think. Self-adhesive wallpaper saves the day once again.

Spider motifs

Wednesday AddamsImage credit: Netflix

Our arachnophobic friends are quaking. But for those a little braver, take a page out of Xavier Thorpe’s book and decorate your room with as many spider motifs as possible to make it look Halloween-ready all year round. For a subtler touch, try recreating Wednesday and Enid’s spiderweb stained glass window.

Enid’s retro “kidcore” aesthetic

Enid was an original character created by the writers of Wednesday. She’s the exact opposite of Wednesday: bubbly, excitable, and very positive. Oh, and before we forget, she’s also a werewolf. It’s therefore not a surprise that Enid’s aesthetic sense is the antithesis of Wednesday’s.

Together, the pair gives off the same vibes as Princess Bubblegum and Marceline – or if you’re well-versed in memes, the black house next to the pink and purple one. 

Enid’s style can be described as “kidcore”, a maximalist trend that focuses on bright colours, nostalgia, and a heavy dose of fun.

How to get the look with your decor

Wednesday AddamsKidcore may be a little much on the eyes for newbies, so test the waters with a subdued colour palette first.
Image credit: Coolors

Window films to create stained glass on a budget

Enid-inspired decor wouldn’t be complete without her iconic stained glass window. Unfortunately for us on a budget, a real stained glass window fit for a cathedral is out of the question. Not to worry though, since adhesive window films are a cheap way to get the look without breaking the bank.

Wednesday AddamsImage credit: Amazon

Pastel furniture and decor 

Bright, cheery colours are an indispensable part of Enid’s style. Instead of whites and creams, try painting your walls with shades such as egg yolk yellow or salmon pink. If that sounds too daunting, start off by painting only the bottom half of your walls.

Wednesday AddamsImage credit: Free Space Intent

To really complete the whimsical, kidcore look, furnish your room with unexpected items such as colourful arch shelves and cute heart-shaped mirrors

Wednesday AddamsCute mirrors can help zhuzh up a room for cheap.
Image credit: @tiny.pretty.j

Fairy lights

Wednesday AddamsImage credit: HipVan

A “soft girl’s bedroom” must have fairy lights – it’s literally in the rules of feminism or something. The warm lighting helps make a room look cosy, like a warm hug after a long day. We recommend getting fairy lights shaped like tiny light bulbs or hearts for an even more whimsical look. 

Knitted accents

Another sure-fire way to make your room cosy is to fill it with knitted things. Enter knitted pouffes, which look like a cute cross between stools and ottomans. The pouffes also tend to be softer than regular ottomans, and are thus super comfortable to sit on. 

Wednesday AddamsImage credit: FortyTwo

Knitted pouffes in soft shades such as baby pink, blue, beige, and grey make gorgeous additions to any pastel-themed room. Plus, it brings to mind Enid’s love of knitting – we’d give up our firstborn for a handmade snood from our favourite pint-sized werewolf.

Decor inspired by Wednesday Addams and Enid

While we can never truly recreate everything from the Wednesday set, we hope our guide will help you capture the essence of Wednesday and Enid’s aesthetics. So go forth, be creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky.

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Cover image adapted from: Free Space Intent, HipVan, Netflix, Horizon Lights, Lazada

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