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How To Bring Single’s Inferno’s “Paradise” Vibes Into Your Home

6 February 2023 | BY

While we can’t all fork out thousands for a night in Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Paradise, here are a couple of ways to get the look at home!

How To Bring Single’s Inferno’s “Paradise” Vibes Into Your Home

Reality dating shows – love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no avoiding talk of them; especially when they’re taking the world by storm like Netflix’s Single’s Inferno.

While most viewers had their eyes set on the young and hot pool of contestants, we were busy ogling a different scene: the Paradise City Hotel. And though a night’s stay in the Deluxe Pool Villa is something only BTS and the crazy rich can afford, here are some tips to help turn your crib into Paradise so you can soak in the bougie vibes all day long.

1. Utilise sleek bookcases for storage

Singles Inferno - ShelvesImage credit: Netflix

In the first few glimpses of the Paradise villa, we’re treated to vast, double-volume ceilings that make the potential lovebirds look tiny. Zoom into the living room and you’ll see a gorgeous, wooden floor-to-ceiling divider book shelf cum TV console that gives the expansive villa a sort of cosy, lived-in vibe – definitely not a feature you’ll see in your average hotel room.

To replicate the look, simply invest in a masculine-looking book shelf that fits your wall of choice snugly – bonus points if you can get it built-in, and throw in a rolling ladder for added effect. 

You’ll also want to pick up some embedded LED lighting strips for the individual compartments to give it that dramatic look in the nights. Style it with books, small knick-knacks, sculptures, and maybe even luxury boxes; and you’ll be one step closer to Paradise living. 

For those gung ho enough to try building their own furniture, try out IKEA’s signature BILLY bookcase, while those with a preference for ready-made furniture can opt for Commune’s Radical Shelving or Shutter bookshelf

2. Make use of neutral colours for a chic vibe

Singles Inferno - Neutral ColoursImage adapted from: Netflix

Aside from the copious amounts of marble, you’ll also notice that all the featured hotel suites boast a neutral colour palette, with the occasional pop of colour here and there. From a psychological standpoint, a neutral colour palette creates a calm and tranquil space – an escape from the hustle of city life that many look for in a holiday or staycation.

Singles Inferno - Neutral colours Image credit: Originals Furniture

Here’s a general rule of thumb to follow: start off with a beige or greige “base” for furniture pieces that take up more visual and floor space – we’re talking rugs, sofas, curtains and bedsheets. Then throw in small accents of gold, mustard yellow, rust or moss green to create a luxurious look.

Many home furniture brands do have neutral-toned offerings, and pieces like this sofa from Originals can help amplify the feeling of minimalistic luxury. 

3. Use patterned tiles and wallpaper to make surfaces pop 

Singles Inferno - TilesImage Credit: Netflix 

One scene that may have stuck with most viewers was the bathtub scene with Ji-a and Hyun-seung, but for us, it was how visually stunning the bathroom was from its patterned tiles and curvilinear elements. Let’s not forget all the marble on the walls and vanity, too.

While it might be near impossible for most of us HDB dwellers to fit a round freestanding tub in the middle of our bathroom, we can however switch up the look of our floors and walls with the help of a little wallpaper and stick-on tiles. 

These help you achieve the same expensive look but will only cost a fraction of the price, and can be easily found via suppliers such as Honpo, WallHub and Etsy.

4. Get funky with lighting options

Singles Inferno - Lighting

Image Credit: Netflix

Lights are an integral part of any room, and the Paradise hotel has evidently paid great attention to detail where lighting is concerned, as seen from the many interesting light fixtures we’ve seen from opulent chandeliers to standing lamps. The result is a classy yet warm ambience that delivers that extra oomph of luxury.

Singles Inferno -Lighting DNA Molecular Style Modern Decorative Pendant Light ($780), LED Round Leaves Modern Pendant Light ($559) from Jupiter Lightz
Image credit: Jupiter Lightz, Jupiter Lightz

The opulence of these lights may look like they’d carry a massive price tag, but finding the right type of lighting isn’t exactly going to obliterate your wallet. For one, Taobao is a treasure trove of affordable and classy light fixtures, and even if you have doubts about the shipping procedures, there are a tonne of other lighting retailers such as Horizon Lights, which have varied offerings and designer dupes.

5. Add some plush chairs, stools, or ottomans

Singles Inferno - OttomansImage credit: Netflix

If you’ve got a 4- or 5-room flat on your hands and the luxury of space, decorating can be all fun and games – until you notice that there’s still dead space in the room. To take a leaf out of Paradise City Hotel’s design book, try adding a couple of arm chairs or ottomans to create cosy, chill spaces that would otherwise be empty.

Singles Inferno - Extra SeatingImage Credit: @crateandbarrelsg

Not only does the addition of these extra seats come in handy when you are playing host, but depending on your choice of furniture, you can easily elevate the classy look of your home with contrasting textures. PSA: some even come with internal storage for you to hide your clutter away.

These ottomans typically come in all shapes, colours, and sizes, with places like BedAndBasics offering them at affordable prices. In particular, HipVan’s Milan Ottoman comes in 3 colours that perfectly complement the neutral colour palette of Paradise’s suites, while still maintaining a casual vibe that makes it perfect for a visiting guest. 

Bonus: Get the “Inferno” island style instead

In case the Paradise hotel vibe just isn’t your cup of tea, let’s not forget about Inferno island that the Single’s Inferno participants also spent time in. Should the opulence of Paradise not be your cup of tea, here’s how you can get those rustic island vibes in your home.

Make use of plants to liven up spaces

Singles Inferno -Natural MaterialsImage Credit: Netflix

Inferno might have been a beachy haven, but let’s not forget all the forestation that bordered the beachside. In fact, it was the presence of all that greenery that made for a perfect backdrop in nature. Not only do plants look visually appealing and add life to your home, but they also have magical air filtration properties to help improve the general quality of air at home.

Singles Inferno - PlantsImage credit: @tumbleweedplantssg

For a low-maintenance option that’s easy to care for, zoom in on the Monstera Deliciosa from Tumbleweed Plants, or the Anthurium from Toh Garden. Both are easy-to-maintain indoor plants that do not require a lot of water, making them ideal for amateurs.

If taking care of real plants just isn’t your thing, there’s always the option to snag a couple of artificial plants, some of which realistically mimic various colourful flowers and sprawling leaves without needing any maintenance. You can pick up a couple of these from the nearby nursery or florist, or check out places like Bayy & Co or Ferns and Philo.

Make use of natural materials like rattan and bamboo

Singles Inferno - Natural MaterialsImage Credit: Netflix 

Another integral part of Inferno’s beachside aesthetic is the abundance of natural materials, which mainly comprised wooden furniture, rattan and bamboo. These hand-woven materials help provide a relaxed and casual vibe to your room – as if you’ve been transported to a sandy beach in Bali.

Use rattan or bambooImage credit: @islandlivingsg, @islandlivingsg

The sky’s the limit when it comes to rattan and bamboo furniture options. From shoe racks and dressers to day beds and headboards, online stores like Island Living, Hemma and Rooma have massive collections dedicated to these materials. To top things off, try pairing them with floral-themed prints or neutral colours to help create a homely look.

Go with crochet pouffes or beanbags

Singles Inferno - Use poufs/beanbagsImage credit: Etsy

If there’s one way to bring the relaxed and outdoorsy glamping aesthetic indoors, try getting a crochet pouffe or beanbag. These little fabric floor cushions have a unique look and texture that add dimension to your home and are just as multifunctional as the ottomans. 

Crochet pouffes are readily available online in all kinds of styles, with stores like HipVan and FortyTwo offering options such as split-colour and intricately patterned pouffes.

Use decorative glass items around the house

Singles Inferno - Decorative GlassImage Credit: Jennifer Squires

As kids, we’ve all read fantastical stories about pirates roaming the high seas, and messages being sent off to the waves in a glass bottle. Glass is a material that pairs extremely well with any beach-themed aesthetic due to its simplicity and versatility, and there are numerous ways to incorporate small glass ornaments in a home for an extra touch of those seaside vibes.

Singles Inferno - Use GlassImage credit: Etsy

For starters, try placing a small candle-lit lantern on a table, or adorning a shelf with sand jars from your travels. There’s also the option to get a small glass diffuser or vase to liven up the atmosphere by making it feel more inviting to you and your loved ones. 

Creating Single’s Inferno’s paradise vibes at home

While we’ll likely never enjoy the experience of being flown to Paradise City hotel by helicopter or even glamping on Saseungbong-do (Inferno island), there’s always a way to recreate the Single’s Inferno vibes in your own HDB. 

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Cover image adapted from: Netflix 

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