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13 Best Homeware Items Under $20 To Buy At Standard Products, The MUJI Version Of Daiso

17 November 2022 | BY

Newly launched by Daiso, Standard Products certainly sets the standards for minimalistic, affordable homeware.

13 Best Homeware Items Under $20 To Buy At Standard Products, The MUJI Version Of Daiso

Purchasing homeware can be a pretty stressful task. Having to check and balance quality, prices and overall utility to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Luckily, Daiso seems to have heard our worries and provided us a solution in the form of their newest brand on the block – Standard Products.

A minimalist lifestyle brand, Standard Products aims to provide aesthetically pleasing homeware products while also ensuring you get quality items at wallet-friendly prices. We head down to its only physical store outside of Japan at Jurong Point to find 13 of the best homeware items you can get under $20.

Bamboo tableware

Available in white, blue, grey and brown, these bamboo plates, bowls and even cups come in a set with a wide variety of sizes in small increments. This distinctive design makes it look extremely aesthetically-pleasing when stacked.

Bamboo is also way less breakable than traditional ceramics, so you can rest assured even if your tableware would be in younger, less safe hands.

Price: $2.14 – $9.42, price varies depending on size


Handmade by veteran craftsmen in a specialty factory in Tsubame City, Niigata, these metal spoons, forks and knives are not only affordable, but are also high-quality and durable. Additionally, if the traditional silver won’t do it for you, there are also gold utensils available for you to live out your rich K-drama lead dreams.

Price: $6.21 per set

Storage baskets

When we walked into the store, the first thing that caught our eyes was a giant wall of storage baskets. They came in literally almost any size, perfect for storing almost anything, including clothes, accessories, files and magazines.

Price: $6.21 – $9.42, based on size and utility

Storage baskets for files.

Wastepaper baskets.

Just around the corner sits an entire shelf of corn husk baskets, their rustic, natural looks coming straight out of a farmhouse. These small baskets are perfect for displaying some dried flowers or fruits for a gorgeous cottage core aesthetic.

Price: $6.21

Hinoki scents

For those confused as to what Hinoki scents are, Standard Products describes it as “forest-scented surplus timber” of felled cypress trees from Gifu Prefecture. They also recommend enjoying this natural scent with the separately-sold scent diffusers for a richer, more aromatic fragrance.

Hinoki scents are said to promote stress relief and relaxation, and its earthly, forestry scent is reminiscent of a luxury onsen. Perfect to come home to after a long day at work.

Price: $6.21 per bottle


Good news, candle fans: there’s no need to splurge on designer candles from Jo Malone. For less than $10, the candles come in a variety of scents including floral, white musk, citrus, green tea, earl grey and savon. 

They make great gifts too, so that’s definitely one thing to check off the office’s gift exchange wish list.

Price: $9.42

Scent diffusers

If you prefer more subtle fragrances compared to the strong scents of musk and citrus, then look no further than Standard Products’ very own scent diffusers. Guaranteed to leave anywhere from your bathrooms to bedrooms smelling fresh, these twelve different scents come in minimalist bottles that fit in seamlessly with your home decor. These scents include but are not limited to magnolia, lavender, ocean and yuzu.

Price: $9.42

Wooden photo frames

Thinking about sprucing up those plain walls with a DIY gallery? Standard Products has their own collection of wood photo frames in three different sizes. Ranging in size from 12.8cm x 18.2cm to 14.8cm x 21cm and 18.2cm x 25.7cm, these frames are suitable for anything from small friendship keepsakes to a family portrait.

Price: $7.28 – $9.49, price varies depending on size

Spray bottles

When we think of spray bottles, those gaudy spray bottles most of us resort to buying out of convenience at the mama shop down the street come to mind. If those won’t do it for you, Standard Products has spray bottles available in both white and black for your aesthetic demands.

Price: $6.21

Energy-saving LED light fixtures

In a little happy accident, we happened to chance upon an entire section dedicated to lighting around the house, which led us to these light bulbs. 

While these bulbs look like something you might find in an antique farmhouse, they are operated using LED lights, which is an energy-saving alternative to the traditional tungsten. Vintage vibes that are safe for the environment. 

Price: $9.42 per bulb

Another great lighting find was the garden lanterns. Portable and battery-operated, the lantern comes with adjustable 3-stage dimming, which means it can be used for anything from a cool evening on the balcony to a cute tableside decoration. Oh, and did we mention, it can be used during disasters such as blackouts as well? Really brings “aesthetically functional” to a whole new level.  

Price: $9.42

Peel-and-stick mirrors

True to their name, sticker mirrors are very easy to install: literally peel off their adhesive backing and stick them on your walls. These mirrors come in packs of four too, which is more than enough for you to play around with and find a design that best suits your room’s aesthetics. 

Also, they are non-permanent and can be just as easily removed as they are installed, which is great if you’re a tenant having to adhere to the bajillion rules your landlord has for decorating.

Price: $16.91 for a pack of 4

BONUS: Aromatic smoke chips

Before you ask, no, this is not some bougie hamster cage lining.

For those fond of spending time in the kitchen, a novel find like these smoke chips are sure to liven up those evening barbecues at East Coast Park with friends and family. Available in three different flavours for a wide variety of food, these smoked chips are said to enhance the flavours of and are “indispensable” for smoked dishes.

Their Sakura flavour is recommended for use with cheese, eggs, meat and fish, while their deluxe Whiskey flavour is matched perfectly with chicken and white fish. Their Hardwood mix, consisting of sweet woods like oak and maple, is ideal for consumption with fish and cheese.

Price: $6.21 per bag

BONUS: Minimalist-style stationery

For those who struggle to get their seemingly mountainous workload organised, Standard Products offers the solution in the form of their 7mm ruled notebooks. Divided into several sections that allow you to plan out your days, weeks and months, these notebooks provide convenience right at your fingertips. 

The notebooks are available in three sizes (B5, B4 and A5) and a multitude of colours, so getting one that you would genuinely like using shouldn’t be a chore.

Price: $4.07-$6.21, price varies depending on size

If you are also missing a few writing instruments, Standard Products offers quality replacements in the form of their 12-piece pencil set, perfect for anything from everyday writing to more elaborate sketches. Produced by specialised craftsmen in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, these pencils combine affordability and quality in a uniquely artistic way. 

Price: $16.91 for a set of 12

Homeware Items Under $20 To Get At Standard Products

With its clean, minimalist aesthetics and affordable yet high quality products, Standard Products truly sets a new standard for homeware and living. Head down to their store at Jurong Point to check out even more products like storage and lighting solutions, camping gear and even kitchen knives.

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Photography by Clement Sim. 

All prices listed are based on Daiso’s price converter and inclusive of GST.

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